It's that time of the month again. No, not that time. It's Monthly Favourites time!

This month I've been loving everything from Candles to shower gel and even some old products I forgot I had.

First up is the Cucumber & Melon Shower gel from Bath & Body Works. I picked this up when I was in Toronto and when I go back to New York in a couple months there will definitely be some damage done in there. I freaking love everything I picked up but this is my most favourite. It smells fresh and cooling without 'lingering' in the bathroom too much. It's like a gel type formula and even though it's been used a lot, it still has 3/4 left.

I also picked up this mini candle from Bath & Body Works in the scent 'Sunny Coconut'. It smells pretty much like a zesty coconut if such a thing existed. I would say there are hints of grapefruit in there. What do I love most? the fact that it's in miniature size.

I picked up Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick when I was in New York in December 2015 and I just really love it. It's the perfect brown nude for me, it has a great formula and just glides on the lips. I've worn this on it's own a lot but with a lip liner, it lasts all flipping day. Impressed!

Onto two 'rediscoveries'. I found the Kiko Milano All Stars Mascara in my 'use this before Christmas or throw it out' pile and forgot just how much I love it. The formula is thick without being gloopy and is blacker than black. The wand on this has a little spiky circle at the top which allows pefect bottom lash coatings.

The other rediscovery is L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation and when I first used this, I was going on holiday so it was thrown to the side whilst I used all of the ones I bought in Sephora. I forgot all about it and I really have been enjoying using it. I use a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply and it just blends into the skin seamlessly. It really is super blendable and I reckon I'd repurchase this time and time again.

Onto a little travel size of the Too Faced Hangover FX primer. This was one of those little samples that the lovelies at Sephora threw into my bag as a freebie when I was in Toronto. TBH, I thought I'd get round to using it if I felt like it but wasn't all that bothered by it. I don't usually wear primer but one day I had run out of my moisturiser and thought I'd give this a try. I'm so glad I threw this on my face, it is incredible. It just smoothes over any pores and blemishes leaving a perfect base for applying my makeup. The full size is my  next purchase!

Accessorize were having a little sale and I noticed these two nail polishes were down to £2. I picked them up not really having high hopes for them and now they have become my go-to shades. This has a thick consistency and I can easily get away with just one coat of them.

Finally is my favourite favourite of the month. The Just Be Botanicals Cleansing Balm is the best cleansing balm I have ever used. It's smooth and takes away every trace of makeup from my skin instantly. I don't think I can ever look at another cleanser the same way now. It has literally changed my skincare routine completely and is amazing.

So there's all my August Monthly Favourites! Have you tried any of these? what do you think I should be trying out?

H x

August Monthly Favourites


Instagram is probably my most favourite social platform. I am addicted to the little tutorial videos, animal videos, fashion pages and of course, cyber stalking the Kardashians.

Today, I wanted to share with you my top 5 hair instagrammers.

We've all been there. We've all spent ten minutes *cough* three hours *cough* watching hair transformations on Instagram or watched while someone did a bridal updo with two kirby grips. I can't help myself. I'm addicted, so I thought I would enable all of your addictions by sharing with you who I follow for my insta hair fix. Sorry not sorry...

1 - Sarah Anguis
Sarah has over 2 million followers so it seems as though I'm not alone in admiring her work! Sarah is a hair GENIUS who shows easy how to tutorials on hairstyles that even I can achieve. I have MAJOR hair envy, her locks are just perfection.

2 - Cryistal Chaos
I'm shocked Cryistal hasn't got millions of followers (TBF she has a huge and very respectable following of 34.8K and it's no wonder she's so popular. Cryistal is a hair colourist and does everything from subtle balayage to full on aquatic mermaid. Insanely talented!

3 - MissySueBlog
Missy is a hair blogger who is best known for her hair braiding skills. Seriously, girl has got weaving fingers, she's like a finger WIZARD! haha I love her instagram page and have so far mastered a side french braid thanks to her.

4 - Howto.doHair
This is basically an account that shares some of the best hair video's from across instagram and promotes the originator. I have learnt so many tips and tricks (including vintage waves!) thanks to this page.

5 - HairGlamVideos
This is another content sharing page that I am obsessed with. I've learned how to curl my hair using just kitchen sponges and am now desperate to get a weave thanks to the hair LUSCIOUSNESS on this page.

So there are my Top 5 Hair Instagrammers. Who have I missed? feel free to share your links below!

H x

Top 5 Hair Instagrammers


I'm a hoarder of highlighters. I fell in love with the glowy stuff when I was given a Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc about 3 years ago and it's been an obsession ever since.

When I was travelling to Toronto, I had the Mac counter in my sights at the Airport and we all know how dangerous that can be, particularly when you're feeling all loose and in 'I'm on my holidays' mode. I had two products in mind - Soar Lipstick and Studio Sculpt Foundation. I came away with neither. SMH.

They had sold out of Soar and I figured the best time to buy a new foundation was when I came home and had no tan or fake bake on so to get matched better.

