Big Girls Are NOT Better Than Smaller Girls!

Yuppp you read that title right. Today, I'm going outwith the confines of beauty and fashion and talking a little bit about something that affects me in a "Stop being a MF'ing idiot!" kind of way. Lolz. I'm also hormonal today so this might be an angry one.

I was watching youtube videos from a few people who I subscribe to, mainly Andrew Marlowe's recent videos who I've mentioned before on this blog. Andrew was talking about his love of curvy women and I had a little read through his comments. I was so frustrated reading a few of them.

One man wrote about his love of curvy women and some women wrote about how bigger girls are better than smaller women. I am a bigger girl and while I agree that bigger girls are amazing, I think ALL women are equally as fabulous.

Why do other women not get fed up of being categorized by their dress size? why does the amount of fat on our bodies determine what kind of people we are?

I know slim girls who are lovely, I know bigger girls who are lovely, I also know slim girls who are horrible, and I know bigger girls who are equally as horrible.  Being a big girl doesn't make you one way or another. It means you either have some junk in your trunk or you don't. It's that simple.

I don't think Men are solely to blame for categorizing us by our looks, I think us women are to blame for a lot of it. we need to stop pitting one us against each other.

I have a lot of respect for people like Andrew who use their presence online in a positive way to help curvy women realize that we are equally as beautiful as slim girls. Andrew loves women in general and regularly talks about how in awe of women he is. His preference is for curvy women and so spends a lot of his time talking about that, but it doesn't mean he thinks bigger girls are better than other girls. (Ps - Show andrew some love by clicking here)

I guess throughout all the rambling I'm doing right now, what I am trying to say is that just because a man makes a video about how fabulous big girls are, it doesn't mean that smaller girls are any less amazing and us women should stop making ourselves feel better by believing that one is better than another.

We are all women, we all should be together. Who run the world? GIRLS! Not just big girls.

Rant over!

H x

NOTD: Primark Edition

I don't know about you, but when I go to Primark I tend to spend about 80% of my budget on clothing etc and the remaining 20% goes on the beauty section beside the tills. I am a sucker for them! Only this time, my Sister got there first and bought this gorgeous Matte Ps I Love you nail polish in shade Blush for just £1.50.

My Sister doesn't yet know that I have pinched said nail polish but it's tough. She stole my beauty blender, my naked palette and my Laura Mercier shimmer bloc. I am entitled to this. I will NOT feel guilty haha!

Anyhoo! I expected this to go chalky and a little bit rough but actually this is probably the best matte formulation for nail polish I have ever used. I freaking looooove it! It took my nails from drab to fab in 30 seconds flat. I love that it's such a wearable nude shade without looking too granny-esque and it dries literally instantly.

I am in loooove! I saw this in loads of shades but I live 80 miles away from my nearest Primark :( If someone would like to mail me their entire matte collection I would be forever in their debt.

Yours sincerely,

Holly 'desperate for a Primark to come to Dumfries' Sturgeon.


Travel 101 - Prep - Fashion Wishlist

I get really excited when I'm due to go on holiday so I really need to find things that will keep me busy whilst I'm waiting on the time coming round.  Being an over organiser and a self confessed Fashion addict, I try to make myself fashion wishlists.

I pick one fashion retailer and go through and pick the items I really want for going away. I make a gallery with around 6 items before moving onto another one of my favourite retailers and doing the same thing. At the end, I go through and narrow each one down and then pick my 'dream wardrobe'.

I thought I would show you my wishlist from JD Williams.

So this jumpsuit is LIFE. Yes, I am 29, yes, I do still talk like a 19 year old. SMH.  I love how the jumpsuit is full of colour without being too 'busy'. I also love the contrast of the turquoise and the orange colours - not usually two colours I would team together but it works brilliantly.

I would team this with these gorgeous tan and cork sandals in an EEE fitting (perfect for anyone like me whose feet swell in the heat!). These have a decent heel without being too much so I reckon they will be practical for wandering around, particularly in the evening when you invariably won't walk as much as through the day.

I would team the outfit with this gorgeous bag which has a pop of orange at the sides. It matches in perfectly with the jumpsuit and the shoes. I would maybe wear my hair half up half down with a top knot, add some layered necklaces, a cuff bracelet and a coral lip. Swish!

