It's that time of year again where the hunt for the perfect coat is underway.  I can never find what I'm looking for within my price range. There's a few places I always head to find one - Asos, New Look & Simply Be. I found this beaut on Simply Be and I think... I THINK... I've nailed it.

Double breasted coats have always scared me a bit. I remember watching Trinny & Susannah back in the day (Yes, I'm old...) who said that curvy girls should avoid wearing double breasted styles as it makes us look broader.

Seeing as I dont give a F what any 'style moguls' say I 'Should' or 'Should Not' wear anymore, I had a 'what the hell!' moment and I'm so glad I chose this coat to get me through winter.

Firstly, It's bliddy cold in Scotland already. I awoke the other morning to frost and mist (sing it with me: frosteeeeed window panes, candles gleeeeaming inside.. haha). It's definitely coat weather already and I am beyond ready for it.

This coat is a military style with double breasted gold buttons on it. It has a high neck and long sleeves. It's really cosy to wear and is moveable meaning you won't feel like you're wrapped in cling film throughout the whole Winter. It's also really nice worn open (as I'm wearing it above) not to blow my own trumpet... DO DOO DODOOOOOOO hahaha!

Because it's black, it goes with EVERYTHING and because it's from Simply Be, it's available in a LOT of sizes (10-32).

Just a tip - I always buy coats a size bigger than normal so I can layer with knitwear and pizza. You can thank me later.

Normally, I try on at least 10 coats before committing to any one, but I think I've nailed it with this one.

What are you looking for in a winter coat?  Let me know below.

The Perfect Autumn/Winter Coat With Simply Be


Ren is already fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands and I've only ever tried three of their products!

I was recently contacted by the lovelies at Ren to find out if I wanted to try out their Glycolactic Radiance Reneweal Mask (and also to give you a cheeky 30% off - Code at the end of the post! Thank me later!)

I'm not usually a fussy skincare kinda lass. I'm low maintenance and rarely take time to slather a face mask on my face. As a side note because I'm easily distracted - the word 'slather' is a funny one. It sits up there with 'Moist'. Lovely. Naaattt.

Anyways, back to the original point. I can't really be arsed with using face masks all that often. I'm a pretty low key kinda lass when it comes to skincare, but I was looking forward to trying this out.

The box includes the orange looking mask and a small Muslin cloth for washing off your face. I squeezed a few pumps into my hand and started smoothing it onto my face. It felt like a thick gel which was pretty tough to work into the skin which you would expect. It's not gloopy and drippy once it's on which was great.

I left it on for about ten/fifteen minutes during which time, my face felt tingly. When I say tingly, I don't mean as though someone was jabbing tiny little needles into me like some other brands, it was like someone had been tickling the little hairs on my face.

I warmed the muslin cloth under the tap before rinsing the mask off my face and it was pretty stubborn to get off because it was a thick gel consistency. Once it was all off, I washed my cloth and patted my skin dry.

The results? well, my skin was glowing without looking or feeling oily, it felt clean and I even noticed that some of the redness in my skin looked less agitated than it often does when I use a mask.

You know that feeling of clean bedding? That's how my face felt. I couldn't stop touching it!

I'm really impressed with this! I will definitely repurchase when I run out and would genuinely recommend it for all skintypes - yes, even oily!

Here's the good part - you can get 30% off! YESSSS!!

The code is active between 26th – 31st October and entitles you to 30% off using the code MASK30 


Christmas is right around the corner - yes, I did just say the C word - this might be a good present for friends or perhaps a good one to buy for yourself if you're like me and like to spoil yourself from time to time! 

Have you tried out the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask?

Let me know your thoughts!

H x

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask Review


Ladies Day at famous horse racing events such as the Grand National and Cheltenham Festival have quickly become one of the most iconic events in the both the sporting and social calendar. However, for those of you lucky enough to be planning for next year’s festivities, picking out the perfect outfit can be somewhat difficult, with the possibility of appearing in the tabloids the next day for all the wrong reasons. Whereas for men, simply donning their favourite suit and praying that their pick in the ante-post betting comes in is an age-old tradition, winning in both the fashion and betting stakes for women is a distinctly trickier business.

In light of recent years, when visitor outfits have received attention for all wrong reasons, the powers that be at the Grand National have urged this year's racegoers to 'smarten up' in order to ensure that the iconic event loses none of its decorum. So, while it is important to make a statement with your outfit of choice, there are a few simple rules that you must follow in order to win big at Ladies Day. A busy dress/simple hat, or simple dress/dramatic hat rule is still relevant today, but remember that less is more. Stick to the faithful rule that if you're showing cleavage don't show too much leg, and vice versa. This winning formula will have you battling it out with the rest of the fashionista’s in the hunt for some of the fantastic prizes on offer, such as sports cars and holidays. However, bookmakers Coral offer news and the latest Horse Racing tips on all races and can be your guide for the racing action on the day.

