Youtube Scraps Monetization


As if there wasn't enough going on in the world, Youtube has now decided to strip accounts under 1000 subscribers of the ability to monetize their videos.

Photo depicts Youtube's frosty ass attitude.

Queue Social Media OUTRAGE (Unsurprisingly!)

The outrage follows an email which has been issued to accounts with fewer than 1000 subscribers and less than 4000 HOURS watched within 12 months which states they will:

"Lose access to all Monetization tools and features associated with the Youtube partner program on February 20 2018, unless you surpass the threshold in the next 30 days"

I 'play' with Youtube a bit. I upload a video when I feel like it (mainly because my internet is so Shiz and it takes 8 hours to upload a 10 minute video) so for me, it's not a huge deal right now. I am planning on growing my account in 2018, but to be honest, seeing the attitude Youtube have had towards their smaller influencers is disgusting.

Here's a direct quote from Susan Wojcicki - Youtube's CEO:

"We're passionate @YouTube about protecting our users, advertisers, & creators, so are making some changes to help prevent bad actors from abusing the platform."
(Source: Twitter @susanwojcicki) 

 Just because I have fewer than 1000 subscribers, doesn't mean I'm a 'bad actor', in fact I'm not acting at all - perhaps this is something Youtube aren't familiar with. Reality. Real life. Battling real stigma's.

A lot of people across social media are blaming Logan Paul (the loss of revenue from his channel could possibly be blamed on youtube disabling monetization so they could potentially insert ads over the videos without sharing the revenue with the creator). I mean the guy's a moron, but surely Youtube don't rely on one accounts revenue? 

As always, it's the little guy that gets left behind. As my Dad always says 'The rich get richer and the poor get poorer'. It feels as though youtube just thought  "Ahh, If all else fails, we'll screw over the small accounts and make money from them".

Aside from that - surely there was a better way to go about this than Susan's shitty attitude?

Youtube could ASK what smaller youtubers need to help them grow, could do a 'Youtuber in the spotlight' on the discover page, offer a small free advertising voucher. They earn big bucks to be clever but it seems as though they're anything but!

Surely all they're doing is encouraging people to spend $1.99 (or however much it costs) on buying 1000 followers?


If you're tempted not to upload anymore content to youtube because of this, email them and let them know (people power!) and then PRIVATE all of your video's to stop the possibility that youtube could insert adverts over your video's without sharing the revenue with you. 

On top of that, it will be interesting to see if the larger youtubers will stand up against this to support us the way many of us have supported them over the years. It'd be great if they would actually contact youtube and let them know of their disappointment.


If you're tempted to buy followers, don't. You're only cheapening your channel.  Instead, let's support one another by placing your Youtube link in the comments below and subscribe to each other. I will ensure to subscribe (and if anyone is interested, my account is www.youtube.com/hollysbeautybox)

Let me know your thoughts below and start a big conversation about this!

H x


Current Beauty Favourites

I know it's not the end of the month, so this isn't a 'monthly favourites' but instead is my current beauty favourites. 

Over Christmas and new year, I wore a lot of makeup. In normal day to day life, I only wear makeup three times a week, so it was actually really nice to play around with different products and really test out some different things to see how they perform. 

I picked up a few bits when I was in Florida & NYC, and I was lucky enough to be given a few bits and bobs by Santa (and some generous PR's! Thank You!)

I've got a mixed bag of two complexion items, two lip items and two brow products which is something I don't normally get overly excited about.

In the above picture:

Pixi matte last liquid lip really rose 
Huda beauty liquid matte cheerleader
Precisely well my brow pencil benefit
Nyx eyebrow paint brunette
Pixi skintreats rose flash balm 

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour clay exposed

Pixi Matte Last Liquid Lip - Really Rose
This is a super long lasting matte lip colour from Pixi Beauty. I was very lucky to have been sent a few of the pixi bits to try out recently and am so far really impressed. This has a watery texture when applying. I would even say it applies much like a lip stain but has the depth and pigmentation of a liquid lipstick. This glides onto the lips and dries almost immediately. I found this to be longlasting but did need reapplying after eating lunch. It didn't 'bleed' onto my chin though which I really like and it did layer well (there was no caking or dry patches). For me this is the perfect dark pink nude.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte - Cheerleader
Sticking with lips, my next favourite is the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Cheerleader. This is pretty similar to the pixi shade mentioned above, but is a completely different texture and finish. If you prefer 'creamy' 'suede' like textures in your matte lipsticks, this one is for you. This dries darker than it applies and although it did flake a bit and didn't layer brilliantly, I would say this is still one of my faves. It's comfortable to wear, highly pigmented and looks amazing.

