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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

So, Coronavirus/covid-19 is scary enough without me going on about it. I struggle with anxiety and know that so many of you lovely lot do too. Talking about the C word is a real trigger for a lot of people which is why I'm making my blog a safe, C word free zone. This is the last time it will be mentioned here on my blog and social media.

So moving on from that, I wanted to have a wee chat about Mothers Day.

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

Mothers Day 2020 (UK) is on Sunday 22nd of March, which can mean only one thing - Finding a nice gift, preferrably without breaking the bank.

I thought I'd come up with a few suggestions - some beauty, Fashion, something sentimental and something boozy.


Roccabox is a monthly subscription box that is aimed at all Women any age, any size, any lifestyle. The box is filled with five beauty bits that's value exceeds the cost of the box (big style!). Brands that you can expect to find in your box include Huda Beauty, St Tropez, Charles Worthington, Touch In Sol & Living Proof to name a few.

The boxes cost £10 (+ £3.95) postage per month. The price drops a wee bit if you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 boxes. Each box is pink and filled with shredded paper for displaying the products. I even love using the boxes for storage or drawer seperators for beauty products.

For more information and to buy Roccabox, click here.


For me, sentimental gifts are the best. Something you can look back on in years to come is better than some fancy chocolate (although, if any of you have spare chocolate, fire it my way!) which is why for Valentines Day, I gave Chris a personalised photo cube as you can see in the picture. Gift Pup have a whole range of different Photo Cubes for different occasions, including Mothers Day.

The Photo cubes are made of Oak and have space for four 7cm x 7cm photos. Costing just £24.99, this is the ideal sentimental Mothers Day gift.

To buy the Mothers Day Photo Cube from Gift Pup, click here.


 If you're looking for an epic Mothers Day gift that won't leave you bankrupt then look no further than the Pink Mermaid Gin from isleofwightdistillery which is infused with island strawberries. I've put it to the test, purely for review purposes 🙄 and its becoming one of my favourite pink gins!

The bottle of this literally looks like a Mermaids tail and is a small batch gin which stands in at 38% ABV.

Priced at £35.89, this is a gin that any pink gin fan would love. Plus, what mother doesn't enjoy a wee drink on Mothers Day? I know mines certainly does!

To buy the Isle of Wight Distillery's Pink Mermaid Gin, click here.


If you're looking to buy your mum something Fashion forward, I've found some great deals!

- Simply Be - 30% off head to toe looks.
- New Look - £5 Free when you buy a £30 Gift Card.
- Missguided - 25% off everything using code 'lucky'
- Boohoo - 25% off everything

Whatever you decide to get or do for Mothers Day, I hope you have the best time!

H x

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A serious chat about Blogging

Hi everyone, 

Bear with me, I feel a wee bit like I'm in a nightclub. Not only am I a fish out of water, but everywhere I look there's people at least a decade younger than me! 

How Chris & I feel about Blogging right now - LOL!

I'm 33. I've been a Blogger/Content Creator/Influencer/WhateverTitleYouWantToGiveUs for ten years. I am an 'OG', which, obviously, I'm too old to know what that even means. Blogging is my 'thing' and I know it inside and out, yet right now, I feel as if I don't know it at all.

I first started blogging back in the prehistoric days when there was no such thing as 'buying followers' or 'For the Gram'.

Picture the scene - people just wrote down their thoughts on life and shared their opinions on products so people knew what was worth the £. Makeup tutorials invariably didn't contain an affiliate link, they were usually made, simply to share tips on application, styling and technique. Mental health was openly discussed for the first time and it became a 'safe' (or as safe as the internet can be!) place for people who needed to know they weren't alone. It became a place to share opinions and be heard without using traditional media.

As with errrrrything in life, where there is a platform, there is an opportunity to monetize or benefit from it. Brands saw that people were being influenced by what bloggers/youtubers/whatever recommended, and so began kindly sending out products to us to share our opinions on.

In those beginning days especially, we would receive hundreds of requests to review specific products. People began seeing us as someone they could rely on to let them know if something is worth their dosh. Keeping up with buying so many products to review or swatch became impossible, so the fact we were all being so kindly sent products to feature was, to us, an ideal way to continue doing what we loved without the added expense.

I remember using BlogLovin', which a lot of you won't even have heard of, and 'amassing' 500 followers. Back then, this was enough for brands like Clarins, Clinique, Nars, Revlon and dozens of other brands to send me products to review. In fact, in most cases there was no 'PR contact' or PR agencies. If we wanted to approach a brand, we invariably emailed them or (Gasp!) phoned them.

At this point, the influx of new Bloggers started to creep in, because they, understandably, saw the opportunity to get 'free' products from huge brands. Brands started to create guidelines on who they can send to and invariably, those with the most experience, or who offered the best photos of their products, as opposed to those with the higher follower numbers, were the people that they opted to work with.

I would say the 'innocence' of it went on for a good two or three years before the industry became an 'industry'. The balance between talking about everyday life and talking about products became more product heavy, because bloggers, including myself, began doing more for brands to keep them 'in' with them and to ensure we were chosen to receive their products (again, invariably not just because we wanted the free stuff, but because we wanted to continue blogging without the added expense and trying new products was exciting to be a part of). Being chosen to work with, made me personally, feel important and 'heard' which is something I had never experienced in my life. I was always a very small fish in a very large pond, but blogging made me feel the opposite way. Self indulgent? probably. You'd be lying if you think you wouldn't feel the same.

Ontop of all this, I really felt like I was part of a 'community'. I used to chat regularly to other OG Bloggers (WhatIHeartToday, ViviannaDoesMakeup, Pixiwoo, SprinkleOfGlitter, Pixi2woo, Zoella and so many others) in the comments of our blogs, on Twitter (which was new at the time) and Youtube. Lush bath bombs, Jodie Kidd Light As Air Foundation and Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer were invariably the top of our discussion points. It was really nice feeling like I was part of something.

Before we could count to 10, huge events like vidcon and meet and greets were taking place which brought on a side of blogging that became about more than getting 'free' stuff. It was about recognition and fame. People were flocking to the events to meet some Bloggers, but mainly youtubers. Youtube was really starting to take off in 2012 and narrowed that bridge between what we see on screen and the those watching it. I could watch a Tati video and feel like I was her friend, like I knew her and if 'normal' (whatever the hell that even is!) people could be heard on this big platform, then so could everyone.