Make sure that you are prepared for a full day at the circuit, and although heels are of course an important part of any outfit, a pair of comfortable flats tucked away in your bag will be a welcome relief after hours on your feet. As well as this, simple tips such as selecting a hair style that compliments your outfit, as well as opting for stand-out colours are easy ways to finish ahead of your rivals.

Also, be sure to check out the rules and regulations for specific race courses, with the rules at Cheltenham perhaps differing from those at Aintree. As well as this, for those lucky enough to have access to member’s enclosures, denim, trainers, shorts and leggings are normally a major no-no.


Ladies Day Do’s & Dont’s - #AD


I was recently contacted by Truprint who asked me to share a photograph that is strongly attached to a memory. This is a collaborative post but it's probably the most personal post I've ever published. I'm genuinely pouring my heart and soul into it.

I rarely delve into my personal life here on my blog. It's just not something I'm comfortable talking about very often but a lot of you guys let me be a part of your lives and are so open with me that maybe it's time I returned the favour.

This photo is one from when myself, my sisters, parents and Nana went to New York in 2015. I have canvas prints everywhere and it's taking pride of place in about three different places in the house!

A lot of you know that Papa died in 2014. It was our dream to take both him and Nana away to NYC on holiday with us, but it just wasn't meant to be. Nana is one of the strongest women I know. She spent 60 years of marriage with Papa, she misses him every second of every day and yet she still has optimism in life. She's less than 5 feet tall (minus her towering white hair! haha!) and is disabled, yet she went all the way to New York, experienced Times Square, the Rockefeller Tree and even sat on a bar stool in an irish pub. Legend!

The most incredible part of the picture is actually my Mum. We had discovered earlier in the year that mum had a serious heart problem which meant she had to have a heart valve replacement. It was so bad that we were told that without having it done, she would survive weeks at the most. As mum was placed on a waiting list, all she could think of was having it done so she could go to NYC. 7 weeks before we were due to go, the hospital called and told her they had a cancellation...THAT SAME DAY. Mum, terrified, took the appointment and travelled two hours with my dad to the hospital.

Mum had open heart surgery and doctors discovered a lot more work needed done. Once the operation was complete, we nearly lost her. Doctors had a hard time stabilising her and it was touch and go for 2-3 days.

As mum got stronger and stronger, we discovered she needed a pacemaker too. She had that fitted and spent a further week in hospital.

6 weeks later, Mum had an appointment to find out if she could be 'signed off' to go to NYC. The doctors were shocked at how well she had recovered and 6 weeks after almost dying from major open heart surgery, she flew to new york, walked for miles everyday, drank copious amounts of alcohol and laughed all the way through.

I've never been so proud of anyone in all my life and it just proved that my Mum truly is an incredible, strong woman. Whenever I'm afraid of anything, I think back to that moment and remember how strong my Mother is. This picture shows her with a beaming smile just 6 weeks after the operation. 

It's been little over a year since Mum had her operation and she is in full health. At 61 years old, she feels like she's 40 again and her heart has fully repaired.

Thanks to Truprint for the #GiveAMemory opportunity. I'm a blubbering mess just now, but I would love to hear all about your favourite photo and why it's so significant.

H x

#GiveAMemory #AD


I spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media, reading blogs and watching youtube video's.  A lot of people in this industry are doing SO well and releasing products, whether that be in beauty, fashion or lifestyle.

Sadly, social media is a hotbed of good versus evil. Whilst there are so many lovely people, there are also a lot of mean spirited people who might forget that even Bloggers/Vloggers/Astronauts have feelings. I just threw in astronauts for the Lolz. Fail.

I spotted a tweet the other day saying "What talent do these 'bloggers' have to be on the cover of magazines?"

I MEAN WHAT? I'm not sure which blogger they were referring to and I certainly wouldn't make that person feel bad by pointing it out even if I did know, but in order to get on the cover of a magazine or release a product, they had to work incredibly hard.

Why aren't we all saying, "She's doing so well! I'm so proud to be part of this industry"?

Every time you see a blog post, it's taken hours to prepare, photograph, money spent on domains, hosting, design, advertising, camera's and so much more. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't start work each day at 11am whilst wearing my PJ's and watching television whilst I bask in all the 'free' stuff I receive to feature on my blog.

I'm very fortunate, I'm sent products for blog consideration as many other bloggers are, but that is certainly not 'free' stuff. In order to feature that £10 moisturiser, I've just used £800 worth of camera equipment, spent 3 hours trialling, photographing and writing about it, emailed it off to the brand and then spent a further hour promoting it on social media and across advertising platforms (which by the way, I pay for).