Wearing Benefit Precisely My Brow, Pixi Rose Balm, Tarte Highlight & Pixi Liquid Lip in 'Really Rose'
Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil
My absolute love of life where brows are concerned is the Sephora brow pencil, however, given that I am not US based, it's difficult to get my hands on it and so when Sarah Jane gave me this for my Christmas I was relieved to find a UK alternative. I love that this is retractable, has a great spooly and has just the right amount of pigment. The shade is a little light for me (brunette) but even so, I love this.

Nyx Brow Paint - Brunette
Throughout 2017 I tried out a few NYX products after hearing great things about the brand from other bloggers and noticing that it is quite an affordable brand. Whilst I was in America, I popped into Target (holy mother of shiz, that was an experience!) and picked up the Nyx Brow Paint to try out. At $5.99 it was a bargain and I had hopes that this would be a liquid version of the ABH Dip Brow (I hate how quickly mine dried out so hoped a tube would prevent this!) and I wasnt disappointed. You need a teeny tiny amount of this otherwise it will go on really dark and 'block' like, but used with brushing motions, with a light hand at the front and heavier hand at the back, this is amazing.

Pixi skintreats rose flash balm
This was sent to me in the same package as the liquid lip product I mentioned before (Thanks Pixi!) and is designed to be used as either a primer or as a moisture mask. Personally, I prefer to use this as a primer. It reminds me of the Estee Lauder Genuine Glow but without the pearlescent sheen. This is thick, balmy and perfect as a base. My skintone needs a little bit of evening out and so this helps to give me a great base before working on foundation etc. Smells gorgeous too! 

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour clay exposed
This highlight is errrrythaaang. I am highlighter obsessed and this one is riiiiight up my mirror reflected street. I bought this in a set in Sephora which included a Bobbi Brown shimmer bric, a cover fx one, a becca highlight, benefit high beam and something else I can't remember the name of. The set was only $39 and I swear I would buy every one of the items again. This is a golden tone which makes me look like a GODDESS* (**slight exaggeration LOL!). I love this SO much and already have my eye on their other highlights.

So there you have my current beauty favourites. What products do you recommend I try out?

H xx

An Interview With Nelson Brown

As you all know, I'm a big fan of Nelson Brown and his incredible salon in Dumfries, so I was thrilled when I was able to land an interview with the man himself.  Here, we chat everything from Fashion Week, to Sam McKnight.

1 - Assisting Sam McKnight during Fashion week this Autumn must have been an honour - Can you sum him up in three words?
Hair genius 

2 - Sam McKnight has recently launched his new range of haircare products - which products did you reach for most throughout Fashion week?

Cool Girl - The wording says it all.  Its for the modern Cool Girl, gives texture and an undone feel to the hair.  Used by Sam McKnight.  

3 - Being the mastermind that you are, I know that both LFW & PFW must have sent your head spinning with fresh ideas. Will you be incorporating anything new into your salon?

We often bring ideas from LFW and PFW into our FB live segments to show viewers exactly how they can recreate the looks at home.  I guess you'll have to tune in and keep watching to find out more!!

4 - Does seeing the creative process throughout Fashion Week inspire you to be more creative?

Always - This line of creativity is second to none. 

Theres a certain feeling you witness in hair, that allows you to interpret things how you see them.  And in turn, you do pass that influence to the clients. 
Being creative with new ideas makes us who we are as hairdressers.  

5 - It might be impossible to choose, but which show was your favourite and why?

Its impossible, your right, but since assisting Sam McKnight, i have had the honour of working on the Chanel shows.  They are always larger than life and each season they come with something new and inspirational.  The Giants in fashion.

Vivienne Westwood....Its my managers favourite designer and it keeps her happy when I come back and tell her all the backstage Westwood goss....happy manager happy life.....(LOL!!! JK - couldn't resist!)

6 - 2017 has seen everything from mermaid hair to braiding on a whole new level. Do you think these will continue in 2018?