The problem with this is that we, bloggers and youtubers, all started to be more aware of what we shared on the internet, knowing that millions of people could see it. I can only speak for myself when I say this, but I began selling a version of myself that didn't really exist. I would take all the best angled, well lit, selfies.  Show myself using products from brands that without being sent it, would never be able to afford otherwise. It became less about having 'real people' being relatable and more about people feeling as though they had to keep up with what we were using, what we were wearing, buying and even the lives we were living.  With that comes a lot of pressure and for me personally, with every negative comment under a video or blog post, came this overwhelming 'need' to improve what others saw of me.

As this was ongoing, Blogs were being featured in traditional media, like magazines, radio and television which further painted this picture of an ideal life to consumers. More and more new blogs were being created and before we knew it brands were vying to work with us. Bloggers were becoming Brand ambassadors and were invited to red carpet events. I, with my 1000 followers was being invited to meet with celebrities and brands to promote their products. I was asked to go to festivals and award ceremonies. Bloggers were loathed and misunderstood a lot by traditional media. I remember being called a 'leech' at one stage because we weren't 'qualified' like typical journalists.

At this stage I, and many others, started taking things like SEO, social media & promoting really seriously, knowing that the more people saw our content, the more we benefitted. We could work with all the big brands, meet the celebrities and walk the red carpet if we just kept on creating content. It sounds all so self indulgent but bear with me, I can explain!

Understandably, as more people started seeing Bloggers in the press, many others flocked in their droves to start their own Blogs and email brands asking for products. This is when brands started to become much more strict with their product placement. I do completely understand this and in my heart, whilst I always hoped that Blogging wouldn't turn into an 'industry', I always knew that it would. I can't blame people for wanting their chance at the same opportunities and seeing what we started, become something that people aspire to do is something I am proud of.

Advertisers and brands began creating strategies to work with us. At this stage, our 'readership' (follower count) was, primarily, what brands focussed on. The more followers you have = more exposure for the brand = more sales = more money. It makes sense, and in their position, I am certain that I would do the exact same, but this is where the 'industry' began to be resented and cheated.

We went from having less than a couple thousand bloggers worldwide in 2010, to now having millions in 2020. I, and so many others, started to feel like a very small fish in a very big pond but there were sharks in there and I must admit, I never saw what happened next coming.

To support each other, people began creating groups where creators could follow each other which would boost their follower number and therefore boost our profiles. I liked this idea and I'm not ashamed to admit that even to this day, I like to do this. I am all for supporting each other honestly and fairly. If a brand asks if I participate in these groups, I am very happy to admit it.

Moving forward from 'support groups' was the beginning of the dishonesty in the industry and something I will never be a part of.  Services became available to grow your platform, thus making you stand out to brands and advertisers. There is a service for everything, you can 'buy' followers, likes, comments, subscribers and even a better DA.

I get that using services like this is tempting. I have looked at growth platforms in the past and whilst I'm proud to say I didn't use them, I have paid for advertising before, where I promote myself via google adwords and other online platforms, which in my opinion increases the likelihood of growth in a genuine, relatively organic way.

It's hard to resist being able to get 10,000 'real' followers for £25, but in my opinion, if it seems too good to be true, it's because it usually is. These followers are not real and whilst you may look impressive to brands etc the bigger picture shows that these people are scamming you and YOU are scamming your readers, brands and advertisers with fake stats.

Your readers are the people who will be here in five years. I might have 4100 odd followers on Instagram, but I can guarantee they have all interacted with me since following - not on every post obviously! I wish!

Surely having 4100 followers who talk to me, like my posts, share my work, shop through my links and enjoy being a part of my life is better than having 41,000 followers who don't interact with my content at all.

This imbalance has caused so many problems. I went through a phase of being bitter and shaming everyone who I came across that was using these 'get famous fast' schemes. I felt cheated. It has taken me 10 years to get to where I am today and because of people who cheat the system, people like me are on the brink of doing something else.

I can't tell you how many times I've sat at my computer and sobbed my eyes out because another brand who I've proudly worked with for all those years adopted a new 'blogger outreach system' that meant I was surplus to their requirements. Brands who used to send me products every month and who I did a lot of work for - free of charge in the majority of cases - until 2 years ago when they decided I was no longer worthy of a Lipstick and instead had to take a back seat to those who cheat the system.

It's also worth noting that two brands pointed out that my age (33) is 'outwith the age aesthetic of their brand' but that's a whole other story. Ageism is real in every industry!

I pointed out to all of these brands that I valued our working relationship and asked for feedback on why they no longer wanted to work with me. I wasn't responded to in some cases and in others, I was told clearly that my audience doesn't compare to the whippersnappers who are 'new' to the industry. I've come to realise, sadly, that there is very little loyalty in this business. There is only 'what can you do for me?'.

I can hear a lot of you thinking I'm behaving in an entitled way. I'm not. I would go to the end of the world and back to prove myself and I know that I am owed or entitled to nothing. I'm just so sad that it's come to this.

A lot of people will be thinking that PR's an advertisers are able to determine the difference between those who are 'fakes' and the genuine ones. Believe it or not, in many cases they just choose not to. As far as some (not all) are concerned, as long as they stick to their guidelines (follower amount, age, demographic) then that's all that matters. If you're one of the ones who do care and you're reading this, there are also ways for 'influencers' to trick you - you can buy a good DA score, you can buy a good CTR, you can buy a UK demographic even if you're in Croatia, there are so many ways to cheat the system and I can't blame you if you're being fooled by it. I was too for a long time.

It might sound like I'm telling brands to only work with the OG's, I'm really not. There is room in the community for everyone, if everyone grows organically and honestly. My advice to PR's is to look for the individuals who talk about their life. You'll usually find the 'honest' ones aren't ALWAYS trying to sell or promote, and instead are trying to engage with their audience. If you want the best for your brand, ask for recommendations from others and be open to working with smaller audiences. I'd rather give my product to someone 'smaller', who engages with their audience rather than someone with a large following who posts about it and has to pay to be interacted with.

Yes, shade is 100% intended. I'm not sorry anymore. This has completely ruined everything this started out to be. I've spoken with so many others in my position, some who are suffering with depression because they created a business from their blogs, like I have, and no longer stand a chance. I've even had chats with someone who is suicidal because they have gotten into thousands of pounds worth of debt just trying to keep afloat. I've had my friends permission to mention this in this article because they, like me, think it's important to talk about it.

