GOSH are a brand that I'm newly getting into and I mentioned in a previous post that I had fallen in love with their Liquid Matte Lips...

I was lucky to have been sent two shades - 003 Nougat and 004 Chinese Rouge. Both shades are highly pigmented, the swatches you see took one swipe of each to achieve that bold colour. These are literally the least drying of all the matte liquid lipsticks I've tried. I've used everything from Sephora, to Colourpop to Kylie Jenner and none of them are as good as these by GOSH.

Priced at less than a tenner, these are a fraction of the price of some of their higher end counterparts.

If they have 10 shades, I'm getting all of them!

Have you tried them?

H x

GOSH Liquid Matte Lips


I've been doing this blogging malarkey for a pretty long time now (five years!) and along the way I've made some pretty awesome friends. There's a few people I interact with on other blogs or social media that make a day without pizza bearable, so I thought I'd share them with you all :)

1 - Beauty Queen UK
Rach has been blogging for a long time, she's old like me and we have a banterous relationship that I can only describe as 'real love' haha! Jokes aside, she has a pretty awesome blog, takes amazing insta photo's and makes you laugh from time to time. Check her out on twitter +Beautyqueenuk  and her blog http://www.beautyqueenuk.co.uk/.

2 - LeahXL
Leah is a curly haired goddess who mainly uploads Youtube videos. Her videos range from talking about dealing with bereavement to makeup hauls.  Leah is a really nice lass, she's been the enabler of many of my beauty purchases. Check her youtube out and her blog at www.Leahxl.com.

3 - AdventureAndAnxiety
Beth is from Edinburgh and regularly posts about Mental Health amongst a whole host of other things. Beth is funny, witty and genuine. You can find beth on Twitter @adventureanx and her blog is http://www.adventureandanxiety.com/

4 - PocahontasJane_
Jane is funny, her tagline on her blog is "PUTTING THE ASS IN SASS SINCE 1994'. If that isn't enough to make you follow her, then you should also know she blogs about everything from travel to beauty - I'm desperate to go to Iceland following her Iceland Photo Diary!  You'll find Jane @pocahontasjane_ and her blog is https://pocahontasjane.wordpress.com/

5 - RachelxBlog
Rachel is the girl I would send a message to if ever I was feeling the need to vent and laugh with. A more kindhearted funtime girl you'll never meet! You can find her @rbb_xo or her blog is http://rachelxblog.com/

6 - Debraboww
Debra is funny, witty and has a no bake nutella cheesecake on her blog. I knew you'd be sold as soon as I mentioned Nutella! You can find Debra at @debraboww and her blog is http://debrabow.com/

7 -  Flomatthews_
Flo is another one of those girls I'd definitely get in touch with for a good laugh. Flo is founder and editor of her own magazine 'Love From Mag'. Flo really inspires me with her passion and for jumping into her business venture with both feet. You can find her @flomatthews_ and her blog is http://www.lovefromflorencegrace.co.uk/

8 - Dorkfaceblog
Jemms is a scouser funny girl who, like me, loves a good drunk chat. Jemma has her own etsy shop where she sells her designs on stationary and other things. Jemma is majorly talented, an all round lovely lass and will have you laughing all day long. You'll find her @dorkfaceblog and her blog is http://www.dorkface.co.uk/

9 - JadirahSarmad
Jadirah is a fashion vlogger from Pakistan. Jadirah regularly posts outfit videos, beauty hauls and even travel diaries. Prepare to have major hair envy! you can find Jadirah at @jadirahsarmad and her youtube is Jadirah Sarmad. 

10 - Faded_Spring
Ana is a beautiful girl who had me in tears after reading one of her blog posts about her life growing up. A really genuine girl, Ana blogs about everything from Fashion to her insecurities. You'll find her relatable as well as jaw droppingly beautiful. You can find her @faded_spring and her blog is http://fadedspring.co.uk/

I could easily have included another 10 people, but this is just the start! I'll be doing more blogger appreciation posts soon and I'd love to encourage everyone to do the same! It was really nice taking time out to appreciate people I love.

Let me know who your favourite bloggers are in the comments below!

H x

10 People Worth Following


Mothers Day is right around the corner, so when Michael Kors sent me one of their fragrances to try out, I just knew you'd all be grateful of the gift idea!

Enter the Michael Kors Sexy Blossom EDP. As we all know by now, I am a failure of life and can't describe fragrances very well. I'll give it a wee try, but bear with me!

Firstly, as a brand, I'm a Michael Kors fan. I love a lot of their handbags, jewellery and definitely their fragrances. The bottle has a heavy gold lid which has a 'hardware' type look to it.

Here comes the hard part - the smell!

This is called 'Sexy blossom' so it'll come as no surprise to you that this smells sexy and floral. The scent is definitely not overpowering and one spritz lasts a really long time. In fact, why not spray it on your nose and you'll smell it all day long? LOL!

Jokes aside, I can smell orchids, peonies and Lychee from this and after having a wee look online, those are ALL in the description! Maybe I'm getting good at this afterall...

