Whenever I go to New York I stalk the aisles of the drugstores looking for Milani Cosmetics and Elf Cosmetics. The prices for the two brands are insanely cheap in the states and I am SO impressed with everything I have bought from Milani in particular.

I remember I found a wee shop just off Times Square which sold Christmas decorations and at the back of the store they had two walls full of Milani Cosmetics - everything was less than $3 and I think I bought one of everything haha!

Milani very kindly send me some of their products to try out and I wanted to give my thoughts.


I was sent three items to try out -  The Milani Amore Metallic Lip Creame in 'Matterialistic' which is a bold red shade. I was also sent the Big & Bigger Mascara and a Baked Blush in 'Luminoso'.

When I saw that this was a metallic matte lipstick, I thought 'It's going to be hard to apply and even harder to wear' but actually,  I was so wrong! Because this is a liquid lipstick, it applies easily and feels like nothing on the lips. As the day went by, I did notice this starting to feel slightly drying but ALL matte lip products feel drying - this one actually felt lighter than other more expensive brands AND gave a good colour pay off to boot. This is 100% going to be my Christmas party lipstick.

To look at, the wand is a little bit daunting, as it has a spherical area at the top which is designed for precision application (to make sure you get even the shortest hairs on the lower lash line!) Application is easy and I find this is a good 'packs a big of lengthening power' everyday mascara. I didn't find this clumping, though it is quite 'thick' (which I like!). Is it the best mascara I've ever used? no, I'm really fussy about Mascara and currently have three that I like (I'll do a whole other seperate post!). I didn't notice too much smudging of this as the day wore on but I did notice my lashes needed another coat after a few hours wear.

The blushes from Milani are my favourite of their range. Every blush I've ever bought from Milani has always given a huge payoff, is easy to blend, has an array of shades available and is perfectly priced. I hadn't tried any of the baked blushes, so when I was sent Luminoso to try out, I was worried the fact that it was 'baked' would mean it didn't have the same colour payoff. My worries were squashed the minute I swatched it! This is as pigmented as their standard shades which comes with an applicator (not such a huge fan!) and a mirror. This is a pinky coral shade which has a hint of shimmer in it. Gorgeous for those 'peachy perfect' kinds of days when you want to have a glow and a rosy tint without looking overdone. Really impressed.

Milani is available to buy from their official website, Beauty Bay and several other places.

What do you think of Milani Cosmetics?

H x

Milani Cosmetics


I was recently sent a few things from FeelUnique to try out and one of the items I was sent was a Tinted Cream from Giorgio Armani and it's genuinely unlike anything I've ever seen or used before. I wanted to share my thoughts on it, so Welcome to my Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda Review!

First off this is packaged in a thick glass tub reminiscent of those heavy glass ashtrays you saw being whacked over the back of someone's head in Eastenders. I'm not selling it much, but what I'm trying to emphasize is just how thick and heavy it is.

If I'm honest, the jar made me think this was a moisturiser of some sort but I was pleased to open it and see what I can only describe as something that looks like a foundation coloured yoghurt. It's really creamy and looks almost like you could eat it. You can tell I'm on a diet when I'm fantasizing about eating a foundation haha!

Onto the product itself. The glass jar obviously keeps this cool and it feels refreshing (almost like a cucumber eye pad!) at first swatch.  I was sent the lightest shade which is a smidge too dark for me (although blends into a lighter shade than it first appears).

To my knowledge there are only six shades available so that's not ideal but it's important to remember this is described as a 'Tinted Cream' which is a lot like a BB/CC cream. For me, a small amount goes a long way and is best blended using your fingers (I tried it with a real techniques expert face brush which was nice, but a beauty blender just soaked up all the product).

To wear It feels a little bit like a water colour on your skin which might sound a little strange, but it gives a pretty good coverage. I would say this is the perfect 'throw it on' base. If you have a really uneven skintone, this will even it out without masking your skin. The only other product that I can relate this to is a skin item from Clinique (Moisture Surge Moisturiser). If you've ever used that then you'll know the kind of water/gel texture I'm talking about.

It sounds like I'm saying these are bad things - actually I love it! Would I wear it on a night out? no because I'm a medium coverage kinda lass, but this is ideal for those of you who like a satin like  BB/CC cream finish.

I didn't find this oxidise too much throughout the day which I loved too.