The saddest part of all of this is the inability to engage with new followers as easily. Gone are the days when I could ask if anyone knew how to flip an image on Twitter and could chat away to some likeminded people. Nowadays, If I ask for advice I'm sometimes given a link to purchase help which pretty much sums up todays blogging industry.

What does the future hold for me? God knows. I don't even know if the industry will survive and I really don't know what else I, or others, can do without cheating the system. I'm not willing to compromise myself or my integrity for anything, but it's tempting when you see how easy it would be.

If you're cheating the system, just stop. Please. Start doing things more organically. If everyone does the same then the work we get would be based on the work we put in and that, to me, is a fair and equal way to get ahead.

If you're a brand, a PR, an advertiser or another professional in this industry, please know I am not blaming you. I'm not shaming you. I'm desperately, DESPERATELY, trying to make a change.

I'd appreciate any comments on this matter with your own personal experiences. If you want to talk about your experiences or you have somewhat 'cheated' the system but would rather do it anonymously, please email me at - I will publish your comment anonymously (guaranteed).

If you're another blogger like me who wants to share support for one another, my links are below to follow - please leave me your links too :)

All My Love,

H x
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Ways To Boost Your Confidence In 2020*

If you feel that you could often improve your confidence levels, but you are not sure how you would go about it, you are not alone. This is a position that many people are stuck in much of the time, and the truth is that it is the kind of experience that many of us are going to go through at least once or twice in our lives. The good news is that there are always things you can do to ensure that you can boost your confidence, no matter what kind of a starting position you might be working with. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways in which you might be able to boost your confidence in 2020.
Work On Your Self-Esteem

It is always true that the best kind of confidence is that which comes from a high self-esteem, as that is a genuine kind of confidence that cannot easily be shaken. Or when it is shaken, it is going to rebalance itself pretty quickly in general. In order to develop this kind of confidence, you need to make sure that you are going to be aware of what it is that you genuinely like about yourself, so that you can focus on those things as best as you can. By doing that, you will ultimately find yourself in a much better position indeed, and you will find that you are going to have a natural confidence that shines through automatically. Building your self-esteem is a great thing to do at any time.

Improve Your Looks

When it comes to working on your looks, it’s always worth bearing in mind that this does not mean that you need to try and make yourself look a certain way or that you have to follow a particular cultural trend. Rather, you should aim to make yourself look as attractive to yourself as possible, and not worry about anyone else. As long as you like what you see in the mirror, you should find that this is all that matters when it comes to keeping your confidence high. That could mean that you want to get a facelift, or it could just be as simple as taking better care of your skincare. Whatever it takes, it’s bound to help you with your confidence considerably.

Get Social

Most of us need some degree of a social life if we are to enjoy ourselves and enjoy being ourselves. Of course, how much you want to socialize is up to you, and everyone differs in the specifics of this. But you will probably need some kind of a social life if you want to feel good about yourself, so you should make sure to work towards making that a reality if that is something that you have identified as important in yourself. Whether that means seeing the occasional friend, or whether it’s partying every weekend, that’s up to you - the important thing is that you are going to want to ensure that you are socializing to the degree that you enjoy. You will find it easier to feel good about yourself this way, and you’ll just be enjoying life more too.
Develop Some Communication Skills

Many of us struggle with good social communication. If this is an experience that you know well, you are going to want to work on this if you are keen to make yourself feel more confident. The good news is that there are always improvements you can make here, and you shouldn’t find that it is too much of a problem to try and make it a reality. But you’ll also want to think about what kind of communication skills you specifically need to work on, so that you know what you are actually going to need to do. Once you have developed your communication skills further, you are going to feel naturally much more confident in yourself, in a way that is likely to feel unshakeable. That’s a great feeling, and one that you can hang on to for good.

Focus On Yourself

Lastly, just remember that what all this comes down to largely is focusing on yourself. That doesn’t mean ignoring your loved ones, it just means that you put yourself first and that you promote your own needs wherever necessary. By doing that, you prove to yourself how important you are, and that ends up being an important part of this entire process. Bear that in mind, and you should be fine.

*This is a collaborative piece.
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Smoky Seduction

If you're after a Valentines look that will steal the show, then this one has your name all over it! 

(This post contains gifted products & affiliate links)

I call this look 'Smoky Seduction' because whilst this features a perfectly pink pout, the focal point is the smoky seductive eye makeup. 

I worked some warm tones through the crease and a purple hued taupe shimmer across the lid, with a darker shade on the outer corners. It's actually a pretty easy look to create - add a slick of eyeliner, some lashes & some bottom lash mascara and you're good to go in terms of eye makeup. 

For skin, I kept this glowy and used a lot of cream/liquid products rather than powder to keep it dewy.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer 

It Cosmetics CC+ Foundation* 
Maybelline Fit Me concealer 
Laura mercier Setting Powder
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand Pinkgasm*
Mulac Cosmetics Rose Liquid Highlighter Oil*
MULAC cosmetics Single eyeshadow in Lazy addicted*

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette*
KISS products Lash Couture in Tulle*
Kat Von D Vegan Beauty Lash Liner & Tattoo Liner*
Mulac cosmetics Gentleman Mascara*

Primark beauty PS Retractable Eyebrow Pencil 
Duo adhesive Eyelash Glue
Maybelline Color Sensational 875 Vivid Rose

What look are you planning on rocking for Valentines Day? 

H x
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Deals Of The Week

If you're feeling a wee bit spendy or there's something you need to get but want a good deal then welcome to my new feature: Deals of the week.

I am a blogger (D'uh!) and part of my income is based on affiliate sales using networks. The brands on those networks very often give us prior knowledge of sales and deals which are upcoming in the hope that we will promote them and generate sales, which also in turn benefits us as creators because if you buy something using our link, we get paid a small commission at zero cost to you.

This post contains Affiliate Links. Obvs.

Anyways, every week I will be letting you know about the most recent deals online and maybe even give you some prior knowledge too! 
£10 off Vodafone and O2 Handset Contracts with code: PAYDAY10
>> <<

Evans Boutique
24% off EVERYTHING for 24 Hours.
>> Visit Evans Boutique <<

HQ Hair
£20 off selected Cloud Nine! Ends 31/01
>> Visit HQHair <<

Look Fantastic
40% on selected Urban Decay sets PLUS an extra 5% off, PLUS receive a complimentary Urban Decay All Nighter Deluxe Setting Spray 15ml when you spend £35 on the brand!
>> Visit Look Fantastic << 

The Body Shop
£10 off £35 - Valid from 2nd Jan until 11th Feb.
>> Visit The Body Shop <<

Little Mistress
20% with code WELCOME20 - Ends 03/02

Up to 60% off everything
>> Visit Missguided <<

I'll be adding to this post so keep an eye on it for new deals!