The next outfit from JD Williams includes this denim dress. Anyone who knows me knows that denim isn't normally my thang. I have only ever had three pairs of jeans that fit me well in my entire life so I've never really been overly enthused but I saw this denim dress from JD Williams and I'm obsessed. I could easily dress it up or dress it down for pretty much every occasion. It's multi seasonal too, I could rock it with boots and a jacket during Autumn or with chunk tights, a wide belt and ankle boots during winter.

Now that it's summer though, I will wear this with flat sandals, a tan belt and fashion jewellery for informal beach strolling days but for more formal city wandering, I would wear this with a wide brimmed hat and wedges. I love a floppy hat when I'm on holiday. I like to wear a low bun in my hair, a bold lip and oversized sunglasses to make myself look a bit more posh haha!

The shoes are my 'ideal' shoes. I love a good wedge and I love the fact that these have strap detailing without being too fussy or too casual (and again are available in EEE width fitting!). I think these would go with pretty much anything whether you're on holiday or back in sunny old Scotland!

What do you think of my wishlist? I'm trying to streamline how many things I take with me so that I can go shopping when I'm there! (I'm going to Toronto & Niagara Falls - I've been three times before but it never gets old! I love it!)

Let me know below which pieces are making their way onto your fashion wishlist and feel free to leave links to yours! I love seeing them!

H x

*Includes Collaborative Content.

Travel 101: Prep - Teeth Whitening

Preparation is key. If you're like me and you're obsessed with overly preparing for everything, then this travel series is definitely for you.

There's a few things I do to prepare for going on holiday including teeth whitening, hair removal, tanning, nails, eyelashes and packing.  Today, I'm going to tell you all about teeth whitening.

Girls, if you read this blog or stalk my instagram (I am OBSESSED with Instagram) then you will know that even though I don't smoke or drink a huge amount of coffee, I still have yellowy teeth. It's the most annoying thing in the world when you brush your teeth twice - sometimes thrice - everyday and STILL have yellow teeth, but my tooth enamel is naturally an off white colour.

The yellowness was caused by years of not going to the dentist as a teenager (I was majorly afraid) but still, even now that I go to the dentist and look after my teeth I still have problems. I've tried every whitening toothpaste and remedy under the sun short of having them professionally done. (next step I think!). I was recently given a Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean rechargeable toothbrush to try out.

My day to day toothbrush is an electric one, but this one has received rave reviews as it promises to whiten your teeth within one week. Big claims, I'm sure you'll agree, so I was pretty excited to try it out, particularly with my holiday right around the corner.

I was sent the pink version of this (which retails at £250)and apart from anything else, it's SO pretty. the case is textured and heavy as well as functional (we'll get to that in a minute!). It's definitely the most stylish toothbrush I've ever used which is great for travelling.

So let's get into the details of the actual product itself and find out if it really works.

First off this has five settings (just just one button to navigate through and different lights to indicate which setting is being used). the settings are:
  • Clean - For general cleaning
  • White - Whitening
  • Polish - Feels like a scale and polish at the dentist without the scale Lolz
  • Gum Care - Keeps gums healthy
  • Sensitive - Ideal if you have sensitive teeth or just a couple of sensitive teeth.
I put the brush head onto the device and chanced my luck by pressing the button to see if it had any charge and it did! It made a good amount of noise and shook more than the dentists drill (in a non frightening way!). Even though this already had some charge in it, I charged it up in the glass provided (a glass is provided that charges your toothbrush just by placing your toothbrush in it!

I left it charging for roughly an hour which charged it completely because it already was partially charged. If you don't want to use the charger glass or are travelling, you can charge it up by plugging a USB into the travel case. One charge apparently lasts 3 weeks (or 45 2 minute brushes) - I'm 10 days in and still am not showing any signs of needing to recharge it.

I was worried about using the glass for anything other than charging but it's perfectly safe to use it for mouthwash. Bonus!

I got using this on the clean setting for the first 30 seconds (this has a built in 2 minute times which alerts you every 30 seconds) then moved onto whitening, before moving onto polish and then gum care. I don't really have sensitive teeth right now so I have no use for the fifth setting.

I would say my mouth felt like it was in a car wash - haha! I felt like every crevice, surface and slither of cake that I ate earlier in the day, were officially gone. It was like leaving the dentist on scale & polish day. It was like having your mouth go through the carwash or that amazing invention on Casper the Friendly Ghost where the brushes come down and brush your teeth and shave your beard. Not that my beard needs shaving. Lolz! I don't have a beard, honest!