People working in a certain supermarket earn £8.40 an hour, so in the 4 hours I spent doing all of that, I've made a tenner (and after costs, I'm probably at a loss).  If you work in that Supermarket, you've made £33.60 in that time. Are we complaining about it? No! but please don't say we don't work and are sent 'free stuff' all the time.

I actually witnessed a female blogger calling another female blogger/vlogger an "Ugly fake ass joke who no-one can be arsed with" (again on Twitter, the hub of many a troll it seems!)

The fact that a woman would say that about another woman is disgusting. Surely we should all be sticking together and showing hatred towards really 'ugly' people like terrorists and murderers - not against someone because they have had some success! Women all across the world are being treated like second class citizens and you think it's okay to pull another woman down because they've created a successful life?
We should be celebrating each other NOT tearing each other down.

Every time one of my peers releases a new product, I am beyond proud. I know how much work has gone into that item and how nervous that person must be about it. I know that as a woman, we're automatically the underdog and it's hard enough creating success without other women tearing us down.

So to go back to the first point, no, we might not be olympians, world class singers or Teenage mutant ninja bloody turtles but we're here. We're trying our best and as far as I'm concerned that's a wonderful thing.

I've featured the new Zoella Lifestyle range, Tanya Burr Christmas Lip Glosses, Co-Lab Dry Shampoo (By Ruth Crilly) and Real Techniques brushes (By Pixiwoo's Sam Chapman & Nic Haste) which are all available to buy at Superdrug or Boots.

Congratulations Ladies, you've done an incredible job and I for one couldn't be prouder to say 'I'm a Blogger'.

Who Run The World? GIRLS.

Holly x

Supporting The Blogging Community


It's officially Autumn! YUSSSS!!! Now that it's officially time to rock some fluffy slippers and drink hot chocolate, I think it's time my wardrobe was updated to reflect the awesomeness that is Autumn.

I've been a big fan of Asos curve for a while now. I love that they don't make 'fat girl clothing' designs like some other brands and you can pretty much buy most of the standard size range in the curve range. They cover everything from underwear to swimwear, jewellery, dresses and coats and everything is in a sizes 18-28.

First off, can we talk about the fact that they actually start their plus size range at a size 18? YES ASOS! They also stock size 18 in their standard sized range too. Why is this a big deal? because amigo's, for so long fashion retailers have been starting plus size ranges at a SIZE 14!!! Size 14 is below average. The average size in the UK is a size 16 (US 12) and we should not be made to feel like we are bigger than standard.

I actually AM above average as a size 20/22 so I am shopping from the Curve range. Now, Imma just put it out there, I'm buying everything in either an oversized fit or a size bigger than normal because jumpers and Pizza Hut.

Moving on, first in my updated Autumn/Winter wardrobe is this swing top. It is perfect for pairing with everything from leggings, jeans, trousers and even tucking into skirts.

As you can see, it has long sleeves which is ideal for this time of year and it has a relatively high neck which means I can team a chunky necklace with it to make it a little more fancy without being overly so.  It's pretty lightweight so is ideal for layering.

For more information or to buy, click here.

Next up, I need a jacket that verges on a coat that I can just throw on when I need to go out to the shops or to visit someone. I need a hood, because it's ALWAYS raining here in Dumfries and I need toggles, because they look cute.

This duffle coat is the perfect neutral colour that works with any outfit. It's warm without being sweaty and comfy enough to move your arms around in. It makes me look all cocooned and is definitely a versatile piece. It looks great whether it's open or closed but if you prefer it closed, it zips up (Silver hardware) then fastens with toggles.

To check this out or to buy, click here.

Speaking of coats, I was on the look out for a proper coat that had a skater flared skirt on it. I wanted something in one colour, preferrably Grey or stone and had no faffing around with zips.

I found exactly what I was looking for on Asos Curve as I saw this coat and instantly fell in love.

This coat is a wool blend self tying coat (it has a hidden button so to keep it's shape) and an oversized collar. In terms of comfort, I am really happy with how moveable and comfy this is. Normally I find coats quite restrictive (particularly at the arms) but this is roomy and feels great. The only downside for me is that it makes my back a bit sweaty but I get this with virtually any lined coat.

For more information or to buy, click here.

Last up is the 'dress' because let's be honest, every Autumn/winter wardrobe needs a good party dress.  It's not quite Christmas time but with the darker nights, I'm definitely more in the party mood and I'm definitely looking forward to wearing this dress.

 It's red which always makes me feel Christmassy, it's sparkly, it has sleeves (helps to hide my bingo wings) and it's design instantly looks more flattering. It's beaded all the way round too which definitely makes it more luxurious.

For more information and to buy, click here.

There we have my updated wardrobe with Asos Curve! I was kindly sent these items after choosing them from their website.

What key pieces do you always look to get when updating your wardrobe?

H x

Updating My Autumn/Winter Wardrobe: Asos Curve


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