Individuality has been noticed in fashion, and excitability as who we are.  This allows us to be unique, a real trend in hair.  So, embracing you and what you have, be it braiding, or waves, hair is such a visual fabric. 

We believe in individuality....anything goes!!  Texture is our big tip for next year....we're reinventing the perm to create individual texture!  

7 - Which hair 'trend' would you banish forever? 

None!!!  They are all inspirational in some ways.  

8 - What do you hope to see in 2018?

We hope that the next trend is for keeping hair healthy and strong.  We can create cuts and colours that don't damage the hair, the Windle & Moodie product range we use is so natural with no hidden nasties in, theres a product to solve any hair challenges you might face (plus they smell gorgeous!!)

I see the technique in haircutting returning, with technical shapes, driven from the classics that Vidal Sassoon built his career on.  This is a very exiting time, real shapes, real people, real results.

9 - Will you be creating any of your own 'new' styles in 2018?

I am always creating new 'Nelson" cuts - that creative part of styling generates my innovations.  My styles are based on the head shape, face shape and needs of my clients.  
One of the shows i assisted on in Paris for Spring/Summer 2018, was packed with creativity and energy, so I have been inspired massively to push this into a hair cut shape ad forum.  Still working on it….

10 - Let us in on a secret! What would you bet your bottom dollar on for 2018 based on LFW & PFW?

If I knew that, I would be Randolph…  Its open for interpretation..  Hair is about making things beautiful and suitable for the clients.  

11 - A lot of people worry about making styles from the runway, wearable in real life. What are your thoughts?

It's the detail that can be the influence.  Its not about re creating the exact look, but sharing the knowledge and detailing the shapes with the clients own signiture.  

12 - Congratulations on the rebranding! What does 2018 look like for Nelson Brown?

Its to be exciting….  2018 will bring for Nelson Brown;-
  • Seminars in the salon, educating on trends.
  • Photographic shoots, developing my team into a creative environment.
  • Empowering clients by sharing more and more knowledge.
  • Hosting fashion events, creating a head to foot look for women to see in the salon.

And the list goes on and on…
Stay tuned for more!

Thanks so much Nelson! It was an honour!

To visit Nelson Brown's website and check out his social channels, see below:



Healthy Body, Mind & Soul

Being healthy is something I've always seen as a means to an end. I never really considered it to be a lifestyle rather than a temporary fix.  In 2018, I'm determined to take more care of myself and have a Healthy Body, Mind & Soul.

In terms of physical health, I'm doing alright! I have PCOS (a lot of us women do sadly!) but I manage it fairly well. I would like to lose some weight to get myself fitter and prepare my body for my future (ie - pregnancies etc) so I'm focussing on drinking more water, eating healthily and exercising four days a week, whether that be a 20 minute walk or a physical workout.

Mentally, I'm in pretty 'good' shape too! I have Body Dysmorphia and I struggle with low self esteem, but like I said above, a lot of people suffer with these issues. Throughout 2017,  I forgot this a lot, I felt like the only one in the world who could possibly be going through my problems. It made me bitter at points, aggressive and all round pain in the ass. I've definitely gotten to the root of my issues and as much as I am nowhere near 'on top' of it, I'm dealing with it.  I'm a huge planner so in 2018, I'm indulging my obsessive planning side and micro managing my life.

I'm also hoping to read more books in 2018. I love reading but for some reason I stopped making time for myself to do the things I enjoyed doing. I'm currently reading Anna Kendrick 'Scrappy Little Nobody'.

Are you working on having a healthy body, mind & soul? I'd love it if you could let me know what you're doing this 2018!

H x

Christmas Gift Guide - Five Beauty Buys Worth Their Salt!


Christmas is the one time of year we all panic about how to spend our money - normally, I have a basket full of stuff to buy and have noooo issues whatsoever finding things to spend money!.

For me, it's important that Christmas is as stress free as possible to give me the maximum enjoyment of the festive season** (**ehh, what I really mean is maximum mince pie eating and mulled wine drinking..) and I'm sure you lovely lot are in the same boat, which is why I've put together my gift guide full of five beauty buys worth their salt.

