Not gunna lie, Until recently, I had never heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics. I received a lovely email asking if I wanted to try out some of their products and I was more than happy to accept.

I had a wee look at the Mary Kay Cosmetics website to see what I could look forward to and everything looks SO good.

When my parcel came through the door, I opened it to discover three items - a lipstick, an eye quad and a concealer. The eye quad was right up my street, it looked super pigmented and bronzey.

The packaging is quite simplistic and classy - I love that you can see the eye quad through the plastic lid and the slightly pink writing on the box of all the other products.

So first up, I tried out the Perfecting concealer. This is deceptively darker than I thought. It looks pretty light in the packaging, but actually is a tad darker than I thought. It's a little too dark for my almost anaemic looking complexion, but to get a true representation of it, I put it on my sisters skin, (she is more olive toned than I am) and this lasted for hours on end without disappearing and she didn't notice much creasing. She had to blend it with her finger a couple of times but that's pretty standard for her borderline oily skin.

Up next is the Limited Edition Pure Dimensions Eye Palette In 'Maui Gardens'. This has four baked shades - all of which look really vibrant and pigmented. I swatched them and they came out really pigmented but applying them with a brush to my eyes proved to be a different story. I think because it's a baked pigment it's harder to gather the product with a brush, I switched to using my finger and it applied much easier.

Finally is the Gel Semi Matte Lipstick. The shade I was sent was 'Midnight Red' which is a deep red with a brown tone through it. Pigment wise, it's great and it applied really easily without dragging too much. I did notice it 'bled' a bit throughout the day and I had to reapply a couple of times.

All in all, I'm really happy to have tried out Mary Kay cosmetics and would definitely be open to trying more products. I'd definitely recommend opting for a shade lighter than you normally are when ordering because the concealer comes up a little darker than I would expect. The standout product was the quad which is just lovely.

Have you tried out Mary Kay Cosmetics before?

H x



I'm putting it out there, I'm not a fan of a lipstick palette. You can't really carry it around with you to apply on a night out, you need to use a brush and without fail, there is always one or two shades that will never be used.

When Urban Decay kindly sent me their new limited edition Vice Junkie Lipstick Palette to review, I was a teeny bit sceptical about it. 

First off, the packaging. It's beautiful. It's so simple, elegant and sophisticated at the same time as being edgy. It has a plastic 'sheet' that says 'Lipstick Is My Vice' (true) which makes it feel a little bit arty and more expensive than it actually is (£31.50 at House Of Fraser).

A few of the colours are really 'not me' but in the interest of trying new things, I gave them a go and tried to have an open mind.

As with all of Urban Decay's products, the formula is amazing. I'm a big fan of their lipsticks in general and this palette continued to impress me. 

Each lipstick is creamy and glides onto the lips easily with a really great colour pay off. In terms of finish, some have a creamsheen finish, others have a semi matte finish or a metallic finish.

Right from the get go, I was most sceptical about Junkie (a metalllic green), Vanity Kills (a lilac) and Studded (a metallic neutral brown with fine silver glitter) and I was right, none of them worked for me but on the flip side to that, Disturbed, Wrath, Carnal and Speedball are on my list to buy in full size versions. I love how creamy and pigmented all of the shades are and this palette covers every skin colour under the sun. There's something there for everyone.

This is limited edition so you'll need to move quickly if you want to find it at the original price.

This is available at House Of Fraser amongst others.

Urban Decay Vice Junkie Lipstick Palette Review


I'm a sucker for a free gift with purchase deal, so when Debenhams got in touch to let me know that you will receive a free gift set when you purchase any two items from Clinique, I was all up for it.

Included in the gift is: 

- Small Square Compact E/S Duo + Blush 
- High Impact Mascara, black 3.5ml

The whole set is super cute as everything is travel size. I love the design of the makeup bag anmd the compact. The bag is an easy to wash material making it ideal for travelling.

Admit it, you all overpack beauty wise when you're travelling. I do too, but the fact this has a mini palette, mascara, lipstick and skincare means I have more space to pack more LOL!

My favourite part of the set is the Pop Matte Lip Colour. It's SO cute in it's little tube.

To get the offer, buy two items from Clinique! (might I suggest the bottom lash mascara and the moisture surge moisturiser?)

What are you loving at Clinique right now?


Travel Size Set FREE With Purchase At Debenhams!


I struggle with getting a good night's sleep. I wake up several times a night and regularly stare at the ceiling for hours on end. With that said, I think I have it sussed! I have come up with a few tips for getting a great night's sleep in collaboration with Adjustamatic. You can thank me later.

1 - Make A To-Do List
Making lists gets me through the day. Make a list in the morning of all the things you need and want to get through. Work through the list as the day goes on and that way at night time you're not over thinking about things you need to do or bills you forgot to pay. An empty mind will definitely help your sleep patterns.

