My Top 5 Strobing Products

There's a new beauty kid in town. Strobing.

Yes, I'm also slightly 'over' the whole highlighting with two thousand different catchy names thing too,mbut give me a break, I'm a sucker for two things: pretty packaging and a good gimmick. Striving for me was just another gimmick but when I saw celebs such as Kim kardashian jumping on the strobing bandwagon, I couldn't help but get my lardy ass on board.

Strobing is basically highlighting on fleek. Yes I am almost 30, yes my iPad did just try to auto correct that to 'fleet' and no, I am definitely not cool enough to say it. Fail. 

Strobing is a great alternative to contouring, I definitely wouldn't do both at once. With that said, strobing and contouring are completely different. I've seen a few people online saying 'strobing is the new contour'  (and I've seen a few makeup artists loosing their shiz over it). Technically, contouring puts shadows in the contours of you face to achieve a more chiselled and slimmer look, whereas strobing simply is a strobe of light across the high points of the face which gives a gorgeous dewy finish.

I was instantly hooked on strobing after looking through Instagram (I could literally spend hours browsing instagram!) and so ran (walked briskly. Okay. Ordered online) a few products to try it out for myself. 

Here are my top 5 strobing products. 

Top to bottom:

Collection speedy highlighter - a chubby stick that is a pink tone with pearly highlight.
Technic high lights - this is basically a dupe for benefit high beam
Sephora highlighter - yellow and gold toned highlight (use very carefully, a little goes a long way!)
Makeup atelier pigment - the colour label has worn off but I think this is called pearl or shell (those names stick in my mind for some reason!)
Vitage colour minerals - this is such an underestimated product! It's such a gorgeous highlight. I would love to try this as a pressed powder (loose minerals ain't my thaaaang)

All of these are amazing products but personally for a quick effective highlight I use the collection speedy highlight. It's so easy and fast to use (not to mention cheap at £3.99).  For packing a big punch, i use the makeup atelier one at the temples and eyes followed by the vitage colour minerals down my nose and high point of my cheek (I use either a real techniques setting brush or a smash is fan brush).

If you're into bronzing your skin, I would recommend the yellow and gold toned Sephora highlighter. It's definitely worth using sparingly because a little really goes a long way with this but it's such a wonderful product. It feels creamy, lasts all day and is ideal on collarbones.

Have you tried out strobing? Which products are you loving for it?

H x

Wedding Glam: Plus Size Edition

It's Spring/Summer and whilst I am not getting married anytime soon (Yuppppp still single. Why I hear you ask? I have no idea. I think I'm pretty awesome!) Anyways, seeing as wedding season is upon us, I thought it was time to stop sobbing into my pillow about never being the bride and start glamming up (who knows, maybe the groomsmen are firefighters!?)

The dress is from Simply Be and is literally the perfect dress for any weddings you might attend.

First off, it's definitely formal enough without being too formal. It is a maxi length (yesssss, I don't need to shave haha!) and has a chiffon overlay which is sightly sheer. It's great for hiding anything you don't want to be seen without making you feel like you're wearing a nightie. Lolz.

I like that this has little sleeves that cover the top of my arms. For me, I don't like the tops of my arms so like to cover them a bit but this is also a great way of making the dress less beachy and more formal.

Throughout the top of the dress, waist and the arms, there is gold sequin detailing which I thought might fall off at the drop of a hat but actually they're fixed to the dress pretty well. (just in case you want to re-apply any, there are some sequins included with the tags).

The neckline has an added detailing which looks a lot like a necklace. Personally, I wouldn't add a necklace with this but a nice bracelet and earrings would look lovely.

I don't need to shave my legs, nor do I need to wear tights or a cardigan to hide the tops of my arms. This definitely fits the bill for wedding glam plus size edition!

Simply Be have a whole host of dresses that are ideal for weddings, so be sure to take a look.

What dresses are you loving for weddings?

Product Empties!

Over the past few months, I've accumulated a few products that I've used up and wanted to tell you my thoughts on each one. I normally LOVE watching this kind of video on Youtube so basically, I just pinched someone else's idea and passed it off as my own. #SorryNotSorry.

The video features everything from Soap and Glory, to Nars and Elemis.

Hope you enjoy! What products have you been using up?

H x

Body confidence: How to boost your self-esteem

Last June I wrote a post on plus-sized modelling, but recently I’ve noticed a lot of tension floating around social media sites around body confidence – one Twitter battle in particular.

A couple of weeks ago, Kim Kardashian posted yet another image of herself scantily-clad, but this one was a little different, as she was completely naked apart from some well-placed “censored content” style strips of black.

