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Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection

I've mentioned before that I've been experimenting with colour makeup wise and in fashion. When I've done a makeup look, it just doesn't feel 'finished' unless I've applied some lashes.

I've been using kissproducts eyelashes for years now and I'm never disappointed in them. I love that they release different collections regularly so there's always something new to try, but more than that I love the result I get from using them.

The lashes I've chosen for this look are the Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink lashes in 'Tulle'. These are multi dimensional meaning they blend into your natural lashes seamlessly. The flexible band of the lashes makes application really easy and I can reuse them as much as I like as long as I'm careful removing the glue!

I love peeling my eyelashes off at the end of the day (much to my boyfriend's disgust! 🤣) You can buy @kissproducts at Superdrug, Boots & more.


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  2. OMG, Im telling you… The Best Mink Lashes Online are Flutterfly Cosmetics. They are good quality [not nappy or thin] , voluminous , natural looking and hypo allergenic! The last one important because the band in some lashes make my lids swell — but there’s is a Natural Cotton Band.

  3. Oh this look is so pretty on you! I love the eye shadow! I am in love with the vampy cranberry smokey eyes.. Mink Lashes

  4. eyelash extension is highly cost but i use mink lash and his price less as compare to other lash extension.


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