Division Has No Place In 2018

I have a bridge to burn...

Recently I was emailed by a company who were trying to pitch their new Fashion app to me. 

The app is designed for bloggers or influencers (blaahhh that word!) To share their outfits and places to buy them with their followers. 

The app has been marketed with the slogan ‘An app for women of size”. Sigh. 

There’s a few things I have to say about this so fasten your seatbelts and grab a vodka or something. This is going to get a bit rough..


Can you tell I'm annoyed? Those exclamation marks... 

Let me just point out the most obvious part of this marketing disaster. Every woman has a size. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22, every woman has a ‘size'.  

What is it they say? Casting a shadow on someone will never make you shine brighter! Society already tries to pit one Woman against another, I don't fancy joining an app that encourages it.

I’m not sure who thought of the concept or who is in charge of the marketing/pr for the app, but it’s went down about as well as a vinegar donut. Not well at all in case you didn’t know...


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been plus size. All I’ve ever wanted from the Fashion industry is to feel included, to have more Fashion available in sizes across the board so that I can express myself the same as other women can. This also applies to Women who are very slim, Petite, Tall or Short. 

I remember last year, I referred to slim people as 'skinny' and it was pointed out to me by the very lovely Victoria from InTheFrow that this was equally offensive as being called 'fatty'. (she worded it much nicer than me, shockingly, I'm not good with the words haha!). It really made me think about the way I talk about my Sisters, and made me realise that no Woman deserves to be categorised with a demeaning word and me calling someone 'skinny' is equally as derogatory as 'society' calling me 'fat'.

The fashion industry has come a long long way in recent years. It still has a lot to learn (like low plunge tops with no built in bra.. come on! I don’t fancy getting nipple burn from the carpet thanks!)

This app is like going back in time, where skousers were a thing, long before Trump was president and much longer before the UK was being dragged out of the EU by the short and curlys. 


This applies partly to the app and to society in general. This nonsense of trying to make certain women feel more superior than other women is ridiculous. 

If a ‘standard sized’ business or person said ‘only standard sized women can use this app’ then there would be a huge uproar. I don’t know any plus size woman who wants to feel superior to other women which is why an app like this has no place in modern society. 

We’ve worked hard to get to this point in feminism. For me the app is divisive and has no place in the industry. Maybe we can throw the app in the bin alongside halo brows and magnetic eyelashes?

At the end of the day we are all women and we don’t need an app to further aid division. It’s 2018, and never before has there been so much unity amongst women. 

In case you couldn't tell, I won't be joining the app.  You might have noticed I haven't named the app - anyone who wishes to know can ask me privately and I will gladly answer, but I don't want to give it publicity by naming it on my blog. Even bad press is press.. 

What do you think? Am I being a bit harsh?

H x

Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne Daydream Palette At Feel Unique

If you've never heard of San Diego based, tattoo adorned, queen of colour, Kristen Leanne, you're about to get a bit more familiar with her.

New to Feel Unique is her collaboration with beauty giants, Urban Decay.  I was lucky enough to be sent the Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne Daydream Palette from the lovelies over at Feel Unique to try out.

The palette packaging is brightly coloured and adorned with the influencer's name. To me, the packaging doesn't make much sense. The design shows (what looks like) a cream product and the eyeshadows within the palette are powder based, not cream. It's also a wee bit misleading that there are no shades within the palette similar to the packaging shades (which I did expect to see).

That aside, the palette contains five matte shades, all of which are neutrals.

Shades include:

Lucy (ivory matte)
Daydream (soft nude matte)
12/12 (soft peach matte)
Subscribe (warm nude matte)
Eight (rich warm brown matte)

For me, I could easily get two or three different looks from the five shades. The great thing about Urban Decay is you can use all of their eyeshadows wet or dry. If I was looking for something a little bit more intense, for a night out or something, I would spray a bit of Mac Fix + on my brush before using. You could even use the bolder shades as an eyeliner using the same method.

For me, the quality is just as good as other UD eyeshadow palettes.  I love how blendable these are without blending into nothing. I definitely will reach for this palette quite often and already have my eye on the liquid lipsticks from the collection!

The Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne range is available at Feel Unique.

Have you tried the range out?

H x

AllBeauty Detox & Calm Box

I don't know if you remember, but myself & Rachel from Beauty Queen UK did a collaboration last year with AllBeauty for Gatineau. I fell in love with AllBeauty at the time and have spent many a night trawling through their pages, trying to convince myself that I didn't buy things because I liked them, but because I need them. Honest...

Anyways! All Beauty have now released their own Beauty Box - 'AllBeauty Detox & Calm Box'.

The box is limited and is a single purchase box (meaning there are no monthly subscriptions!). I was lucky enough to be sent a box in advance to try out and so thought I'd share my thoughts.