2 - Turn Off All Devices.
There's no point keeping your eyes and mind awake by looking at your phone or ipad right before bed. Yes it's tempting and you don't need to get rid of it. I put a time limit on myself of 15 minutes to scroll through social media and apps BEFORE I get ready for bed. By doing it before you get ready for bed, you start the process of winding down and will create a routine for yourself.

3 - Clean Bedding
Obviously you can't change your bedding everyday, but it's recommended that you change it once a week. I'm a bad human being so I change mines every 2 weeks. Some people leave their existing bedding on for a month or more before changing it.  Fresh bedding and fresh PJ's after a shower will instantly make you feel relaxed which in turn will help you to sleep.

4 - Diet
Many people eat a supper before bed or drink a coffee. Caffeine stimulates our bodies and minds so you should always try to wind down the coffee (or try a caffeine free alternative!) before bed. I definitely would recommend you don't eat right before bed either as your body will start to 'work' on your digestive system causing you to be more 'awake' at bedtime.

5 - A New Mattress!
This sounds pretty obvious, but if you have the same mattress that you had 10 years ago, it might be worth changing it to help your sleep posture. If you're spending the night avoiding some springs which have popped through or the dip where your body has made a 'mould' then you are unlikely to sleep well.

Adjustmamatic has a video which talks about sleep posture and how to get a good night's sleep, so be sure to check out the video.

What are your tips for getting a good night's sleep?

H x

*This was written in collaboration with Adjustamatic.

Tips For Getting A Great Night's Sleep


When the lovelies at Furniture At Work™ asked me to share their latest infographic with you all I was more than happy to oblige.

The picture looks at each Horoscope and talks about the traits of each one. Being a Virgo, I'm an easily exciteable person, so I was more than happy to see if I was typical of my starsign.

I have always characterised myself as a 'typical virgo'. I describe myself as overly exciteable, obsessively organised, stationary loving, loyal, over thinker. My best friend is few of those things, yet is a Virgo, so I was curious to see what the infographic would describe a Virgo as.

According to the image, Virgo's 'may get organisation happy.  This is when their desk, drawers, filing cabinets, and even cutlery draws become brimmed full of things just for the sake of organising. They'll buy it just to organise it.'

True. Down to a T.

Organising, lists, filing and clearing out are my thing. I spent £30 in Primark recently buying acryllic storage, spent half a day organising my lipsticks by brand, shade and then finish before carefully stacking over 100 nail polishes in individual slots. A new storage container for each shape of bottle, of course.  For me, that's a good day. I also spent the rest of the day creating folders for my blog clients, organised by alphabet and then sub folders for each subject. I also went through my phone and spent a good hour sorting through photo's and apps that needed organising. I can't help it, it's the way I was made.

I have this overwhelming urge to make lists. Christmas 2017? already listed everything I need to buy gift wise, who I am buying for, budget, how to save for the budget, when I'm buying the gifts and where I'm going to store them.  In fact, I'll go one better - In December I donated a lot of clothes to a charity shop and created a 'free drawer' in my chest of drawers. I decided to do so in the event that I was given gifts over Christmas I would have a space to put things on Christmas Day without them being left sitting out. True Story. By 10am on Christmas morning, I had micro folded all of the used wrapping paper of 5 people's gifts to and from each other into a black bag and put it in the recycling bin, found slots in the wine rack for alcoholic gifts and packed away all of my gifts.

I'm not obsessively clean per se, but I am obsessively organised by nature, which is unlike my family. Don't get me wrong, my whole family are clean by nature and never leave a mess but none of them are obsessively organised. My Dad organised his gifts from Christmas on New Years Eve. That would have driven me crackers.

I am a typical Virgo, are you typical of your Starsign?

This article was written in collaboration with Furniture At Work™.

Are You Typical Of Your Starsign?


Urban Decay as we all know, are known for releasing some amazing kick ass palettes. The pigmentation is always amazing (meaning the colour is always really vibrant), they last forever, they're easily blendable, you don't get much fall out and the packaging is always the pretty beyond belief.

The Full Spectrum Palette is no exception. It delivers everything that is good about Urban Decay. The palette has 21 shades, none of which are neutral shades. Instantly, I'm scared just seeing COLOUR in an eyeshadow because as you all know, I live for a smoky neutral or bronzey eye.

With that said, I've been using the bright pink/red shades from my Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette a lot recently, I've been adding it to the crease, ontop of liner and on my lower lash line. I've also been trying out a cut crease recently so adding a little pop of colour from the Full Spectrum palette to the look goes perfectly.

My favourite shades are Sketch, Minx, Goldmine & Warning. I never thought I'd be rocking a bit of bright blue eyeshadow in 2017, but I'm loving it!

I definitely don't use this everyday, but this is the perfect vibrant colour palette to add to your collection. If you're a MUA, this is a winner for you.

What do you think of colourful palettes? have you tried the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette?

H x

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette


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