H x

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Winter Hair Care Tips*

My hair is something I am fussy about. Living in Scotland means it's pretty much always cold, but during the winter it's obviously even colder which really plays havoc on my hair which is why I wanted to share my Winter Hair Care Tips.

Quit using Dry Shampoo (at least for a wee while!)

Dry Shampoo is designed to strip the hair of oil which in turn, makes your hair dry and whilst it's in your hair can be difficult to brush which results in breakage. Give it a miss for a wee while!

Condition twice a week

I'm not big on using conditioner. I have limp hair at the best of times and adding conditioner can often just make my hair feel heavy and lifeless. With that said, using conditioner twice a week does make a difference, even if it is just on the ends.


It's literally the bain of my life. Wearing hats and scarfs or wooly jumpers has meant my hair has more static than Boris Johnson. Right before I go out I rub a tiny amount of hair oil in my palms and smooth it all over my hair.

Get yourself to the Hairdressers

Of course, having the works done at a salon can be pricey and a real luxury but having a trim will help to keep your hair in good nick. If you're a big fan of bleaching your hair, why not opt for Balayage hair colour instead? This cuts down on the amount of bleach you're using during winter? as we all know. bleach really isn't our friend when it comes to keeping our hair in good condition.

Wear a hat
If all else fails, shove a hat on. It's freezing out there afterall!

What advice have you got for winter hair?

*This is a collaborative post.
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6 Happy Tasks For 2020

it's 2020 and I have about a million 'New Years Resolutions' that I will undoubtedly fail by the time January has ended. I'm happy to admit that I'm faddy, but I reckon if I create a list of things to do that are 'easy' but will make me happy, then I'm more inclined to do them which is why I thought i'd make a list of 6 happy tasks for 2020.

1 - Make LESS Lists

This might sound counter productive but I am a sucker for a list and because of this, I feel like every minute of the day is planned. Sometimes it's nice not to have plans and to plan as I go. Life is way too short to live according to a list all the time, so my first happy task is to plan my working day but nothing more (unless it's travel or shopping related).

2 - Stop Checking The Bank So Much

I'm going to struggle with this one, but my second happy task is to stop checking the bank so much. I, like so many others, am a relatively low income earner and find myself checking my online banking twice or thrice a day. I'm going to try to reduce this to once per day initially then after getting used to this, will then reduce that to thrice per week.  It's so important to be savvy when it comes to your money. but when you already know what is in your account, it's unhealthy to nano focus on it.

3 - De-Clutter

I think a good de-clutter is definitely on the cards. I feel like a nice open space makes me feel much more productive and content. I'm going to sell a lot of my clothes and bits on ebay or depop.

4 - Listen To A New Song Everyday

This sounds so daft but I'm one of those people who listens to the same music all the time. I love music and my day feels 'wrong' if it doesn't involve music of some sort, but I definitely need to branch out a bit so I'm going to listen to a 'new' song everyday. If you have any suggestions let me know please!

5 - Do something Spontaneous every month.

Like I mentioned before, I make lists for everything so I pretty much know how my day will play out. Because of this, I'm planning to do something spontaneous every month - nothing major, just head out for lunch sometime without planning to or something, I'll let you know how I get on!

6 - Leave My Phone At Home

I don't think I've left my phone at home once in the past 10 years which is quite embarrassing. One of my 6 happy tasks is to leave my phone at home now and again. I will always make sure there is a way to contact or be contacted in case of emergencies (I'll make sure I'm with my partner, Chris, who has all the necessary numbers etc) but I think it will be quite refreshing not to check my work emails at 11pm on a night out like I usually do.
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Happy New Year!

2019 was quite an eventful year, to say the least, for me. I can't really say that I'm all that sad to see a new year and the end of what has been a sad time in my life, but what I can say is that I am so excited to see what 2020 has in store.

As you all will know, I lost my cat Nala last year. If you haven't heard, then you can read my post about losing Nala in August from mammary gland cancer. Shortly after Nala died, her twin brother, Simba started behaving differently than normal. We put it down to grief, but we soon noticed a small, firm lump on his neck. There lied the beginning of the same journey that we had just endured with Nala.

After speaking with simbas vet and having tests done, our worst fears were confirmed. Simba had cancer and there was no treatment as removing the lump would cause it to spread. We were told to expect he would survive a month maximum.

Simba deteriorated over time. His lump was pressing against his throat which made it hard to swallow food, so we ordered cat 'soup' which was filled with all the nutrients he needed to stop him from starving to death. We slept next to him day in and day out, lifting him if he ever needed to jump. His favourite place to sleep was the back of the sofa, but as he drifted to sleep he would fall off and stun himself. We boxed the sofa against the wall and placed cushions everywhere so that he could still sleep there without hurting himself.

When simba was first diagnosed, we started giving him CBD oil (just one drop daily) and whilst he didn't like it, simba lived a further 4 months rather than the 1 month maximum we were initially given. Simba was never in pain, which is why we were fortunate enough to not have to make the decision to have him put down.

After quite literally nursing him in our arms 24 hours a day, simba lost his fight at 8.40am on New Years Day.

I don't think i've ever cried so much as I did in 2019. It was truly heartbreaking for us to lose both Nala & Simba and our only comfort is knowing that they are at least reunited now. The two cats have always cuddled into each other day in and out. They were so close that I am absolutely certain that they both were meant to be together in life and in death.

Aside from that, being an 'influencer' in 2019 was far from easy. I wish the industry could still be at the same stage it was when I first started. It was more innocent then, the world was less cynical of us and we were less cynical of the world. It's been a hard ass journey.

Throughout it all, I've remained incredibly blessed to have my boyfriend Chris to keep me smiling when in reality all I wanted to do was cry. He truly is amazing.

I have no idea what 2020 holds for me, but I hope it's kinder to me than last year.

HS x
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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Ok so I know a lot of you already have your gifts sorted but if you're as disorganised as my lovely Boyfriend is, then you're in luck because there's STILL TIME to order online and there's some awesome late deals aswell.