Tangle Angel Pro Compact - £19.50
This is a rose gold metallic brush which on one end has a mirror and on the other is the brush itself. I'm a big fan of a detangling brush considering I have quite long hair that tangles easily (especially in the 'lovely' Scottish wind and rain!). The Tangle Angel Pro Compact is the perfect gift for Christmas.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Eyes & Lips Set - £30
Real Techniques are my go-to beauty brand when it comes to gifting. I've never known anyone to be disappointed with the brand and the Bold Metals collection is IMO, their best collection to date. This is an all white set featuring the 200 Oval Shadow, the NEW 302 Pointed Lip, the 203 Tapered Shadow brush and the Brush cup which is specially designed to fit all nine of the brush collection. 

Another gift set from Real Techniques is the Drape & Colour set which features four brushes, a beauty blender and a mirror. Brushes include the multitask brush, multitask cheek brush, the lip blur brush and the lip brush.

Sephora Collection 'Seeing Stars' Eyeshadow Palette - $15 (about £12)
This is an eyeshadow palette shaped like a snowflake which contains 16 shades of eyeshadow with varied textures and finishes. The palette has copper packaging and each shade has a red/copper hue. Some of the shades are quite similar but have a different texture which I love. At £12 this is a bargain and will leave the recipient desperate to go to Sephora soon!

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Set - $12 (about £9/£10)
Who doesn't love a wee gift from Sephora? It doesn't have to be expensive either! the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Set is less than a tenner and is the perfect gift for the beauty enthusiast. The set contains four mini cream lip stains (which btw are SO good!) Shades range from red to nude and have a matte finish.

So there you have my five beauty buys worth their salt! What will you be hoping to get or give this Christmas?

H x

My Christmas Wishlist

I very rarely do any sort of wishlist because I am genuinely grateful for anything I am given and If there's something I 'want', I'll either save up to buy it myself or I'll pine over it for months on end haha

With all of that said, I thought I'd do a Christmas wishlist of things I would love to find a great deal for (or ya know, free..) in the January sales.

Ikea Alex Drawers
At the moment, I have a bookcase filled with acrylic storage drawers which isn't ideal. It all looks cluttered and messy which bugs my happiness a lot. I'd love to be one of those insta girls who has two of the big Ikea Alex Drawers filled with seperators for their makeup collection and some cute instax snaps on top of them. I need two, obvs, because one can be for clothes and even some shoes or bags.

Hollywood Mirror
Don't tell me you've never seen these? they're giant mirrors with lights all the way round them making them amazing for applying makeup. You can get either the tabletop version or the wall version and I can't deny, I want both. #sorrynotsorry

Fenty Beauty Foundation
I haven't had the chance to go to Harvey Nic's and get colour matched as I live roughly 2 hours away from my nearest store but I think I will be shade 100 or 110. At this time of year, I can't justify buying myself an expensive foundation, so this is making it's way onto my wishlist - alongside the primer... and a highlight... aahhh!!

A Vlogging Camera!
I've been doing a lot more vlogging recently, but it's hard to make it look professional when you're filming on your iphone 6 which means half the time, the footage doesn't even get uploaded. My aim for January is to find a decent vlogging camera that will give a better quality finish than my Iphone.

Kikki K
Aye, you read that right, I want Kikki K, ALL of Kikki K! haha! everything is just so pretty and after seeing they do monogramming I was sold. The makeup bags and journals are firmly making their way onto my wishlist.

A Holiday
Not asking for much surely? just a wee holiday, somewhere sunny which has nothing overly interesting to see or do, preferrably on a pool with loads of beach bars. I'm not a 'lazy holiday' kinda lass normally, I go to major cities like NYC, Toronto, Florida, Prague etc where there is loads to see and do, but sometimes I feel like I need a wee holiday to recover from the holiday haha I don't want to go sightseeing or learn anymore history/culture right now, I just want to escape my everyday life for a week and do absolutely nothing. Hands up if you reckon I'd be bored after 48 hours!?

Driving Lessons
Yup, I'm 31 and I'm only just seriously looking into learning to drive. There's a multitude of reasons and excuses as to why I haven't done it before but looking forward, I'd love to learn to drive in 2018 and hopefully get myself a wee car. First thing's first, where's the indicators?

I'm putting it out there, I want a white christmas. So please, powers at be, can you give us some snow over Christmas? not enough to cause mayhem or powercuts, just enough to build a snowman and have a snowball fight. Yes, again, I am 31...

And that's it!

What is making it's way onto your Christmas wishlist?

H x