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Learning To Enjoy The Now / Blogtober

I don't know about anyone else, but I am definitely one of those people who looks so far ahead that I often forget to enjoy what's happening now.

I'm the kind of girl who is eating the lunch I dreamed about at breakfast, whilst thinking about what I'll have for dinner. I forget sometimes to be present. I think it's partly my job as a blogger and needing to think ahead a lot, partly because I like to be in control of everything and need to have everything planned and partly because it's just who I am.

I have been forcing myself to make changes recently. It hasn't been easy, but finally, I am learning to enjoy the now. Here's how I did it:

1 - Social Media Took A Backseat
I'm always on social media. Whether it be for work or just for browsing. I always tried to convince myself that I was on it 'for my blog' but actually, I found myself browsing Twitter and instagram with every spare minute rather than spending some time to actually enjoy the moment and enjoy the now. I made the decision to have an hour, three times a day, where I don't go on social media. I schedule posts for work and I still manage to interact, but I just don't let it run my life and that feels so refreshing!

2 - I Stay Quiet
I sometimes found myself having opinions on everything. The weather, the news, people, everything! I spent so much time having opinions and proving my point that not only was it making me an asshole, but it was also distracting myself from what is important in life. When someone talks about something potentially controversial, I listen and stay quiet. Not only has it stopped me being an asshole, it's also saved me so much stress from proving my point and allows me the time to focus on what is most important.

3 - I'm Tough On Myself
Whenever I find myself looking too far ahead or forgetting to enjoy the now, I'm tough on myself and ensure that I stop doing it as quickly as I can.

Making these small changes and learning to enjoy the now has made so much difference in my life. I feel so much more content with where I am and what I am so lucky to have.

Are you learning to enjoy the now? Let me know your thoughts below!

H x

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