It'll come as no surprise to you that a lot of my choices are beauty or fashion focussed but there's also a few homeware and lifestyle bits included too.

Spotlight Teeth White Strips  - Look Fantastic order on or before December 21st

Teeth whitening strips might seem like a weird gift to get someone but I think they're fab! This has 28 strips and would be ideal for anyone who is keen on those 'new year new me' resolutions. These work really well and at £33 are a luxury gift at an affordable price.

HairHero Turbodry by Easilocks - Next Day Delivery before 3pm.

This has been designed to be lightweight so it doesn't hurt your arms when you're using it for a length of time - hallelujah! if you're a man reading this who is looking for a last minute idea for your mrs - this is a godsend.

Missguided Babe Night - UK Next Day Delivery until December 23rd

Fragrance is something that most people look into getting as gifts but it's hard to choose between them! this is a 'safe' perfume in my opinion - it's spicy with a sweet undertone with top notes of Orange, Jasmine and pink pepper.

Nudestix Lip Glace - Cult Beauty Next Day Delivery until 4pm December 21st

This comes in a tin which looks like a gift box so it's easy to wrap and looks like a substantial gift. This is a non sticky lip plumping glace which is ideal for the festive season is a showstopper when it's opened.

Norvell Venetian Self Tanning Mousse - Until December 23rd

This fake tan is designed with anti-orange properties making sure you get a 'natural' glow. You'll be seeing the new year in looking your bronzed best with this from Norvell.

Dafni Rose Gold Limited Edition Straightening Brush - Express Delivery 23rd December

If you're like me and want to spend your time enjoying the festives with your loved ones rather than wasting time on our hair, then this is the solution for you. This straightening brush will sleek out your hair in no time!

BeGlow Tia - Look Fantastic Order on or before December 21st

This is like a face lift in a gadget! It's cleansing, anti-ageing and has dual pulse contouring which targets sagging skin and double chins. I've been using it for a short while and have really noticed a difference since using it.

Keuco iLook Move Cosmetic Mirror - Order by 19th December.

This is certainly a luxury gift, but it's one that everyone who likes a bit of grooming will love. This has 5x magnification and is illuminated. You can move the mirror to suit every angle and can even choose between round or square shape. Bathrooms Online UK.

Other last posting dates for shopping include:

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Cheap Last-Minute Online Gift Ideas For Beauty Lovers*

Cheap online makeup products are very common nowadays. Whatever you’re looking for in terms of cosmetics can be found at various online outlets. Don’t forget, however, that the makeup itself is only part of the beauty experience. You’ll need something to store it all in, along with accessories too. 

Gift Idea #1 - Makeup Bag

One of the reasons why customers purchase branded makeup from online makeup retailers is because they know the quality of the products. When the makeup is not in use, it’s important that it’s all kept safe and secure, which is why a makeup bag is a must. It is also your chance to make a statement. If you’re keeping your makeup in a shabby bag, your friends might think the makeup you’re wearing is inferior too. Keeping your makeup in a decent container also protects everything else in your bag from spillages.

What should you look for in a good makeup bag? Well, you want it to be spacious enough to hold all your makeup and accessories, but small enough to fit into your handbag too. That can be tricky. Searching cheap makeup online companies and buying everything you need at once can really help. Bags are one of those items that stay with us for a while so, if you see the right one, grab it. Most makeup online retailers often operate a policy that once an item’s gone out of stock, you won’t see it again. They run their businesses by taking on surplus cosmetics and accessories stock from major retailers, which is why you need to snap the bag up while you can.

Gift Idea #2 - Fragrance

Online makeup and accessories suppliers can offer discounts on fragrance that beat anything you might encounter on the high street, thanks to low overheads.

Although fragrance is something we use every day, it can often seem overly expensive, especially if you shop via traditional high street retailers. Both men and women have preferences when it comes to fragrance, with some preferring strong, authentic fragrances and others utilising more subtle, citrus tones. If you choose one of the makeup online retailers that specialise in cheap deals thanks to their business models, you should be able to find fantastic fragrances at a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can even find them for free via the likes of Love To Slay. Either way, online you’ll be able to find big brands like Calvin Klein and Superdry with the sort of discounts that high street retailers wish they could afford to offer.

Of course, it’s true that discount retailers can’t always offer you the exact fragrance you’re looking for. Their ability to offer low prices is often dependent on the stock they can get at the time. However, the range of different brands offered by these online retailers ensures that you’ll always find some fragrance that interests you. In addition, because the prices are so low, trying a new fragrance from a well-known brand isn’t the costly experiment it can be with traditional retailers. Try a big brand fragrance from an online retailer and you may be pleasantly surprised.

*this is a collaborative article.
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My favourite bedtime beauty products*

Hi everyone!

Today, I'm collaborating* with bed supplier, to share my favourite bedtime beauty products.

If you're anything like me, then bedtime usually comes at the end of a long tiring day and I am more than ready to just 'hit the hay', but before I catch some Zzz's, I like to take a few minutes to wynd down by using some of my favourite bedtime beauty products.

The first thing I like to do is remove my makeup and cleanse my skin. For this, I really enjoy using a cotton pad with some Garnier Micellar Water.  In terms of cotton pads, I don't care which brand they are as long as they have sealed edges to avoid getting cotton wool stuck in my nails. Poundland are actually where I get mine!

Once I've taken any makeup off, it's time for a deep cleanse. I love using the Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser which really gets any excess dirt off my skin.

Once i'm feeling clean, I like to use the Pixi Glow Tonic to tone. It stings slightly if you've recently done any hair removal on your upper lip so use it wisely! I've been using this for years and whilst other toners have impressed me, this is the one I go back to time and time again. It leaves my skin feeling like I've just exfoliated it but without the harshness of actually exfoliating.

After toning, I like to use an eye cream. I've been enjoying using the Clinique All about the eyes which feels really cooling around the eye area. As someone who wears glasses a lot and who stares at a computer screen all day long, I tend to get really dark, sunken under eyes but using this has definitely helped so I tap this in gently around the eye area. I also like to store this in the fridge to make it extra soothing.

Speaking of eyes, I usually use some eyedrops to help soothe them after a long day. It's amazing just how much difference some eyedrops make.

