I very rarely do any sort of wishlist because I am genuinely grateful for anything I am given and If there's something I 'want', I'll either save up to buy it myself or I'll pine over it for months on end haha

With all of that said, I thought I'd do a Christmas wishlist of things I would love to find a great deal for (or ya know, free..) in the January sales.

Ikea Alex Drawers
At the moment, I have a bookcase filled with acrylic storage drawers which isn't ideal. It all looks cluttered and messy which bugs my happiness a lot. I'd love to be one of those insta girls who has two of the big Ikea Alex Drawers filled with seperators for their makeup collection and some cute instax snaps on top of them. I need two, obvs, because one can be for clothes and even some shoes or bags.

Hollywood Mirror
Don't tell me you've never seen these? they're giant mirrors with lights all the way round them making them amazing for applying makeup. You can get either the tabletop version or the wall version and I can't deny, I want both. #sorrynotsorry

Fenty Beauty Foundation
I haven't had the chance to go to Harvey Nic's and get colour matched as I live roughly 2 hours away from my nearest store but I think I will be shade 100 or 110. At this time of year, I can't justify buying myself an expensive foundation, so this is making it's way onto my wishlist - alongside the primer... and a highlight... aahhh!!

A Vlogging Camera!
I've been doing a lot more vlogging recently, but it's hard to make it look professional when you're filming on your iphone 6 which means half the time, the footage doesn't even get uploaded. My aim for January is to find a decent vlogging camera that will give a better quality finish than my Iphone.

Kikki K
Aye, you read that right, I want Kikki K, ALL of Kikki K! haha! everything is just so pretty and after seeing they do monogramming I was sold. The makeup bags and journals are firmly making their way onto my wishlist.

A Holiday
Not asking for much surely? just a wee holiday, somewhere sunny which has nothing overly interesting to see or do, preferrably on a pool with loads of beach bars. I'm not a 'lazy holiday' kinda lass normally, I go to major cities like NYC, Toronto, Florida, Prague etc where there is loads to see and do, but sometimes I feel like I need a wee holiday to recover from the holiday haha I don't want to go sightseeing or learn anymore history/culture right now, I just want to escape my everyday life for a week and do absolutely nothing. Hands up if you reckon I'd be bored after 48 hours!?

Driving Lessons
Yup, I'm 31 and I'm only just seriously looking into learning to drive. There's a multitude of reasons and excuses as to why I haven't done it before but looking forward, I'd love to learn to drive in 2018 and hopefully get myself a wee car. First thing's first, where's the indicators?

I'm putting it out there, I want a white christmas. So please, powers at be, can you give us some snow over Christmas? not enough to cause mayhem or powercuts, just enough to build a snowman and have a snowball fight. Yes, again, I am 31...

And that's it!

What is making it's way onto your Christmas wishlist?

H x

My Christmas Wishlist


Hi everyone!

Prior to going on holiday and having the bug from hell upon my return, I went to an influencer event at Browns in Dumfries to celebrate the rebranding of 'Browns' to 'Nelson Brown'! Huge congrats Nelson! (Visit his new website HERE)

Nelson had let me know about the event 2 weeks in advance and asked if I had any influencer buddies I'd like to invite, so I took this time to ask some lovely girls including Jane, Jordanne and Katie.

It was SO nice getting to meet the girls properly despite a huuuuge amount of nerves on my part. Anyways, on to the event!

I've already explained how amazing the salon is to you lovely lot before. I love how boujis, fashion forward and friendly it is.

The event included a bar, (I had a fishbowl full of pink champagne), food (not your average cocktail sausages! THERE WERE SCONNES!), Guinot demonstrations with the wonderful Kerry, a salon tour, stylists all ready to do your hair and of course Nelson himself.

We were split into two groups - one half of us went to experience Guinot treatments and the others had their hair done by the wonderful stylists.

I went to Guinot first, where Kerry was demonstrating a treatment by Guinot called Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift. The idea is that it is a gym free workout for your face.  Kerry asked if anyone was interested in coming forward to try out the treatment - Queue silence haha! So obviously I stepped up first as her willing guinot pig (see what I did there? haha!). The treatment involved a wee machine that kerry used on my jawline which firmed the muscles to make the face appear to be slimmer or more toned.

