Hi, I'm Holly.

A 32-year old Scottish Lass with a love for highlight, heels and homeware.


My Bingo Wings & I

One of my 'flaws' that I nano focus on are my upper arms. I loathe them and the idea of sharing a picture of them in all their flabby, unfiltered, unedited glory is enough to make me want to hide them forever. I can't do that. I won't do that.

Today I logged into my Instagram to three comments on a picture of me wearing a dress, calling me all the nasty names under the sun. Normally I'd accept it because the comments are nothing worse than I've thought about myself, but actually, I'm tired of it. Nice women bra.

I knew getting into this job and putting myself 'out there', that I was never going to be liked by everyone, but I'm a good person. I try really hard to have a social conscience by not promoting or using anything harmful, to not Photoshop my body so that women and teenagers don't think it's real life, I don't promote hate or negativity and I rarely indulge in the community drama so not to contribute towards negativity.

My boyfriend, family and friends are the people I'm interested in being 'good enough' for, not some random troll on the internet.

Doing your best will never be good enough for people who only want to look for the negativity. Do you. Keep doing your best. You've got this and so do I ❤️

H x

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