This beauty box contains:

- Gatineau Perfection Ultime Retexturizing Beauty Cream 15ml (Worth £12.90)
- Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Overnight Lavender Mask 50ml (Worth £24.99)
- The Organic Pharmacy Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak 60g (Worth £10)
- Regenerate Original Travel Size Toothpaste 14ml (Worth £2.50)
- Decleor Aroma Confort Body Milk 50ml (Worth £9)
- Bomb Cosmetics​​ Lime & Dandy Soap Slice 100g (Worth £2.99)

 The contents are worth over £60 and the box costs just £25. I deliberately tried out all of the products before knowing the price to give a good 'overall' review.

There's a few products I am thrilled to have received. The Gatineau Perfection Ultime Retexturizing Beauty Cream, Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Overnight Lavender Mask and The Organic Pharmacy Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak are all products I've heard of and wanted to try.

As you know I was already a fan of Gatineau, I was so happy to try this product. I do find it a tad thick, which is why I would definitely recommend this to people who have exceptionally dry skin. With that said, I can easily say that after just 1 week of use, I have noticed a difference in terms of hydration. I would be inclined to use this on specific areas rather than overall.

The Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Overnight Lavender Mask is something I was excited to use because I've heard some amazing things about The Manuka Doctor. On top of that, I tend to get stressed before bed and so something with calming Lavendar in it is really appreciated. I always do a face mask about an hour before I go to bed to try and get myself into a relaxed place. This is slightly overwhelming scent wise, but my skin looked so 'juicy' after using it. I recommend using this lightly!

I very rarely take baths, I prefer the speed of having a shower, but I was so happy to test the organic pharmacy bath soak out - there's worse things to do on a Monday night! This smells of soothing Eucalyptus, but actually isn't supposed to! It contains Seaweed & Juniper which must combine to create the scent. It is incredibly relaxing! I'm always concerned that bath salts sometimes make the bath 'slippery' but this didn't but left my skin feeling soft, nourished and calmed.

Body Milk isn't something I tend to reach for, but this Decleor one smells SO good I was more than happy to try it. I normally hate the feeling of having any product on my skin, so one thing I always look for is fast absorbing properties. This is quite thick, but it absorbs really quickly! I love how soft my rough patches feel now and will be keeping an eye out for more.

Up next is the Bomb Cosmetics Lime & Dandy. This looks so pretty that I didn't really want to touch it, but I loved the zesty scent so much that I was just desperate to try it out. This definitely takes some time to lather, but that's because the soap is gentler than standard brands. I wouldn't use this to clean everywhere, I like it as a little refresher on top of other soaps.

Lastly is the Regenerate toothpaste. This was the only thing that I can say I was disappointed with.  I used this for 5 days and my gums & the inside of my lips were peeling as a result so I stopped using it. Although it seemed to clean my teeth well, I didn't notice any whitening.

Overall, the AllBeauty Detox & Calm Box is brilliant! I was a bit disappointed with the toothpaste but otherwise I was really impressed. I'd be really happy to spend the £25 and get these products. I really hope AllBeauty release more boxes (Maybe in collaboration with me?? Woaahhh that'd be a dream come true!) and I'll definitely be the first to snap one up!

Have you tried this?

H x

February Beauty Faves

Can you believe it's March already? It'll soon be Christmas! Jokes...


Anyway! It's February Beauty Faves time! There's a few here that might surprise you, but to be honest, the real shock is coming with my 'disappointing products' post (coming soon!)

Anyway, what made it onto my February Beauty Faves?

Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer
Holy smokes is all I have to say. Well not really because that would make this a really boring blog post but holy mother of concealer gods this is amazing. If you like a really thick ass heavy duty full coverage concealer, this is your jam. I’m gunna do a full video on it so won’t gabber on too much about it (gotta love those teasers!) but this is the best concealer I have ever used by a mile.

Pixi Glow Tonic
I was very luckily sent a huge one of these last month with my name on the front. Obvs, I was sold already because it was monogrammed but aside from that the product itself is amazing. I had forgotten how much I loved it! It’s a water like consistency that exfoliates and tones the skin. I use this twice a week three times a week then once a day four times a week which seems to be my perfect balance.

Kiss Eyelash Adhesive
I've used everything from eylure to Duo but this eyelash adhesive from Kiss is definitely my fave. I love that this has a brush applicator which makes precision application easy. I also love that this is black and is tacky within 30 seconds or so. Anytime I use this (So long as I don't lose it. Fail!) my lashes last all day long without needing re-applied. Brilliant!