One of my 'staple' beauty products to use in the evening is a Retinoid. I love the Inkey List Retinol Serum.  This unites 1% stable retinol with 0.5% granactive retinoid and squalane for hydration and soothing.  Retinol is designed to reawaken your skins cells. I'm 33 and starting to see some fine lines so this is definitely a step I couldn't miss in my routine.

After this step, I whack on some Estee Lauder Advanced night repair which  is my favourite 'night time' serum. It feels slightly tacky after applying and dries down over time. In the morning my skin always feels so soft and 'calm'.

Aside from that, I put some lipbalm on (dr pawpaw original balm is my fave), apply some roll on deodorant and occasionally will put some Ouai Rose Oil through my hair before washing it in the morning to add some moisture.

Aside from that, I like to spritz some This Works Deep Sleep Pillow spray over my bed and pillow to leave a 'fresh' and relaxing scent to snuggle down to.

Yaaaaawn. I'm so ready for bedtime already!

What are your favourite bedtime beauty products?

H x
*This is a collaborative piece.
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How Can You Look Your Best For a Special Occasion?*

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Maybe you’re getting married or perhaps your family have a big party planned. You might be going on the holiday of a lifetime, or maybe your school reunion is around the corner. Whatever the situation, when these big events come up in life it makes sense that we want to feel our best and go into things with as much self confidence as possible. Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to make ourselves look our very best- here are some ideas.

Put together a new skincare regime
The way your skin looks can play a huge role in the way you feel about yourself. We all know how rubbish we feel when we’re having a bad skin day, and whether yours is due to dryness, blackheads or a condition like acne or rosacea, getting this under control is a good idea. First things first, consider if you’ll need to visit a doctor, some skin issues can be treated with medication or signify underlying issues that a doctor can diagnose. If not, invest in some good products and get into the habit of going through your skincare regime morning and evening.

Care for your hair
As with your skin, bad hair days can really ruin your self esteem. Maybe your hair is frizzy and wild, or flat and lifeless. Perhaps it’s dry and unmanageable. Do some research into your specific hair conditions and find products that are likely to work well for you. Something as simple as applying coconut oil to your hair overnight once a week can bring back vibrance and add moisture back.

Consider a beauty procedure
If you want to really treat yourself and make a genuine difference to your appearance then why not have a beauty procedure done? It could be anything from teeth whitening to lip fillers to Botox. Do your research, there are lots of procedures that can be done with very little recovery time and can be highly effective. You’ll of course want to consider the pros and cons and think carefully, but many are non surgical and very safe so see what sorts of treatments would best suit you.

Visit the salon
Finally, before attending your event- consider booking in at the salon. A new hair cut and colour, a fresh set of nails, a lash treatment or a spray tan are all options and can give you the boost you need. A new dress for example can be taken from good to great with a bit of a tan. A makeup look you’ve perfected on Youtube could look even more stunning with some professional lashes. Even if you don’t normally treat yourself to these kinds of things, it’s worth it for a special occasion.

*This is a collaborative piece
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The Odd One Out?

I recently watched Jesy Nelsons 'the odd one out' documentary and had some thoughts that I wanted to discuss.

If you haven't seen the documentary, then it follows the story of Little Mix's Jesy Nelson as she talks about her experience with online trolling, bullying and deciding to end her life, which, thankfully, she survived.

Watching the documentary made me realize that everyone, regardless of our income, profession, race, shape, size, religion or sexual orientation has insecurities and has a story to tell.

I've spoken candidly before about body dysmorphia and the struggles I've faced growing up as a plus size woman.

I don't know if you over analyse yourself and your flaws to the extent that I do, but in this picture all I can see are the flaws that will undoubtedly be pointed out to me in the comments below. From my double chin to the fat rolls on my thighs I struggle how to find inner peace and self-acceptance. I know that posting this picture is a risk because social media can be harsh, especially when people are using it to hate from behind a screen without realising the impact that it has on others.

I think it's easy to forget that there are people behind the screens and it's too easy to say something you may not necessarily mean. You cannot change what you have said in the past, none of us can, but please before you write a comment and send it, consider how you would feel receiving it.

I'm not judging you I'm just asking you to realise the impact of your words, because if Jesy Nelson's documentary has taught us anything it should be be that life is delicate and our souls are fragile. Even the strongest hearts can be broken.

I'm posting this picture to remind myself and everyone else that in a world which may appear to be perfect, we all have imperfections and and this is real life.

Please remember that we only show the world what we want it to see and whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it is important to remember that there is a life that the world does not see. These are my flaws. I hope someday you'll share yours.

women shirt

Holly x
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Beauty Regimes To Think About All Year Round*

When it comes to beauty regimes and changes of habits, we can often focus on it when it comes to the new year or the summer. However, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate these beauty regimes all year round. But what can you do have you feeling your best? Here are some of the best ones to consider.

Image source - Pixabay - CC0 License
Laser hair removal

With the sun hopefully shining right now, there is no doubt that we start to think about more appropriate fashion choices. This might mean things like summery dresses and skirts. So it’s only natural that we think about hair removal. Especially with our legs on show. Some women tend to stick with the old favorites like waxing or shaving, but there is something new to consider. Laser Hair removal is a more permanent hair loss and can be a real investment. Not everyone wants to be grabbing a shaver every few days or booking for waxing appointments. This can be a great suggestion all year round, even in the winter months.

Dental work

With a positive mindset you can start to focus more on how you feel and smiling more often can be a great way to feel good. But many of us have wonky teeth that have stains from coffee and too much red wine. No matter how much we visit a hygienist or trying whitening toothpaste. This is when you may want to invest in dental work or consider a professional teeth whitening treatment to improve the way they look. They will be able to reshape and contour your teeth to create a winning smile. It is worth considering. A smile and good dental work can give you a boost in confidence and self esteem.

Apply a good fake tan

We all know that sunbathing too much for that perfect tan can be bad for our skin. It’s always best to wear a high SPF protection when out in the sun. But you could fake it all the way with a good fake tan and this can be something you use all year round. This means you protect yourself and still look good. A well applied tan can make any outfit look amazing. If you don’t have the confidence to do it yourself, many salons will offer spray tans or applications.

Tackle the shine

There is no doubt that we can all get a little sweaty every now and again. Especially around your face. So make sure you do your best to tackle that shine by using oil free cleansers and facial washes. Also during the day, you can consider using a powder or bronzer instead of your usual foundation. You will look and feel much better.