From one side she received a tidal wave of tweets shaming her, while on the other, she received applause from many women (including popular celebrities) for having the guts to post pictures of herself with such confidence.

Personally, I have a huge amount of respect for women who strip off, no matter what size they are. It made me think though about the way in which we approach body confidence these days. Female self-esteem seems to be at an all-time low. So, I thought I’d post a few quick thoughts on how to boost your body confidence – enjoy!

Look good, feel good

As a beauty blogger I guess I’m a little biased, but it has to be said that if you look good on the outside, you feel more confident on the inside. I’m not saying you need to rush out and buy a contouring kit or research the latest fashion trends – looking good is all about finding your own style and a look that makes you comfortable.

Forget what other people think and go with what feels natural to you. If you want to simply look fresh-faced and brightened, go for a tinted moisturiser or BB cream, so that it just gives the appearance of your skin on a good day. On the other hand, if you feel more powerful with a red lipstick on your side, then go ahead and channel your inner Marilyn!

Take time for yourself

Whether it’s reading a book or taking a Pilates class, you have to take time out for yourself and de-stress. If you’re anxious or stressed, this has a huge impact on your mental capacity to deal with other issues and decisions.

Always ensure that you make time to reset your batteries, and you’ll see your mind-set improve as a result. Then, you’ll be able to face the world with a much more confident outlook.

Nips and tucks

I’ve come across so many stories online whilst looking into this post, where young women turned to surgery to “fix” something about themselves. This wasn’t just about confidence,but issues that began to affect their mental and physical health.

For example, many women go for breast reductions because it causes them upset, anxiety and even medical problems from strain on the spine, compared to an otherwise petite frame. There are plenty of case studies for women who have had breast reduction surgery in Manchester from plastic surgeon Gary Ross, and you can take a look at them all online if you’re in a similar position.

how do you give yourself a body confidence boost when you’re feeling low?

*Collaborative Post

The Head Turner: Playsuit - Plus Size Edition

As any of my avid readers will know, I've been plus size all my life. I once was a size 26 and now I'm a size 20. I've always been a bit afraid of wearing short or Playsuits if I'm honest. I have huge tree trunk legs (imagine a great big oak haha) and hate having them on display and if I'm honest, camille the camel always makes an appearance when wearing them for some reason. #ThatAintPretty


I was recently gifted a playsuit from the lovelies over at Simply Be. It's Khaki and wraps over at the front with a safe yet risqué plunge at the front. It has flattering short sleeves and two pockets at the front to break up the area. It also has a belt at the waist.

I actually really like it and I reckon I could wear it on holiday or even for a little stroll through town over Summer. Girls, if you're plus size and feel self conscious about wearing anything that is form fitting, but it in a size up which will keep it loose at the front but still well fitted at the bust.  Trust me, this is the perfect playsuit for us curvy ladies!

I don't know what you think of it, but I was outside posing in this and a few cars decided it would be acceptable to beep their horns. It's obviously a head turner! Who says plus size girls can't wear playsuits? #EffYourBeautyStandards

H x

Trying To Be Mindful

Mindfulness is something I've looked into over the past couple of years.  It makes common sense that if you think positively, positive things happen to you but actually it goes WAY deeper than that. You ready for some weird 'imma blow your mind' shiz...?

We've all had that creepy feeling where we get this weird feeling that the phone is going to ring and then it does a few seconds later. We've all had that feeling of "I'm pretty sure we'll see Emma tonight' - Low & behold Emma makes an appearance and we've all had that suspicion where we just know a 6 pack of donuts are going to be consumed that day... No? Just me? Don't lie!

Well, according to the 'Law of Attraction' and 'mindfulness' those things happened because you visualized them happening. (You're not the new Mystic Meg. What ever happened to her?).

When you put something into the Universe, the Universe delivers them to you. Have you ever heard the saying "if you walk like a looser you become a looser"? The saying is true, because if you behave a certain way you become a certain way. It's all complicated but go and type it up on Google.

I've been trying to be more mindful. So I am focusing more on what I am doing, where I aim to be, the people I love in my life and the things I want to achieve. Apart from anything else, it makes me happier to be more present and in the moment. When I think about the life I have, I feel so lucky and appreciative.

For a while, I was becoming one of those "glass is half empty" "grass is greener on the other side" kind of people. I had got myself into that funk of just going through the motions but now I genuinely feel positive and content.

Have you ever tried mindfulness? has anyone had any experiences from the Law Of Attraction? If you haven't looked at it go and look on Google. It Literally blows my mind.

H x