Did I notice any whitening after 1 day? not really, but I did feel like the girl in the Listerine advert who can't stop running her tongue over her teeth.

The results after a week however, were amazing. I felt like there was less 'residue' on my teeth. I could literally make them squeak they were so clean. I found less lingering pieces of food and without sounding disgusting, when I floss, I don't notice any foul smells from remaining food. In terms of whitening, I would say this has definitely removed any stains and look significantly whiter. Would I say my dentist could probably do a better job of whitening? yes, but I have never had cleaner, healthier teeth and gums in my life and that's what matters most.

I will be continuing to use this up until and including whilst I'm on holiday to keep my teeth looking and feeling amazing. I can't actually believe the difference this has made to my teeth, I'm literally blown away and it's not often I say that on here.

Have you tried this out or will you be trying it out? as I said before, it retails at £250 but Philips are currently selling it for £125 on their website.

Multi Seasonable Fashion: The Dress

It's no secret that I'm a huge lover of a good dress. What is a secret is that I am a bit thrifty and love versatile pieces that I can wear regardless of which season it is. I was recently sent a dress from the beauties over at Simply Be and was thrilled to see that it was such a versatile dress.

This has a nude underlay with a lace overlay, fluted sleeves and a silver zip top fastening detail to the front. It is pretty short which for me is ideal for summer when I want to bare my legs to keep cool and ideal for winter where I could don a pair of thick tights and a necklace.

Normally, fussy sleeves just aren't my thing but the sleeves on this are fitted until below the elbow and then flare out into a bell shape.

I can see this dress being ideal for everything from nights out with the girls to summer holidays.

What would you team this dress with to switch it up? I'm thinking brogues, a backpack and a half up half down topknot. What do you think?

To buy this and other items from simply be, click here.

My Top 5 Strobing Products

There's a new beauty kid in town. Strobing.

Yes, I'm also slightly 'over' the whole highlighting with two thousand different catchy names thing too,mbut give me a break, I'm a sucker for two things: pretty packaging and a good gimmick. Striving for me was just another gimmick but when I saw celebs such as Kim kardashian jumping on the strobing bandwagon, I couldn't help but get my lardy ass on board.

Strobing is basically highlighting on fleek. Yes I am almost 30, yes my iPad did just try to auto correct that to 'fleet' and no, I am definitely not cool enough to say it. Fail. 

Strobing is a great alternative to contouring, I definitely wouldn't do both at once. With that said, strobing and contouring are completely different. I've seen a few people online saying 'strobing is the new contour'  (and I've seen a few makeup artists loosing their shiz over it). Technically, contouring puts shadows in the contours of you face to achieve a more chiselled and slimmer look, whereas strobing simply is a strobe of light across the high points of the face which gives a gorgeous dewy finish.

I was instantly hooked on strobing after looking through Instagram (I could literally spend hours browsing instagram!) and so ran (walked briskly. Okay. Ordered online) a few products to try it out for myself. 

Here are my top 5 strobing products. 

Top to bottom:

Collection speedy highlighter - a chubby stick that is a pink tone with pearly highlight.
Technic high lights - this is basically a dupe for benefit high beam
Sephora highlighter - yellow and gold toned highlight (use very carefully, a little goes a long way!)
Makeup atelier pigment - the colour label has worn off but I think this is called pearl or shell (those names stick in my mind for some reason!)
Vitage colour minerals - this is such an underestimated product! It's such a gorgeous highlight. I would love to try this as a pressed powder (loose minerals ain't my thaaaang)

All of these are amazing products but personally for a quick effective highlight I use the collection speedy highlight. It's so easy and fast to use (not to mention cheap at £3.99).  For packing a big punch, i use the makeup atelier one at the temples and eyes followed by the vitage colour minerals down my nose and high point of my cheek (I use either a real techniques setting brush or a smash is fan brush).

If you're into bronzing your skin, I would recommend the yellow and gold toned Sephora highlighter. It's definitely worth using sparingly because a little really goes a long way with this but it's such a wonderful product. It feels creamy, lasts all day and is ideal on collarbones.

Have you tried out strobing? Which products are you loving for it?

H x