REN Skincare Anti Pollution Mist
I’ve been living REN for a good while now but when I received the anti pollution mist from a friend at Christmas, I left it to try out in the new year. Fast forward two months of continual use and I’ve only used about 15% of the bottle. It’s amazing! I don’t know if it saves my skin from nasty pollution but in terms of being a hydrating mist that leaves me feeling refreshed, this fits the bill. Love!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips
Making it's way into my February Beauty Faves is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips. This formula in general is just brilliant. It applies a little bit like a mousse with a contoured dofut applicator. It always looks even and whilst it applies moussey, it dries like a liquid lipstick. It’s so so comfortable to wear and lasts ages.  Charlotte tilbury is a pricier brand so it’s difficult knowing which products are worth the dosh. This one definitely is.

Nip + Fab Blush Quad
A couple of years ago I was sent a blush quad from Makeup Atelier which I used until it met its untimely death in November when my sister broke it after STEALING it from my room. Yes, even at 31 this shiz happens...

Anyway, I was in dire need of a new blush quad that would travel well, was slim and yet had a big enough pan to swirl a blush brush into without any fuss. I was in Superdrug one day and came across the nip +fab counter and noticed they had 50% off! I spotted the blush quad and snapped it up for less than a fiver.

These are powder blushes but feel so velvety on the skin! The shades are suitable for the entire year (though I really hope they release a red toned one!) and works brilliantly for me.

In fact, the nip + fab range is really impressing me! I also picked up the liquid liner, not expecting huge results. If you know me, you know I have over 30 liquid eyeliners and have tried every brand under the sun, so I’m super picky about them, but I am SO impressed with this one. The applicator is sturdy without being ‘draggy’ and the product itself is the blackest of Black pigment I’ve ever used. Not a hint of grey in sight. Hallelujah!

Windle & Moodie Matte Texture Spray
This product was introduced to me by Nelson Brown who is an all round hair genius and windle & moodie brand educator.  I was taught to use this to give my hair some volume (which it so desperately needs!) and to keep my hair in place without adding weight or ‘producty’ feeling to my hair. This is amazing and I’ve been recommending it to all of my friends & family. I’m almost finished my second bottle and you know I rarely recommend hair products unless I love them. This is your hair BFF.

What has made it's way into your February Beauty Faves? Let me know so I can try new things!

H x

March 2018 Look Fantastic Box

It's that time of month again. No, not THAT time of month, the 'new beauty box' time of month! See what I did there? Lol, I'm hilarious.. Is that silence I hear?

Today, I'm having a look at the March 2018 Look Fantastic Box after being sent it to review (Thanks LF!).

First off, let's talk packaging.

The box is bright pink and features the silhouette of a woman with an arty feel. It's a thick cardboard high patented box as you will probably have seen from previous boxes.

Inside the box are six products and an Elle Magazine, alongside a leaflet containing details on the products included in the box.

SPOILER ALERT! I'm going to reveal the products inside, so if you don't want to know, turn away now!

What's Inside?:

Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump
Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser
Renu Advanced Anti Ageing Flash Relax Mask 30ml
Skimono Foot Mask
Stylondon Oval Face Brush
Doucce Cosmetics Freematic Eyeshadow Duo In Shades 78 Kate & 81 Tenley

For me, I get so frustrated at the lack of makeup included in most beauty boxes, but in the March 2018 Look Fantastic Box, there are three makeup products which I'm loving!

I was most excited to try out the Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump. I actually don't hate my lips. Which for me is shocking considering I have Body Dysmorphia haha.  I've considered having fillers in my lips before but having a product like this is much less scary and less expensive! It definitely tingles and has a minty scent which I really like. It doesn't hurt too much either which is an added bonus!

I've never tried the Doucce Cosmetics range before, so I was happy to see the freematic duo included in the March 2018 Look Fantastic Box. These have a magnetic base, making them ideal for palettes. The shades are both shimmery with a decent pigmentation to boot.

The Stylondon Oval Face Brush is quite sturdy (I didn't feel like it'd break upon first use like some other oval brush brands!) and this is the perfect size for either concealer or contouring. I used it to blend concealer and found it was a little too sturdy. It made some of the product vanish rather than blend sadly.

Onto Omorovica's Balancing Moisturiser. This is a medium/thick moisturiser which has a floral scent. I've not used it long enough to give a proper review but my first impressions are good other than the scent which for me, is a little overpowering.

The Renu Advanced Anti Ageing Flash Relax Mask is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and is packed with super ingredients including Ginseng, Magnesium, Vitamins B5 & C. I've only used this once thus far and did like it, though I'd recommend leaving it on longer than 10 minutes to really get relaxed.

Finally in the March 2018 Look Fantastic Box is the Skimono Foot Mask. I like that this comes in a sachet and is fuss free. It was hard to resist massaging my feet whilst using it but once used, my feet felt incredibly soft but oh so cold!

So there you have the contents of this March's #LFBeautyBox. Are you excited to try it out? I wonder what April has in store..

You can get your Look Fantastic box by clicking here.

H x

This post contains affiliate links & PR samples. All opinions are my own.