Embrace your natural curls

There is a new trend called the curly girl method where you start to embrace your hair in its more natural from. It means you use less heat products like curlers or straighteners, and you can try different methods to help accentuate the natural curls that your hair may have. There is more information online if you want to try it.

Let’s hope these beauty tips help you all year round.

This is a collaborative piece.


Nalas Law

If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram,  then you won't have heard that I lost my wee Nala to Mammary Gland Cancer a couple of weeks ago.  I've really struggled to talk about it without getting upset, so I've decided I'm not going to try and be 'strong', I'm going to get through the story any way I can. Some people might be wondering why it's so important for me to tell the story. Well, I want to help save some lives in her name.

It won't be an easy read for you if you are an animal lover, but it will touch you and if Nalas story can save just one other wee cat or dog from going through what she did then it's all been worth the pain of telling the story. Read on... 

Wednesday 7th August
As I looked at her red, swollen, weeping wounds and kissed her head for the final time, I wept. My family wept. In fact, if I'm honest, we sobbed, as we watched the Vet give our baby Nala an injection which would make her close her beautiful eyes forever and end the pain she was so obviously going through. In the background, the Radio played Beyonce's ' Spirit'. As she laid, still and finally at peace, I whispered into her fluffy ears that I would make sure her death was not in vain and the world would be changed by her.

"Spirit. Watch the Heavens open..."

Let's rewind a little bit...

Nala and Simba were being advertised on the Dumfries Cat Protection website in 2010 as twin tabbys who were the best of friends but who may need to be seperated if they couldn't be homed together. They were roughly two years old and neutered. The cats had been handed into Dumfries cat protection by an elderly man who mistreated them after his wife died.

Always a sucker for a sob story, we couldn't bear to let them be separated, so we gave the Cat protection a call.

We were visited by Fiona at the Cat Protection who came to our home and ensured we had a good environment for the cats. We were informed that they were indoor cats which suited us. We have a large home for them to run around in and we all worked from home, so we could look after them without any problems. Within a few hours, we collected them.

In terms of settling in, Simba was shy and scared. He would hide under the table because he was so afraid of his new surroundings. It took a lot of coaxing,  but he eventually came out and turned into a big friendly boy. Nala on the other hand, was a menace from the very beginning! Bouncing around the furniture, sitting on everyones knees, purring, meowing and playing.

The bond between the two cats never faded. They would sleep together in their bed every night, cuddled up. They cleaned each other and played together all the time.  Nala was nosy, loved a box and loved nothing more than getting into things she wasn't supposed to be in.

Everyday, Nala would come into the kitchen and jump on the unit and walk up it meowing because she wanted attention and treats. I once held a treat up at my shoulder and tapped it while she was on the unit and she jumped up on my shoulder to get it. I then carried her through to the living room and gave her cuddles. It soon became a daily routine and I loved every second of it. I could quite literally spend all day telling you about her quirks and funny moments.

Nala loved my dad. She would roll in front of him, then attack his hand. She chewed her nails and spat them at him. One thing she did daily, was wait for dad to get up off his seat to leave the room. Nala would run to the door and just as she saw him coming back she would run to his chair and sit on it because she knew my Dad would sit on the floor. She loved nothing more than running to him for a cuddle after he arrived home from work everyday.

Christmas was her favourite thing. All the boxes, the paper (she used to rip up paper like a dog) and decorations for her to destroy. She would run up the Christmas Tree every year and often played with the Christmas Tree Skirt where she would hide underneath it then pop her head up through the hole. Her favourite thing to play with was a grubby old foam Christmas bauble.

A year or so ago, we noticed Nala had a lump on her side. It had two wee dots inside and it appeared to be an innocent Abscess. The lump never bothered her, it was just 'there' and it would burst from time to time. A vet said it appeared to be a cat bite. Simba and her were occasionally a bit rough with each other so we accepted that to be the case.

Fast forward 10 months or so, and Nala was limping. We wondered if she had pulled a nail or something and said if it got any worse we would ask the vet to come out to her.

We discovered Nala had another wee lump on her leg. Within a week she was no longer jumping up or being herself. She was hiding behind the couch a lot and we decided it was time to call on the vet.
We always asked the vet to come to us because both Nala and Simba are house cats and would be distressed to leave home, but if the vet ever asked us to bring them in for tests etc then we would.
The vet told us that she had an infected abscess and gave her antibiotics & anti inflammatory injections. We asked him about the other lump and he said "it's not uncommon. The fluid has to go somewhere".

Within a week, we noticed she was still not herself. She was upstairs on a blanket, sleeping on her side all the time, so this time we called another vet, Nithsdale Veterinary Centre.
Matthew and nurse, Lesley, came to our home where he gently checked her over. We were then told he thought there was something more sinister going on and he asked to take Nala with him to the vets to have her hair shaved underneath to check on any other lumps, for blood tests & other tests to be done.

We then received a call to say the lumps were extensive and Matthew requested our permission to have a Biopsy done.

We anxiously waited the 4/5 hours for Nala to come home. Upon arriving home, we could see the extent of the growths. Right there and then we were heartbroken. How didn't we notice these other lumps? how hadn't the other vet noticed?

On top of the lumps, she did have an infection, so she was prescribed more antibiotics & anti inflammatory medication which we were to administer twice daily.

A week went by, and the phonecall from Matthew came with the results from the biopsy. We were then informed that she had Mammary Gland Cancer, it was aggressive and terminal. We were told she didn't have long and the signs to look for if she was in pain.

We decided to give Nala medication for the next two weeks and monitor her. We always said if we thought she was in too much pain we would have to make the painful decision to put her down.

Over that two weeks, my family and I took turns to stay awake all night with her to keep an eye and to ensure she didn't pull her stitches out from her Biopsy. Every night, I prayed and pleaded with God to save her.

Within two weeks, Nala wasn't eating as normal. She could barely walk, struggled to sleep and laid on one side 24 hours of the day.

Nala still had some stitches from her biopsy and we wondered if they were making her uncomfortable, considering she could barely walk, so Matthew came round to remove them, where he noticed how much her cancer had advanced in that short time. We were advised that she was in pain and recommended to make the heart wrenching decision sooner than later. 

After a solid two hours of crying and discussing it with each other, our family made the decision to have her put to sleep that day. We asked Matthew to come round and he agreed it was the most selfless thing to do.

Here we are, back at that moment at 4.30 on Wednesday 7th August. Each of us embraced Nala for one final time individually. We held her and stayed with her while she took her final breaths and finally found peace as she gained her angel wings.

