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SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser

It's been a wee while since I've done a standalone review. The reason for this is because I really only want to do a standalone review for products I think deserve it, so I'm really picky about which products I feature and which ones I don't.

Anyone who knows me knows that I suffer from Psoriasis on my scalp and (depending on triggers) my arms & face. About two months ago, I was contacted by the PR at SVR who offered to send me some of their range to try out after learning about the skin trouble I have. I was sent a couple of products, including the SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser.

I always test skincare out over a month as a minimum before giving any final thoughts on it because skin takes a while to adapt to the new products or routine it has which is why it has taken so long for me to do this review. I've used the entire contents and finally wanted to share my thoughts.

First off, a bit about SVR...

SVR is a French skincare brand which is dedicated to providing products for very reactive sensitive skin. The brand is regularly prescribed by Dermatologists and recommended by Pharmacists thanks to its gentle formulas and suitability for even the most angry of skintypes. The brand started as a small family business in 1962 and has become the huge success that it is now.

The Topialyse range..

TOPIALYSE is the range dedicated to dry, very dry, irritated and atopy-prone skin. The TOPIALYSE family of products provides a range of emollients and cleansers for the face and body, and provides enhanced anti-itching* action and maximum comfort and skin-tolerability.  

SVR TOPIALYSE Gentle Cleanser has been dermatologically, paediatrically, ophthalmologically and gynecologically tested it may be used on the face as it does not sting the eyes, it's pH balanced for intimate hygiene and maintains the balance of skin-flora making it ideal for all-round gentle cleansing at baby's bathtime (hair and body).

As I mentioned, I've really put it to the test and tried it out everywhere over the past month.

As a shampoo, I found this lathers really easily which made me question whether it was just cleaning on the surface rather than actually cleaning my scalp. For the first time in months, I noticed I had less irritation, less lumps and flakiness. My hair actually was squeaky clean and there was no excess shedding of my hair (though a detangler would come in handy as I did notice my hair was more 'tuggy' than normal).

As a face wash, I applied this to damp skin and worked the gel into my skin using small circular motions. Again, this did lather well and I found my skin was well cleansed, not irritated and less dry than normal. I used this continually over the month and had no psoriasis flare ups which is unheard of over a month (usually once a week I'll have a flare up).

On my arms, this worked the exact same way as it did on my face. I did notice my arms had a breakout (as normal) but nowhere near as inflamed as usual.

overall, I have nothing negative to say about this. Nothing. I figured that the price would represent the quality and so expected to find it cost £35+ to replace but I was amazed to see that this costs just £3!!!!! WHAT??? I'm on my way to buy a few!

The SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser is available at Feel Unique.

H x

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