I know my Mum would love this for Mothers Day and I can think of a few other Mum's who would be too. 

For more information and to buy, visit House Of Fraser.

Michael Kors Sexy Blossom EDP

A lot of you who are regular readers will know by now that I don't usually tend to contour my face. I don't like layers of makeup, stripes and all of that jazz, so when this palette from Contour Cosmetics arrived on my desk, I was sceptical...

That was until I heard that the Kardashians have used it, I'm sold already.

First off, there are six different shades which cover most skin tones. I would say there is one light enough for my complexion and one dark enough for very dark complexions, so it has a broad spectrum of shades (Thankfully!).

First off, I use the lightest shade for my concealer! I love it because like I said, it's light enough for my skin tone and is a good creamy texture with a medium/buildable to full coverage.

For contouring,  I used the lightest of the darker shades and worked it in using a Niko Pro brush and applied the lightest shade above it. I blended it in to avoid the dreaded 'stripe' and it blended really nicely. I found if I worked with it quickly it blended easier because it didn't have time to 'set'.

I even took a really fine brush and (real techniques fine liner to be precise!) and used the second darkest shade to create freckles!

Here's the finished look...

I was pretty impressed with how it turned out!

Maybe I'm a contour convert afterall...

To find out more about Contour cosmetics or to buy this product, visit their website.

Do you like contouring your face?

H x

Contour Cosmetics Palette Review


It's International Women's Day and also the day we had a Budget in the UK.

In today's UK Budget, a MAN decided that we should pay tax on Tampons. The tax money raised is going to be spent on charities. Charities that support people who are victims of sexual abuse. So not only are we having to pay the goverment everytime we fail to get pregnant, we also have to fund our own support for sexual abuse. We can afford to give £30K TAX FREE to peers in the house of lords, but we can't afford to let women menstruate without tax? It's wrong, and as a woman, I'm offended, and I KNOW you are too.

Kiran Gandhi ran a marathon to raise funds for a breast cancer charity and was on her period at the time. The runner decided not to wear a Tampon and as she completed the marathon, she was instead criticised for being 'unladylike' and 'unhygienic' rather than praised for completing the race. Kiran said she wanted to raise awareness for Women who don't have access to menstrual products. Little did I realise that in 2017 in the United Kingdom, Women would be taxed on those products. Maybe we should all run (or crawl in my case LOL!) a marathon on our period. Maybe unemployed or underprivileged people won't have the option.

I realise I'm ranting, but I just wanted to say to you, YOU DESERVE BETTER! WE deserve better.  I know it's not 1928, but do you think Emmeline Pankhurst would accept it? We have more ways than ever before to have our say. Technology is our friend.

I've set up a hashtag to show Philip Hammond we DON'T accept his Tampon Tax and we WILL rise against it, because we as WOMEN have decided that we deserve better.

The hashtag is:


I'm going to be posting up a LOT of this on social media and retweets go to all of you who get involved. Tag the government, local MP's, Media, influential people, ANYONE! let's just make ourselves heard.

Just FYI, Philip Hammond's Twitter is @PHammondMP and Theresa May's is @TheresaMay_MP

I've designed an image (at the top of the page) feel free to save it and share it.

As Emmeline Pankhurst said;-

Men make the moral code and they expect women to accept it. They have decided that it is entirely right and proper for men to fight for their liberties and their rights, but that it is not right and proper for women to fight for theirs.

If you want to tag me in the tweets then that would be great so I see it on social media and so that anyone knows who to contact in regards to any questions :)

H x



Elizabeth Arden is a brand that has been talked about in the blogging community for as long as I can remember, but for some reason, I'm a bit late to the party and am trying out some Elizabeth Arden skincare for the first time after the lovelies on their press team offered to send me some bits to try out.

First up is the Ceramide Replenishing Cleansing Oil which is designed to remove every scrap of makeup - including mascara and eyeliner. Big claims! I've yet to find a cleanser (other than the Just be cleansing balm) that lives up to it's claims and so I didn't have high hopes for this. Much to my surprise, this actually did take off every bit of makeup. I could practically feel it breaking down the makeup on my skin and it was gone in a swift sweep. I washed my face afterwards because I could feel some oily residue (I will scratch my face OFF if I feel any oil on it) and followed up by using the next product I was sent.

Enter the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Overnight Cream.

I've heard about the 8 hour cream for years now and for some reason never picked it up to try. I was luckily sent the 8 hour overnight cream to try out which I've been using everynight for a week now. First off, this doesn't smell of anything - BONUS! I don't know about you but sometimes the scent of a moisturiser can keep me awake at night. I put a small amount on my face at night (Including my lips!). By the morning, my skin feels smooth and my lips feel nourished. It gets to the point where I don't want to wash my face in the morning because I love the feeling on my skin. I haven't had a single blemish since using this and my makeup seems to be sitting nicer on my skin too. I definitely rate this and I know it's only March, but I reckon it'll be on my 2017 favourites list.

So there you have my thoughts on some Elizabeth Arden skincare. Have you tried anything from the range? let me know in the comments below!

H x

Trying New Skincare: Elizabeth Arden

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