For more information and to buy, visit Feel Unique.

H x

Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda Review


Last night was the final of the TV series 'Liar'.  The show follows the story of Laura, a woman who was raped by a surgeon who drugged her. The rape couldn't be proven as the doctor (speciality: Arseholeism and manipulation - see what I did there!?) and the series shows Laura trying to work with the police to prove he is guilty.

I don't know about you but I still have questions about the finale, ergo, enter 'Five questions I still have about the liar finale'.


That's the spoiler alarm. If you haven't seen the series and plan to, or if you haven't seen the final, then you might want to click off now!

The final was a bit of a strange one for me. They jumped to three months later which I LOATHE! They killed off Andrew (I wanted him to be on the run as sick as that sounds!) and I wanted to see a 'Big Little Lies' kind of ending where the victims got their revenge but arrrgghhh.

Anyways, there were a few questions I had about the finale...

1 - What happened in the three months? Laura found her Edinburgh hunk but at no point did I see them exchange details when they were in Edinburgh, so how did they track each other down? Why did someone take a flight for a date with someone they've met once?

2 - Why did Laura's sister of all people steal Andrew's phone from his locker?
She took something (presumably the phone as was later mentioned) but it was never really explained why SHE took it considering she had pretty much washed her hands of the whole thing. It was completely unexpected.

3 - Did Laura's ex get his job back?
After Andrew was found guilty, surely he would get his job back?

4 - Who Killed Andrew?
Who killed him? (series 2 likely will explain!) but who also had the ability to sail out and dump his body in the short time the police were looking for him?

The undercover agent who spent three and a half freaking lightyears getting a sample of the wine (WHICH was never analysed, she just took his word for it!), the fact they never checked his relatives for storage, the fact they took the son's alibi. All very shoddy work!

SO MANY QUESTIONS!! What did you all think of it?

Let me know in the comments!

H x

Five Questions I Still Have About The Liar Finale


Mondays. Some of us like them, most of us find them the most tiring day of the week. To those of you who whistle your way through the day, I salute you, you MUST be superhuman.

For us mere mortals, here are 10 things we ALL think on Mondays.

1 - The day after tomorrow is Wednesday and that means it's only 2 days until FRIDAY!
2 - If Susan from public relations says 'I love Mondays' one more time, I'm going to eat her.
3 - I'm going to start eating healthily tomorrow. Right after I've eaten Susan.
4 - Maybe I should just phone in sick tomorrow...
5 - Coffee my friend. If you didn't make me shake or give me palpitations, I would marry you.
6 - Maybe I'll just buy a dress or something to cheer me up. HELLO ASOS!
7 - I spent HOW MUCH on Friday night!? #DrunkHollyIsTooGenerous
8 - What can I eat?
9 - WHERE ARE MY SHOES? Oh, there they are, under the 'mound' from the Weekend that I need to sort out when Monday EVENTUALLY F's Off.
10 - YES! I didn't watch RHOBH at the weekend so I have one to catch up on tonight :D

Tell the truth, you've all had these thoughts!

What did I miss out? I'm writing this on a Monday and right now numbers 6 and 8 are getting me through the day.

H x

10 Things We ALL Think On Mondays


If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that I have had the pleasure of working with the wonderfully talented Nelson Brown, owner of Brown's in Dumfries and Educational Ambassador for Windle & Moodie.

If you've not heard the hype about Windle & Moodie then you need to check out my review of their Ultra Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner which, in 6 years of trialling hair products, can safely say is my favourite hair brand of all time.  Big claims to make, right? Well I wouldn't have known how to use them if it hadn't have been for my chats with Nelson who taught me all about the brand and how to use their wonderful products.


Nelson is a bubbly, hilarious, 'I instantly want him to be my best friend' kind of man and has talent seeping through his veins. As soon as you walk into his salon you are greeted with artwork showcasing his work with units filled with Windle & Moodie products placed throughout the salon. I'm doing a full salon feature on Browns so you'll see more of it then. One thing you'll notice about Nelson when you meet him, is how passionate and proud he is of the work he does. Hair is his 'thing', he lives, eats and breathes for the industry.

Mentored by Vidal Sassoon, Nelson is no stranger to Fashion week, and recently assisted the legendary Sam McKnight at LFW.

