YAAAYYYY! it's a day closer to Christmas! I definitely don't want to wish the time away because I love the run up to Christmas but it's just so exciting!

Anyways, today I wanted to show you an OOTD from when I was in NYC. I'm wearing Yours Clothing Top to Toe (All links etc below)

The hotel was adorned with Christmassy decorations and the tree seemed like the perfect backdrop for taking this outfit picture. The lobby was pretty busy and I had to be helped to get a clear path as people started to crowd round!

Moving on, the outfit was lovely and I was truly overwhelmed with how many complete strangers approached me to tell me I looked lovely. It was such a lovely feeling!

Here's what I was wearing;-

- Black Layered Skirt (Super comfy! Sits perfectly at the waist and hits just above the knee.)
- White Long Sleeve Jersey Top (I tucked this into the skirt and it was super comfy and chic at the same time)
- Black Longline Waistcoat (I LOVE this. It's the perfect 'goes with everything' piece and EVERYONE asked me where it's from)
- Purple PU Cut Out Belt (Buy a size bigger girls, it makes it so much comfier and it's elastic at the back! This was the perfect pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome look)

I'm planning on wearing this with some black heels and a statement necklace for a Christmassy night out! It's literally perfect for making a statement without being over the top. I love a bold lip and dewy skin for the look - it makes it the epitome of festive!

Hope you love the look as much as I do!

H x



Hi everyone!

I have not failed in blogmas, I promise, I was in NYC for a week and wanted to share all of my pics etc with you when I got home!

Here you go!

Ta daaaaa!!!

It was sooo Christmassy over there, we saw all of the gorgeous window displays, the Rockefeller tree lighting, had more pizza than we ever thought possible and laughed SO much.

I bought a few beauty bits in Sephora - a lot of it is for Christmas gifts (I spent around $400 on gifts ahhh!) but I did buy a few things for myself so will be doing a haul on one of the Blogmas days!

I am full of the cold, the whole family is - twice in a month - GREAT! I just cannot afford to take anymore time off :(

Hope you're all well!

H x

BLOGMAS DAY 3,4,5 & 6


Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love the music, the weather, the lights, the family time and even finding gifts for my loved ones. I know a lot of people get stressed out when they're Christmas shopping but I have a plan of action that I thought I would share.

I'm not one of those 'starts in January, finished in February' pains in the ass (Yes, January shoppers, I'm looking at you!) but I do try to start saving from January - maybe £10 per week and any loose money amounts up too. It means I can buy myself a party dress and indulge in a few champagne's without feeling guilty that I'm spending my gift money - Don't act like it hasn't happened!

Next, I start my 'Plan of Action' in July where I start buying bits and bobs that I see or make the most of discount deals (Quidco is amazing for cashback too!). Before I buy too much, I make a list of all the people I want to buy for, and budgets for those people.

So for example, I have My mum, dad, 3 sisters and nana that are the main recipients so I have a greater budget for those people. I write down what I think they would like and I dream big. If I think they'll want a full set of mac brushes, I'll write it down and check depop or ebay. If I can't find them within my budget, I'll adapt and opt for the equally as good (if not better) Real Techniques or Morphe brushes.

I do this for each person until I have a full list of gift ideas. I adapt as I go and buy as I see good deals. For example, I bought my sister a set of GHD's last year (ontop of a few other things) and found a discount code for £30 off £60 at Very so got them for £30 cheaper than normal.

Another thing I do, especially when I'm thinking of a 'big' or sentimental gift, is I like to take note of things that are mentioned by my friends and family throughout the year. For example, when my Papa was alive he said he really needed a journal to write down his collector pieces. My sisters and I took note, and at Christmas time bought him a bound and personalised with his initials vintage style journal which he loved.

I think the nicest gifts you can give your loved ones are gifts that remind them or make them think of a happy time. I once got a huge picture frame and filled it full of sentimental photo's for Sarah Janes Christmas and it brought a tear to her eye because it reminded her of such happy memories.

So there's how I plan my Christmas shopping! I'd love to hear your tips on how you plan your Christmas shopping so feel free to leave me a comment!

H x

BLOGMAS DAY 2 - How I Plan My Christmas Shopping


It's that time of year again amigo's! IT'S BLOGMAAAAAAASSSSS!

JOY TO THE WORLD! It's my favourite time of year and as always, I am doing Blogmas, which is where I blog about something festive every day throughout December in the run up to Christmas.

I bloody love Christmas. I really and truly do. It's the time of year when my smile feels that bit fuller. I turn into a Hot Chocolate swigging, Marzipan eating, Christmas Jumper wearing Mrs Claus Wannabe.

Here's what you can expect from Blogmas 2016:

- New York Christmas Look Book
- Macys's NYC Christmas Window Displays
- Decking My Halls (Decorating My Home!)
- How I Plan My Christmas Shopping
- A Festive Homey Day
- Christmas Party Fashion: Plus Size Edition
- Christmas Makeup
- How I Spend Christmas Day
- How I Wrap My Gifts
- Festive Foods I'm Loving
- A Christmassy Day In Dumfries
- How To Survive A White Christmas

AND MUCH MUCH MORE! I might even chance my hand at a bit of vlogging too so make sure you head on over to www.youtube.com/hollysbeautybox to see what's going on!


H x



Christmas is on the Horizon. I can feel it coming, there's festive lights in the streets, mulled wine is hitting the shops and there's a nip of frost in the air. With a new season comes new season Fashion and Simply Be kindly offered to send me a few pieces to update my wardrobe.

With the colder days coming in, knitwear is essential. I opted for a high neck cape with slits at the sides. I liked this because it gives me plenty of room to be free with my arms and underneath, I wore a long sleeved top that can be rolled up to stop me from getting too hot.

Secondly, I chose a going out top which has a high neck (can you sense a theme?) and is a peplum style. The top is pretty risqué with the 'peekaboo' style material. I wore a red bra to make it a statement. The bra came as a pack of two and is genuinely the most comfortable bra I've ever owned. I teamed the top with a column maxi skirt and heels.

Finally, I added this mesh jacket to the outfit. This has mesh detailing on the sleeves and pockets which I think is really versatile and would add an edge to a basic outfit. It's black (shocking right?) which means it goes with everything.

Thanks so much to Simply Be for sending these pieces across!

H x




I didn't really want to do a Christmas gift guide per se. A lot of Bloggers have got it covered, so I thought it might be a good idea to show you some gift sets that I think are gift worthy.

Enter the Monsoon Rose Gold Gift Set..

I'm a big lover of Rose Gold and I know that a lot of you are too. The set is white with copper/rose gold detailing which looks really expensive and classy.

The set contains a 50ml fragrance and a 100ml body lotion. Normally matching body lotions aren't my jam, but this scent is so fresh and exotic without being overpowering, that it feels 'right' to use the body lotion now and then.

The top note that I can smell is Lemon. Normally, this is a little bit too fresh for winter but it also has notes of neroli, rose and Balsamic Amber. If I could describe it in two words, it would be "Fruity" and "Smoky".

Aside from anything else, this is shaped in a box and boxes are trés easy to wrap so I'm sold.

For more info and to buy this, head on over to Monsoon.

What are you hoping to find under your tree this Christmas?

H x

Monsoon Rose Gold Gift Set


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