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Hair Straighteners: GHD V H2D: The Test!

whole hair Hey everyone!

So recently, ive been kinda quiet on the blog but this isnt because ive lost interest or anything, its because ive been super super busy!

I have been on a mission to find a cheaper alternative to GHD... and i have!

Enter H2D!

Now, you may have already heard of H2D. They are a brand of hair styling tools who give amazing results at a fraction of the GHD price. As much as i love my ghd's, i disliked the price. So off i went and did my research and as a result, ive totally changed my hair routine!

We all know GHD's make your hair straight, heat up almost instantly, can flick and curl your hair, has a 2 year warranty and all that jazz, but we also know that spending £130 on straighteners sucks! (particularly when we stand on the cable and split it one day after the warranty runs out!! *shakes fist*)

So i really wanted to find a styler that did all of the above at a smaller cost, thinking of course i was genuinely looking for something that didnt exist. That was until i stumbled upon and read a million and one reviews - all of which hailed these as a miracle hair styler so i just had to have it!

I received my wide plate H2D's and i tried them out straight away and i LOVE these more than i love YSl touche eclat, more than i love Clinique Chubby Sticks, more than... my GHD's! i never thought i would find something that was so affordable and had the quality of GHD, never mind find a styler that beats my ghd's hands down.

First off, you can adjust the heat on the stylers, which you cant with ghd. My straighteners also have a semi circle at the top of the plate which stays cool throughout usage, meaning i dont burn my fingers while i do my hair. Also, i noticed no snagging of my hair while i used them, unlike my ghd's. What shocked me the most was that there was no tell tale smell of burning hair while i was using them or at any stage during cooling or re-heating, which was a breath of fresh air! The cable is really long and doesnt get twisted or tangled, which fingers x means theres less chance of the cable splitting. I also noticed there is a three year warranty! Woohoo! Having read my leaflet etc for my H2D's i learned that these miracle straighteners do not damage your hair thanks to the tourmaline plates! they give no static and locks your hair's natural moisture.

The part you all want to know is,how straight did it leave my hair? did i get to the root? did the results last? what about static? the condition of my hair?

Well my hair was really straight, as straight as it would be when i used my ghd's, i got to the root with no issues despite it being a wide plate, the results lasted all day until i got into a shower of rain, and when my hair dried, it dried straight! i had zero static and after using my h2d's twice, i noticed my split ends were much less noticeable.

H2D is definitely my product of the year, of the millenium in fact! im so so happy with them and cannot wait to use more of their products!

This weekend i will be filming a video on youtube doing a tutorial using them so that you can see the results for yourself. I will also be answering some questions and will be posting a few answers by Nigel Metcalfe from H2D.

Please visit and buy these !! you'll love them forever!


  1. Hey Holly, what are you using for straighteners these days?

    1. Hi lovely!

      I am currently using the Remington Keratin Smooth ones, they're amazing! xx

  2. Hi Holly, did the H2D's stand the test of time and perform well for a decent period? Thanks.

  3. Karmin makes the best in my opinion! <3

  4. Do you cotinue thinking the same about this iron 2 years later? I´m looking for an iron for my curly hair, I´m thinking also in GHD but the principal problem is GHD havent temperature control :(

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