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Sleek Makeup Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette Review & Swatches

Sleek has been causing quite a stir in the beauty industry recently with their new highlighting palettes selling out in most stores and people buying them online in their droves.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Sleek Makeup Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette to try out and thought I'd give you my thoughts.

As a lot of you will know, cream highlights (and products in general) don't normally float my boat because they tend to move my base makeup and can be hard to blend but in this case, it looked so pretty that I was just excited to try it out.

Firstly, Sleek have upped their packaging game. This has silver mirrored packaging and looks much more expensive than the reasonable £10.99 being charged.

The palette has five mixed texture highlight shades which are a little bit 'out there' for me. I'm normally an opal shade kinda lass, but the green and purple shades were screaming at me to try them out.

As soon as I applied my foundation, I moved on to applying the blue/purple shade to the high points of my cheeks and it blended beautifully (I just used my finger to tap it in to my skin). I was feeling a bit highlight heavy so I also sweeped a bit of the pink powder shade on top which gave me a highlight that even Jamie Genevieve would be jealous of! (her highlight is always GOALS!).

I was feeling a bit fruity so decided to use the green shade on my eyes and whilst it did crease slightly on my eyelids after a few hours, it easily blended back in with my finger and gave the most gorgeous glossy eye.

I LOVE this palette and I think I've been converted to cream highlight!

To buy this, click HERE

Have you tried it?

H x


  1. I bought this palette as soon as it came out and I can firmly say I'm not a fan! I find myself reaching for my Solstice palette way more instead! I'm not crazy for the green or purpley blue shade on my skin!

    Sian x

  2. I couldn't agree more about Sleek's packaging, I completely adore it! I'm hopeless at highlighter (and just makeup in general) so I only own a stick highlighter but this looks so pretty that I might just have to invest!

    Abbey 🌸

  3. Just wanna say you are gorgeous and so is your blog. Though I am obsessed with makeup I admit to not really using highlighter too much but I might now, great review, btw I followed on Instagram via heidiblogged


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