The First Time

Hi everyone,

One thing that makes me insanely proud to be part of this generation is our determination to be heard. Never before has the world been so open to talk about personal experiences that have shaped our lives.

I want to be part of it. I want to encourage us all, men, women and individuals, to speak about the first time something changed our lives. The first time something hurt us, the first time we were proud of ourselves, the first time we felt passionate about a subject. I want to talk about the first time.

When I think about my life, and the things that have shaped who I am today, I think of several situations, but one that always sticks in my mind is the first time someone called me ‘fat’.

Believe it or not, I was just 7 years old when someone at the school I attended called me ‘fat’. I certainly don’t hold a grudge against this person now of course, but It made me a different person.

I was playing with my friends during school break and a little boy taunted me for not running as fast as the others. Being 7, I didn’t really have any insecurities (other than my huge glasses!) and so didn’t think much of it.  Later at lunch, I was collecting my packed lunch and the same little boy called me ‘fatty’. I remember there and then feeling insecure about my weight for the first time. It changed my life forever. I don’t blame the boy, he was 7 years old and probably forgot about it the minute he said it, but isn't it amazing how one little comment can impact our lives?

What was said was far from earth shattering, but it was there and then that I began having issues with body image. At the age of 7.

I grew to be afraid of eating in front of other school kids, I sat in the shed by myself a lot, I cried during gym because I was so afraid I’d be laughed at if I wasn’t able to run as fast as everyone else. I ate my lunch in the cloakroom where I discarded the wrappers in my shoe bag.  I remember distinctly being given ‘library duty’ (punishment) because my shoe bag was full of litter.

As I’m writing this, I’m taunting myself. Torturing myself, you might say, because I was such a ‘loser’.  Instead of trying to be active with the other kids, I would sing or start little bands with friends so I didn’t have to run around and risk being laughed at. As a result, I stayed ‘chubby’ and would continue that mindset at home where I felt like I had to eat in private.

I’d eat in my room or when the plates were being cleared, I’d steal something to eat on my own, like it was my own secret rebellion or something. I just got it into my head that I had to eat secretly, and that didn’t matter if it was my lunch or stealing snacks from the kitchen.

I’m actually ashamed of myself writing this. It’s the most open I’ve ever been with my readers and it’s not something I can say I’m proud of but that is what this is all about, being open, so that other people don't feel weird about their experiences. If this kind of thing had been talked about when I was growing up, I might not have had the same issues I have today.

Even as a teenager, I would eat my lunch in the changing rooms before lunch break so that no one could see me eat. I remember having a boyfriend and he always asked me why I wasn’t eating and I’d just say ‘oh I’m not hungry’ or ‘I never eat lunch’ which obviously, isn’t true.

I’m ashamed to admit that even to this day, In front of female friends I’m always fine, (bring on the pizza!) but even eating a bag of crisps in front of a guy makes me want to cry.

I’ve been called ‘fat’ more times than I can count in my life so I’m certainly not pinning this all on a 7 year old boy, but the first time I was called fat ultimately lead to body dysmorphia that even at 31 years old, I struggle with.

A lot of people will be wondering why I just haven’t lost weight. The truth is, that there’s so many reasons. For starters, I have hormonal issues that cause weight gain. Aside from that, I’m terrified. I KNOW how to be fat. I don’t know how to be slim, I don’t want to lose weight and then to still feel insecure about my body or find something else to be insecure about. Truthfully, I have it in my head that every problem can be answered with ‘it’s because I’m fat’. If someone doesn’t like me, it’s because I’m fat. If I don’t make a million quid, it’s because I’m fat...

My ‘fat’ is to blame for everything. I don’t want to think that someone doesn’t like me because I’m not a nice person. It’s easier for me to be fat and say ‘it’s because I’m fat’.

I’m also stuck between that hard place of wanting to lose weight and then having that ‘I shouldn’t have to lose weight to suit society’ mentality.

I look at other women who are my size, some bigger, some smaller, and it never crosses my mind to think negatively of them. I always think they look incredible but then can’t relate that same feeling to myself. If you’re reading this and are curvy like me, please don’t think that I think ‘fat is not attractive’. I just don’t think MY fat is attractive. I think you all look incredible and I often envy the bodies of women who are my size or bigger. I just can’t relate it to myself. (I hope that makes sense!).

At the moment I’m working on my health, both physical and mental. I really have some work to do on myself, FOR myself, not to indulge in the insecurities of my seven year old self.

The first time I was called fat changed my life. It shaped who I am today.

I’d love to hear about the first time something changed your life, and if any of you choose to write a blog post on it, please let me know so I can share it in a list below and on social media.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer, tweet me @hollysturgeon and use the hashtag #thefirsttime to join in the discussion.

This is the rawest post I’ve ever written to date, so please be kind to me and to others sharing their experiences.

2018 is definitely the year of conversation, we’ve got this!

H x