As she laid in a wee box, looking peaceful, I whispered into her beautiful fluffy ears that I would make sure her death was not in vain and the world would be changed by her.

"Your destiny is coming close. Stand up and fight..."

Mammary Gland Cancer is the fourth most common cancer in female Cats & dogs yet up until Nalas death, I had never heard of it. Her death was avoidable. If you have your pet neutered prior to six months old, they are more than 90% LESS LIKELY to get Mammary Gland Cancer.

I'm not here to tell you to neuter your pet. That is entirely your decision, but if you do decide to, then doing so prior to six months of age will reduce that risk by more than 90%. If Nala had been spayed prior to six months old, she would still be here right now. I can't bring Nala back but I CAN fulfil my promise to her.

I want the whole world to know about Mammary Gland Cancer and to inform new pet owners about the risks & statistics of prevention.

I don't want to raise money or get attention to myself, I want to make a difference by raising awareness.

If you have a spare minute and if you agree with me, then could you kindly take a moment to sign the petition called 'Nalas Law'?

Click to sign Nalas Law

The petition is to make it the law that all vets, cat protections & breeders must issue an information leaflet regarding Mammary Gland cancer at the animals first visit to the vet or at 3 months old.  This way, everyone will at least be informed about it and can make their own decision, with the correct knowledge.

I don't want to change the world. I want Nala to.

Our lives have been shattered by her passing. I miss her more than words will ever be able to describe. To anyone who says 'it's just a cat' - you obviously never met Nala and compassion has obviously escaped you.

I took pictures of Nalas wounds in the lead up to her death. They are much to distressing to post on here for my younger readers, but if you'd like to see them for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to get in touch -

Thank You
H x


The Perfect Beach Bag?

I'm an overpacker. If I've got room in my bag, I will fill it with things I invariably don't need which is why a smaller bag that will still fit everything I need but doesn't allow me to pack everything but the kitchen sink for a trip to Tesco is ideal.

This bucket bag is from Asos and I couldn't be happier with it. I've been using it loads recently. It's ideal for summery beachy days! The front pouch is ideal size for powder and lipstick (even a powder brush would fit!). The main area is fits a large purse, phone, sunglasses, SPF and even my boyfriend's wallet was in there at one point. It's ideal for people who (like me) tend to put too much in their handbags, because it just doesn't have room for clutter!
I love that this has gold hardware, an adjustable long strap AND a shorter strap that can be carried around if you're the type of person that hates hanging things on your shoulder.

So far, I've teamed this with jeans, a maxi dress, a skirt, shorts and even a swimsuit. It goes perfectly and is adaptable for any outfit.

For more info and to buy the Asos mini Croc bag (£18), click here.

H x
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SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser

It's been a wee while since I've done a standalone review. The reason for this is because I really only want to do a standalone review for products I think deserve it, so I'm really picky about which products I feature and which ones I don't.

Anyone who knows me knows that I suffer from Psoriasis on my scalp and (depending on triggers) my arms & face. About two months ago, I was contacted by the PR at SVR who offered to send me some of their range to try out after learning about the skin trouble I have. I was sent a couple of products, including the SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser.

I always test skincare out over a month as a minimum before giving any final thoughts on it because skin takes a while to adapt to the new products or routine it has which is why it has taken so long for me to do this review. I've used the entire contents and finally wanted to share my thoughts.

First off, a bit about SVR...

SVR is a French skincare brand which is dedicated to providing products for very reactive sensitive skin. The brand is regularly prescribed by Dermatologists and recommended by Pharmacists thanks to its gentle formulas and suitability for even the most angry of skintypes. The brand started as a small family business in 1962 and has become the huge success that it is now.

The Topialyse range..

TOPIALYSE is the range dedicated to dry, very dry, irritated and atopy-prone skin. The TOPIALYSE family of products provides a range of emollients and cleansers for the face and body, and provides enhanced anti-itching* action and maximum comfort and skin-tolerability.  

SVR TOPIALYSE Gentle Cleanser has been dermatologically, paediatrically, ophthalmologically and gynecologically tested it may be used on the face as it does not sting the eyes, it's pH balanced for intimate hygiene and maintains the balance of skin-flora making it ideal for all-round gentle cleansing at baby's bathtime (hair and body).

As I mentioned, I've really put it to the test and tried it out everywhere over the past month.

As a shampoo, I found this lathers really easily which made me question whether it was just cleaning on the surface rather than actually cleaning my scalp. For the first time in months, I noticed I had less irritation, less lumps and flakiness. My hair actually was squeaky clean and there was no excess shedding of my hair (though a detangler would come in handy as I did notice my hair was more 'tuggy' than normal).

As a face wash, I applied this to damp skin and worked the gel into my skin using small circular motions. Again, this did lather well and I found my skin was well cleansed, not irritated and less dry than normal. I used this continually over the month and had no psoriasis flare ups which is unheard of over a month (usually once a week I'll have a flare up).

On my arms, this worked the exact same way as it did on my face. I did notice my arms had a breakout (as normal) but nowhere near as inflamed as usual.

overall, I have nothing negative to say about this. Nothing. I figured that the price would represent the quality and so expected to find it cost £35+ to replace but I was amazed to see that this costs just £3!!!!! WHAT??? I'm on my way to buy a few!

The SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser is available at Feel Unique.

H x
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My Bingo Wings & I

One of my 'flaws' that I nano focus on are my upper arms. I loathe them and the idea of sharing a picture of them in all their flabby, unfiltered, unedited glory is enough to make me want to hide them forever. I can't do that. I won't do that.

Today I logged into my Instagram to three comments on a picture of me wearing a dress, calling me all the nasty names under the sun. Normally I'd accept it because the comments are nothing worse than I've thought about myself, but actually, I'm tired of it. Nice women bra.

I knew getting into this job and putting myself 'out there', that I was never going to be liked by everyone, but I'm a good person. I try really hard to have a social conscience by not promoting or using anything harmful, to not Photoshop my body so that women and teenagers don't think it's real life, I don't promote hate or negativity and I rarely indulge in the community drama so not to contribute towards negativity.

My boyfriend, family and friends are the people I'm interested in being 'good enough' for, not some random troll on the internet.

Doing your best will never be good enough for people who only want to look for the negativity. Do you. Keep doing your best. You've got this and so do I ❤️

H x
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