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Dainty Accessories / Blogtober

Accessories make an otherwise boring outfit but they can also 'break' an outfit. Too much and you risk looking like Pat Butcher has been let loose in Primarks Accessories section (Which btw, I love. No jewellery snobbery here!).

I'm a lover of wearing dainty accessories. Whether that be a single necklace, small earrings, stacking pieces or otherwise, I like the minimalism of dainty accessories.

Here's some I've been loving recently!

These earrings are from New Look and cost £3.99 which is an absolute bargain. They are much daintier than they look in the photo. I love wearing these with no necklace so that they stand out a little. In fact, I've really been loving a lot of New Looks accessories recently. They can be a bit hit or miss fashion wise at times but their jewellery is always great! they also have these in silver.

These midi rings are from Primark (as are the nails btw) and cost just £3. These are silver and in size medium (I have fat fingers). I like wearing a few of these on one hand and only wearing two on the other hand to stop myself looking like a fortune teller.  

I bought these earrings in Lord & Taylor in New York three years ago and they cost $12 reduced in a black friday deal from over $200. Bargain right? Sorry, I doubt you'll be able to get your hands on them now but they are my go-to 'I want to look like an adult' earrings.

The locket necklace is from Jewellery Box and costs £33. This opens so you can place up to 4 photos inside - sadly mines is empty, so if you know somewhere that does Locket size photo printing then please let me know!

Those are the dainty accessories I've been loving recently. Are you a fan of dainty pieces? or do you prefer a statement piece?

Let me know your thoughts below!

H x

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