Instead, I came away from the Mac counter with Lightscapade skinfinish and it's the prettiest highlight I've ever seen.

It looks almost like a tidal wave of colour correcting tones of white, pink, purple and blues. Normally I'd hate this because some other products where there are more than one shade can look uneven but being a highlight, this blends in perfectly as there is no real 'colour pigment'.

To swatch and wear it all blends into an icy highlight with slight blue tones which looks stunning with contour or even on it's own. I'm one of those people who either goes subtle or ends up with a crater face because I'm wearing so much highlight. There is no middle ground, I'm an all or nothing kinda lass but with this highlight, I just need one wee sweep of it and I know I look fleeky. Lol @ the fact I'm almost 30 and used the word 'fleeky'.

Have you tried this out?

H x

Mac 'Lightscapade' Review


What I eat in a weekday and what I eat at the weekend are two very different stories. I recently put some weight on (woops!) so made a lot of changes to my diet. During weekdays, I eat really clean (or have been for AT LEAST a week. LOL) and at the weekends, I eat clean during the day but not in the evenings. They are what I live for #NormalGirlProblems.

So here's a look at what I eat in a day: Weekday edition.

What I Eat In A Day: Weekday Edition


I live in a quiet rural part of Scotland on the outskirts of Dumfries. As a kid, we were unable to go abroad for two reasons:

1 - We were 'skint' (Scottish way of saying 'Broke')

2 - My Dad had collapsed lungs so was unable to fly for almost 20 years.

Instead of going abroad, my Mum & Dad would take us touring around Scotland where we'd visit historical sites and basically got to explore our wonderful country. Since then,we've been lucky to go abroad and visit some of the wonders of the world. but nowhere is quite like home and we regularly tour Scotland even as adults.

Last week, I took some time out. Myself, my sisters and parents got into the car and drove to Peebles (a small town on the East coast), had a picnic at St Mary's Loch, visited the Grey Mare's Tail and stopped at Moffat to grab some Toffee (which Moffat is famous for).

The weather was stunning all day and we just had a brilliant day.

For me, nothing compares to the Scottish countryside but of course, I'm biased!

Let me know below if you have similar posts, I love seeing local culture!

H x

A Day Away


Palettes. They make me happier than you'd ever imagine a collection of products could.

I'm fortunate that being a beauty blogger means that I am sent some to try out now and again, otherwise my palette addiction would not be fulfilled. Palettes can be pretty expensive!

Moving on, being the palette junkie that I am, means that I know which ones are the bees knees. Here are my top five (in no particular order).

1 - Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette
I bought this when I was in Toronto. Normally when I come home from holiday, I kind of regret some of the purchases I made on the spur of the moment but on this occasion, I got it bang on. I flippin love this! not only does it smell incredible (whenever I need a chocolate fix I just smell it. JOKES, I eat a family sized Galaxy bar. #FatGirlProblems) but the shades in it are just right up my street. They're all a mixture of neutrals (with the exception of one blue shade which hasn't been used!) and have a mixture of textures. Some are shimmery. some are matte, some are irridescent. I just bliddy love it. It stays on my lids all day long without creasing and has an amazing pigmentation.

2 - Mac Burgundy Times Nine
I bought this in New York when I was in Macy's. I hadn't really seen many Mac palettes before (why don't they do many?) and saw this was on sale. I think it cost me about $30 which is an absolute bargain as far as I'm concerned. I was once told by a Mac employee never to wear red on my eyes as it makes me look tired. I went against what she said and rock the red tones on a regular basis. Sorry not sorry. (you can buy this here)

3 - Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
I was recently gifted this by the lovelies at Urban Decay and it was an instant attraction. Love at first swatch you might say. For me, there is no other eyeshadows in the beauty industry that beats Urban Decay. Their shadows are SO pigmented, they last all day long and come in gorgeous shades. Whenever I'm feeling a little bit 'edgy' I grab this and rock a neutral eye with a metallic twist.

4 - The Balm 'Nude'tude'
This palette is actually the first product I've ever tried from the Balm and I'm seriously impressed. I always reach for this palette, it's just one of those 'go-to' palettes that never let's you down. The white shade is actually my fave, it's seriously pigmented and looks amazing on the inner corners. I don't know if The Balm do individual shadows but if they do, I'll be stocking up on the white shade 'Sassy'. I also love 'Sleek' (A matte brown) and 'Sexy' (a matte red brown).

5 - Urban Decay Naked Flushed 'Strip'
Last but by no means is the only complexion palette in my top 5. Again, this is from Urban Decay and it is the perfect contour, bronzing, blush palette. It's just a great all rounder. I'm not a huge fan of the highlight but the other two are incredible. I find the bronze great for adding a bit of colour all over rather than contour (it's slightly orange toned). It's super pigmented and is the perfect handbag and travel size.

So there are my top 5 palettes! It was SO hard narrowing them down. Which palettes do you think should have made it onto my list?

H x

Top 5 Palettes


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