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How Fashion Retail Will Change*

Hi everyone!

Today we're talking about the Fashion Industry.

The fashion industry is nothing if not an evolving entity, and that includes insofar as it exists as a retail business. Ten years ago we were only just getting used to shopping regularly online. Then came extensive, beautiful online lookbooks, easy return options, shopping carts preserved over time, and more that made the experience rich and appealing. Now we’re beginning to talk about virtual fitting rooms! The point is, just as fashion itself evolves, the ways in which we consume it change as well. So I thought I’d use this piece to look at some of the ways in which it may continue to change, say in the next couple of years.

Beacons Will Help In-Person Stores Catch Up

Beacon technology might be the most exciting thing happening in fashion retail. It was explained fairly thoroughly in this take on how fashion retail would change in 2018, though we still haven’t seen it implemented too broadly just yet. The idea, basically, is that bluetooth “beacons” placed around in-person stores will interact with shoppers who allow said interaction via their mobile phones. This will effectively help the stores to become every bit as smart and helpful as online stores. They’ll be able to track the items you looked at, alert you when something becomes available in your size, access your shopping history, and more. All of this - bringing the convenience and assistance of online shopping to in-person stores - may just help these stores to catch up to the internet. In some cases it may even keep them in business.

Online Sites Will Adopt Tab Models

The “tab” model is something we actually don’t talk about much, because there are already all sorts of convenient and easy ways to pay for products online. But this is still an interesting possibility. Right now it’s mostly used in gaming. As explained here, some casino sites in particular are using a “pay-by-phone bill” model that essentially adds costs accrued via mobile gaming to an existing mobile phone bill. It basically allows you to shop without worrying about immediate costs, which - so long as you’re responsible about it - can be a relief. A similar model for online fashion retail would streamline the shopping experience even more than a saved credit card or PayPal account would. Image for instance if you use an iPhone and your shopping apps simply added costs to an Apple Pay tab to be paid at the end of each month.

Our Own Psychology Will Help Us

This is related in some ways to the beacons mentioned above, and it’s also something that’s been true throughout the history of fashion retail. Stores are always working to tap into customer psychology and provide more appealing experiences based on it. Now, however, thanks to beacons, surveys, feedback, browsing history, and more, there is simply more data for stores to access in order to actually get a grasp of what we want and how we want it. Through all of this, our own habits will continue to shape what stores do, such that in a roundabout way, our own psychology gradually produces better and better shopping experiences.

VR & AR Will Be Fun New Features

The most predictable change in the retail industry in the coming years will come through technology, and specifically augmented and virtual reality. Current thoughts on how AR and VR will change fashion retail address everything from manufacturing to marketing, and involve home dressing room simulations, screens at the front of stores that mirror you in clothing items, in-store virtual fitting rooms, etc. I’d agree with all of these things being on the way, and many of them being fairly impactful on the shopping experience. However, the prediction here is that these will essentially be fun new features, rather than fundamental shifts in how things are done.

We May See More Independent Boutiques

This is another somewhat vague prediction. But it could well be that as major stores are more streamlined, they also get consolidated. One store may be able to handle the volume of two, for instance, if it has beacons, AR, VR, and an online component all helping it to reach and satisfy more customers. This may just help the giants of fashion retail dominate even more thoroughly, but it could also open the door for more boutique competitors. Independent shops don’t have all of the same advantages, but they can still be very modern in their approaches, and they may just start to take up some of the space freed up by potential consolidation.

So what do you think the future looks like for the fashion industry? Let me know below!

H x

*This is a collaborative feature
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Feline Fierce With Boots*

I've been doing a lot of Halloween inspired makeup looks on the blog recently as you might have seen, so when Boots contacted me about their #FelineFierce campaign where they asked me to create a cat inspired Halloween Makeup look, I was more than happy to participate.