The treatment feels weird AF. It's not painful or uncomfortable in the slightest, but it does make you loose control of the muscles it's working on while the treatment is being done - my lip was moving, my shoulder and arm was lifting up slightly, which just goes to prove that the Guinot is really getting to work.

After the treatment, I could see that the side which had been worked on was slightly more lifted and toned than the other side. It just appeared to be more lifted and for me, who's jawline is lined with pizza and pasta, this was brilliant! Obviously, this is temporary and the more treatments you receive the bigger and more longterm the effects are.

Kerry, as I've mentioned before is crown certified, meaning you've got the cream of the crop doing your treatment when you go to Nelson Browns.

Moving on to the rest of the event. I spent some time chatting to the lovely Grace who welcomes you as you arrive at the salon and met a lovely girl called Zazou, who at 14 years old has better makeup skills than I do at 31.

One of the lovely stylists from Nelsons Lockerbie branch put some waves and texture into my hair. I'm not certain of her name because I'm a looser of life and can't remember what I had for lunch most days let alone people's names haha! She was lovely and made my hair all jazzy for me.  As I was jetting off to the states the next day, I had to leave quite early, but not before receiving a goodie bag full of Guinot products and some Windle & Moodie goodies (including the fortifying spray & matte texturiser - yeeessssss!).

The whole salon looks INSANE and Nelson is very deserving of his success. Congratulations team! you've done an incredible job!

H x



With Christmas right around the corner, we're all in need of a step by step glitter makeup tutorial, which is why I was more than happy when House Of Fraser asked if I wanted to collaborate with them to show you how to use some of their products to create a festive glitter tutorial.

So, let's get started!

As we're going to be working with glitter, I'd recommend priming the skin but otherwise leaving the rest of the base until after the eyes are done.

Moving straight onto eyes.

I prime my eyes by using my concealer all over the lids and blending using my fingers before moving onto eyeshadow.

I was sent the Bobbi Brown Evening Glow Eyeshadow Palette to use. I first used the bone colour (lightest shade) all over the lid to set the concealer, before working the grey shade into the crease. I built up the shade before placing the black into the outer corners and blending the two shades together.

Using a clean brush, I then used the light bone shade all over the lid again and then went back in using the original brush to blend it all together.

Next up is the fun part - GLITTER EYELINER. I'm using the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in 'Midnight Cowboy'. It's Christmas, it's the time of year when we can go a little crazy with glitter, so I'm embracing it by doing a winged glitter liner!

First off, I'm using a black liquid liner to create a dramatic flick, followed by applying a thin line of glitter liner on top. It can be a bit fiddly, but as you can see, worth every minute!

Next up, I applied some mascara and some falsies before moving onto complexion.

I'm keeping it pretty glowy and bronzed on the skin, so I'm using my normal foundation (Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation) and using Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder instead of blush. I'm not necessarily contouring with it, but I have blended the contour areas and worked it in a bit.

Add a sweep of highlight (the one I've used is Bobbi Brown) and I've put on a red lip which is essential for the festive season. I've used the Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip in 'Rich Red'.

Et Voila! I hope you like the look and have enjoyed this post! Check out House Of Fraser for the products I used.

*This post was created in collaboration with House Of Fraser.

Step By Step Glitter Makeup Tutorial*


Each Christmas, I promise myself I will do something a little bit extra special but for whatever reason, I always end up shelving it for another year - NOT THIS YEAR!

Today I'm talking about my DIY Christmas Eve Boxes which are ideal for either children OR adults! I see a lot of Christmas Eve Boxes for kids but not so many for adults, so thought this would be a great idea to make Christmas a little bit extra special.

So, this post is being done in collaboration with my blogging buddies! Over the past year or so, a group of us have become really close (HOLLA AT THE ARCHIE GIRLS!) - our whatsapp group chat is the ultimate goals group chat. From unintentional innuendo's to emotional breakdowns, we've been through a lot together, making these girls true friends.  We're all posting something different on our blogs today and would love it if you could go and check out each of the posts if you get a chance!? All links will be at the end of this post.

Back to the Christmas Eve boxes...