I have had the pleasure of chatting with Nelson quite a bit over the past few weeks and the one thing that attracts me to him is how modest he is. I mentioned to him how renowned he is in the industry and my admiration for his undeniable talent and he was shocked that anyone would know who he was. They say the world's most iconic talents never realise it and this is certainly the case with Nelson.

To me, it's a no brainer that he would be the educational ambassador for Windle & Moodie. Nelson fell in love with the brand and there's nothing he can't tell you about the products.


If you have a salon and choose to stock Windle & Moodie then Nelson is part of the deal. Buy one, get a Nelson free! haha! If only! You can rest assured that when you stock W&M, that you will be taught everything there is to know about the brand.

If you're local to Dumfries & Galloway and are considering stocking Windle & Moodie, Nelson also has training nights and workshops using the products.

Basically, Nelson is your user manual. When you stock Windle & Moodie, you're in safe hands.


I have long, straight, lifeless hair. Nelson taught me how to use the Windle & Moodie fortifying spray to protect my hair and add volume. I use this on wet hair and blowdry my hair (it's also a heat protectant!). It feels like there's nothing in your hair, but it just brings it to life and gives it a load of volume. (Team this with the Matte Texture Spray and your hair will feel better than it does after a big bouncy blow out, I promise! check out my Instagram to see a transformation using this).

Nelson also taught me the value of using a DIFFUSER. Girls, stop throwing them away! for gorgeous, loose, beachy texture, use the Windle & Moodie Oceanic Spray, split the hair into three sections (sides and back) and scrunch some of this into the hair, placing each section into the diffuser until dry. It takes less time to dry because of the product and I swear this wee tip from Nelson has completely transformed my usual hair 'routine'.

I hadn't realised just how important prepping the hair was until I spoke to Nelson. Obviously I've used a tonne of products before and I use a heat protector, but I never realised how vital to your final result a good product is - I'm obviously obsessed with the brand now, but I can't emphasize how important it was to me to have nelson explain everything to me.

Nelson also informed me that ALL of the Windle & Moodie shampoo's have NO suplhates, propylene glycol, silicones or parabens. All 100% Vegan. Amazing right?


You can find Nelson in one of the fabulous Brown's salons - Doonhamers, you'll have seen this on the Sands, it's GORGEOUS! It's worth going in to have a look and see the lovely Grace at the front desk. The salon has a tonne of different services including Guinot which you will find a full review here on the blog soon!



Nelson Brown - Windle & Moodie Educational Ambassador


I see you over there, rolling your eyes at me! I KNOW I'm behind and I KNOW the reviews for the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream are oooold news now, but it's tough luck.  I'm squeezing my way through the crowd to bring you my thoughts on it.

All across the blogosphere, I've seen big claims of this being a 'game changer' and as 'The best foundation ever'. Those are some big ass claims to make and I can't deny that I had high hopes for it from the get-go.

I like the packaging, I like that it's in a tube rather than a bottle. It means I can squeeze every last drop out. I like the fact it has silver packaging too. For me, if the product didn't live up to it's expectations, then I wouldn't buy this based on how pretty it looked - yes I am a sucker for some packaging and have a few products that I just cannot touch because they look so pretty.

There are only 7 shades available so I half expected to struggle to find a match for my pale skintone but actually I was! 'fair' is bang on for me and I didn't find it oxidise too much throughout the day. One thing I do dislike however is how little darker skintones are catered to. Hopefully It Cosmetics will expand their shades.

SPF 50
I always wear SPF. I won't go into it too much, but having people close to me who sadly passed as a result of skin cancer really instilled how important it is to wear SPF (Of course, sun exposure doesn't always cause it but being cautious of it will minimise the risk). So for me, the fact that this has a high SPF is brilliant. Although as always - not great with flash photography.

This has a medium to full coverage depending on how you build it. I like using this with a damp beauty blender and work it into my skin really well which gives me a dewy medium coverage. I do find this a little hard to blend if I'm using a brush but it gives a perfectly even coverage when I use a beauty blender.

I really like this foundation, It gives me a good coverage and has a brilliant SPF in it. I would love to see the shades expand to 14 shades and I did find it sit in my wrinkles slightly (but most foundations do!). I have used this a lot to conceal areas and used my finger to blend which has worked brilliantly but if you're like me and err on the side of caution when it comes to full coverage foundations, I would recommend using a damp beauty blender.

What did you think of the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream?

H x

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream


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