When I was thinking about the kind of cat I wanted to incorporate into the look, I couldn't choose! I love cats, I have two wee rescue tabby cats at home and whilst I adore them, they're not the most glamorous of cats. I had a look online at different cats and realised I was drawn to the Cheetah more than others.



When creating a cat look, the detailing is all in the eyes. I was sent a lot of beauty products from Boots to help create the look, and opted to use the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in 'Brights' on my eyes.

Cat colours are invariably orange, yellow, brown and black. I started by working the lightest yellow shade all over the eyelid and started to warm up the crease with the darker yellow and orange shades. 
Using the  Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner, I did a slightly winged liner and tightlined using the Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner. I added some Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara and applied some Ardell Demi Wispies eyelashes.

The bottom lashline is where it got a bit trickier. I used the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in 'white' to create an angled, winged liner. I coated the bottom eyelashes in the same white liner so that they blended in a bit.

Below the white liner, I went back in with the black liner and created a dramatic wing. If you're like me and have undereye creasing, try not to 'stretch' your eyes when you're doing this otherwise it won't be an even line (it'll crease as soon as you go back to normal).


I used my normal foundation before adding some shading to the nose using a fluffy brush and a matte brown eyeshadow (I used the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in 'Warm Neutrals' for this.

I then used the same shade to warm the contours of my face (my cheeks, forehead and chin) using a large angled brush.

I then went in using the same Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner to draw some 'half circles' before using a damp detailing brush to press some of the orange pigment from the nyx brights palette into the middle of each half circle.

I also took some of the white liner to draw in 'cat cheeks' before drawing some dots with the black liner.

I also used the black liner to draw in the mouth and nose and in hindsight could have made the 'nose to mouth' area thinner.
I filled in the top lip and added some white eyeshadow to the bottom lip to wash it out.



I'm pleased with how this turned out. I like 'wild' volumised hair to go with it so I just backcombed sections to give it the most volume I could.

What kind of cat look would you create? Which Boots products would you use to create Cat Halloween Makeup

H x

*This post is in conjunction with Boots but all thoughts are my own.
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Happy Birthday Katy! / Blogtober

Today is my sisters Birthday! So to celebrate, I asked Katy to pick her favourite beauty products and thought I'd share her thoughts..

Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum for Face & Body (£30)

"I have really fair skin and often struggle to find a Fake Tan that would make my skin look bronzed without looking orange. This one works perfectly. It's easy to use and I go back to it time and time again!"

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (£19)

"I am bad for pulling my eyelashes out and so for me, having a good mascara that will fill out the ones I have left is really important. This one is a bit pricey but it lasts ages and I've never been disappointed by it yet."

Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer (£30)

"Holly bought a travel sized version of this to try out from the Sephora aisle of doom (you know the one I mean right by the checkouts!) and since then, I've been obsessed with this! It's like a serum that primes your skin and makes your makeup last longer. I really like this and would love to find a drugstore dupe!"

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99)

"If in doubt, opt for Real Techniques. It's a brand that never lets me down and I love their Miracle Complexion Sponge. I've tried other sponges but they just don't do it for me. The fact these cost £5.99 means I can replace them quite often too (I can never get them fully clean!).


"I'm often between shades of foundation, so the fact that MUFE have 37 shades of this available is ideal. This feels really lightweight but has a decent coverage. It does oxidise slightly but not too much. I love that this lasts ages but I dislike the price tag! Ahh!"

NARS Cosmetics Radiant Creamy Concealer (£24) 

"I love the Nars concealer and how creamy it is. It has a medium to full coverage which is ideal for my dark undereyes and the fact that it has 17 shades is a big bonus too!"

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask (£2.99)

"I'm a bit lazy when it comes to skincare so I prefer masks that don't require rinsing off after using it. This is a sheet mask that is covered in a serum. I love the Pink one and sometimes the charcoal one is nice too. At £2.99 it's a steal".

So there you have it straight from the Birthday girl herself!

What beauty bits are your favourites?

H x
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