As much as I assemble these boxes and fill them full of things myself, I do buy the actual boxes separately. I bought these boxes on Ebay. They cost £2.49 each and the price includes delivery. I actually bought a few little bits and pieces from Ebay to help me fill the box too, so I'll list everything as I go.

Once the box is assembled, it's time to get thinking about what to put in the boxes!

I bought some Christmassy sweet cone bags from ebay - these ones were great from ebay - I've bought a few packs of sweets from Poundland, including mini haribo and candy canes, which I've placed in the bags and tied with some ribbon I had left over from last years presents.

Whilst I was searching through ebay,  I came across these Christmassy Cushion Covers on ebay which were £2.48 each with free delivery. I have some old cushions at home that I don't use so I'm using those to fill the new covers.

As the people I'm buying for are all adults, everyone was given a festive travel mug, a sachet of Options Hot Chocolate (these were 4 for £1 in tesco) and a mini bottle of alcohol to add to it.

I went to Primark and bought two multipacks of socks - one for women, one for men. I seperated all of the pairs and tied each pair with a ribbon and placed a pair in each box.

To top it all off, I headed to Hallmark in Gretna and they had the Yankee Candle Votives down to £1 each, so I bought a few - all with seasonal scents - and added one into each box.

To finish off, I put together a 'Christmas Eve Survival Kit' which is basically a glorified sandwich bag with a fancy label on it. Inside the bag are a few things we always end up needing on Christmas Eve. a vitamin drink, a roll of sellotape, A spool of ribbon, cheap headphones, A galaxy bar, Christmas Earrings (or badge for men!), a trolley token (yes, really!) and AA Batteries.

I'm SO excited to give these to my family on Christmas Eve! I'm planning on getting up super early and putting these outside everyone's bedroom doors for when they wake up. Just call me Mrs Claus!

Now that I've showed you my DIY Christmas Eve Boxes, it's time to show you what my beautiful buddies have got on their blogs today!

Blogmas Day 5 - DIY Christmas Eve Boxes


There's something a little bit special about spending some time over Christmas in NYC. From the ice skating to the Rockefeller Centre and the incredible shop window displays, there is so much to see that will have you singing Michael Buble's Christmas album before you can say 'jack frost'.

I was there last week for a few days and wanted to share some pictures of the festivities from when we were there!

Pro Tip: If you want to experience the FULL New York Christmas experience, go AFTER Thanksgiving. Obviously, Thanksgiving is a holiday in itself which Americans look forward to. A lot of people decorate their homes and landmarks for Christmas during the Thanksgiving weekend, so head there a few days afterwards to see it in all it's glory :D



Blogmas Day 2 - Christmas In NYC


Can you believe it's almost CHRISTMAS? I CAN!

Anyone who knows me will know that I am obsessed with Christmas and so being called Holly is pretty apt - LOL!

I'm attempting Blogmas. It doesn't seem difficult to a lot of people to post everyday about something festive but somehow, I always let life and other work related stuff get in the way so I'm making a vow to see Blogmas 2017 through!

Today I'm catching you all up on what has been happening with me recently and what I have coming up.

I went on Holiday!
This year's holiday was spent in Florida and New York with my lovely family (us four sisters, mum, dad & Nana). It was genuinely an unforgettable experience and I had an absolute blast from start to finish. We went to Florida first which is somewhere I hadn't been before. I was a bit sceptical if I'm honest. 30 degree heat in November seemed weird to me. I'm not really a harry potter or theme park fan which makes me sound like a complete snore, but I LOVED it. We literally had the best time on holiday - although a squirrel bit my finger after I fed it - rookie mistake! My nana thought the fact that it literally bit the hand that fed it, was the funniest thing in the world. She laughed for a week haha!

I'm working with some amazing brands!
I've been really lucky throughout 2017 and have worked with some incredible brands but in November and December, you can expect to see collabs with Feel Unique, House Of Fraser, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, Yours and Simply Be.

I'm ill!
Since coming home, I've been really ill! I have this awful cold & chest infection and a tooth abscess which has made my face swell up like a balloon. I've had very little sleep this week and I'm really feeling pretty sorry for myself. Just saying.


H x

Blogmas 2017


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