You guys already know if you follow me on social media, how obsessed I've been with the new Urban Decay Heat release. I was contacted by the beautiful PR at Urban Decay where I was told I was being sent a Naked Heat Palette and I swear I spent the rest of the day on pinterest and instagram checking out ways of using it and swatches.

The palette arrived a couple of days ago and I just instantly got to using it. It was a lot like Christmas Day when it arrived - the packaging was ripped open at speed and I instantly ran (walked briskly) upstairs and got my set up ready to take swatch photo's.

As always with Urban Decay eyeshadows, this is incredibly pigmented and did not disappoint.

There are 12 shades, which have varied shades, textures and finishes. All of the shades are 'heat' related - some are orange toned, some are red toned and some are bronzed.

For me personally, I LOVE these shades. I regularly wear 'warm' toned eyeshadows and so these are right up my street.

I'm going to be doing a few different makeup looks using the palette, but for now, I wanted to show you the packaging and some swatches!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I'll be featuring the looks I create!

Have you tried this out yet? I know it's been sold out in a lot of places.

H x

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review & Swatches


I'm a big perfume lover, but I do easily get bored which is why I like to switch up my fragrances each season. When the PR people at Ghost perfume contacted me and asked if I wanted to try the new Ghost Sweetheart Forever perfume, I was more than happy to oblige - it was time for a change from my DKNY Nectar Love which I do love but was getting a bit bored of.

First off, the bottle. It is consistant with the other Ghost fragrances. This bottle is pink with a little gold heart locket on the front. Normally, I opt for spicy fragrances during Autumn and Winter, floral during Spring and fruity or zesty scents during Summer depending on my mood. This is definitely a sweet fruity scent with notes of Cassis, Zesty Orange and Delicate Lychee. It's not so sweet that it's sickly as it does have a woodsy note to it.

For me this is a romantic scent, something I would wear for an anniversary or even a wedding. It's not overpowering or overly sexy, but more pretty and elegant.

I'm not the best at describing fragrances so I took a wee look at the actual ingredients and found I had actually nailed it this time! Ingredients include:

- Delicate Rose
- White Flowers
- Woody scent
- Fruity Cassis
- Zesty Orange
- Delicate Lychee

For more information or to buy Ghost Sweetheart Forever, click here.

Ghost Sweetheart Forever


For me, there is nothing more relaxing than a pamper night filled with a nice long indulgent Bath with some lovely oils and all of my favourite products.

One of my favourite products to use in the Bath is the Olverum Bath Oil. To describe it in three words, I'd say 'Luxurious, Relaxing, Aromatic'.

Filled with Natural Essential Oils, Olverum is designed to help ease your tired muscles at the end of a long day and it fits the bill perfectly.

Olverum is also ideal for jetlag! This is a bit of a saviour for me to be honest. I suffer badly with Jet Lag and when I go to Florida & NYC in a couple of months, I'll be packing one of their travel bottles with me! (£19).

I add a few drops of this to my bath and leave the door open whilst I'm running it which lets the entire house smell of the gorgeous Olverum scent. If you want to know what this smells like, just imagine a spa.  It really is indulgent and leaves your skin feeling soft after use.

The Olverum Oils include:

- Siberian Fir Needle
- Lavandin
- Eucalyptus
- Lemon
- Rosemary
- Exotic Verbena
- True Lavendar
- Lime
- Juniper
- Geranium

The 125ml size costs £29.00 and will be enough for 25 baths, the 250ml costs £53 and enough for 50 baths. The travel set is £19 and enough for 9 baths. 

Stockists include Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

For more information, visit Olverum's website

H x

Olverum Bath Oil


Sleek has been causing quite a stir in the beauty industry recently with their new highlighting palettes selling out in most stores and people buying them online in their droves.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Sleek Makeup Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette to try out and thought I'd give you my thoughts.

As a lot of you will know, cream highlights (and products in general) don't normally float my boat because they tend to move my base makeup and can be hard to blend but in this case, it looked so pretty that I was just excited to try it out.

Firstly, Sleek have upped their packaging game. This has silver mirrored packaging and looks much more expensive than the reasonable £10.99 being charged.

The palette has five mixed texture highlight shades which are a little bit 'out there' for me. I'm normally an opal shade kinda lass, but the green and purple shades were screaming at me to try them out.

As soon as I applied my foundation, I moved on to applying the blue/purple shade to the high points of my cheeks and it blended beautifully (I just used my finger to tap it in to my skin). I was feeling a bit highlight heavy so I also sweeped a bit of the pink powder shade on top which gave me a highlight that even Jamie Genevieve would be jealous of! (her highlight is always GOALS!).

I was feeling a bit fruity so decided to use the green shade on my eyes and whilst it did crease slightly on my eyelids after a few hours, it easily blended back in with my finger and gave the most gorgeous glossy eye.

I LOVE this palette and I think I've been converted to cream highlight!

To buy this, click HERE

Have you tried it?

H x

Sleek Makeup Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette Review & Swatches


It'll come as no surprise to you that I was beyond thrilled when a bundle of the new La Roche Posay collection landed on my desk.  As you all know, I'm pretty picky about my skincare and don't often 'rely' on a particular brand, but La Roche Posay is just one of those brands I can rely on and am rarely disappointed with.

I'm going to Florida and NYC in a couple of months and as you'll all probably have seen me moan about, I burn REALLY easily, so it's important to me that I use an SPF I can rely on. I always turn to La Roche Posay for this, because their SPF 50 mist has never let me down. I like using the face mist with SPF 30 as I find I can wear makeup with it without making my skin 'greasy'.

The Hydraphase Intense range is new to La Roche Posay and I've been trying out the Hydraphase Intense Serum and the Hydraphase Intense Mask.

First off, let's talk about the Serum.

This is 100% hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, Paraben free and has been tested on sensitive skin. This has a gel like feel to it and whilst it leaves my skin a bit 'wet' for a minute, this is definitely a light weight feeling serum which packs a big punch in terms of hydration.

It does feel a little bit sticky which makes this the perfect primer for makeup but it's not so sticky that it's hard to wear on it's own. I did notice that after a week's use, a dry patch on my forehead had disappeared and my top lip was more 'balanced' (I get oily and dryness at different times).

Overall, I love this as a primer in particular and would definitely repurchase. You can buy it HERE.

Onto the Hydraphase Intense Masque.

The La Roche Posay website describes the masque as:

"With Hyaluronic acid and La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring water, the formula intensly rehydrates, soothes and softens the skin."

I actually agree with it's description. It pretty much describes it to a tee! It can be the hottest day of the year and this will still feel cooling and soothing. I apply it with my fingers and leave it on for a while where I chill out as though I'm in a spa haha I feel so relaxed and the stress from the day feels like it's been lifted instantly.

My skin looks 'plump' and hydrated after using this which might sound strange, but my skin just feels like a babies arse after I've used it and that's good enough for me!

I've got big plans of taking this on the plane with me when I'm travelling to help revitalise my skin during my long flight.

You can buy it HERE.

What are your thoughts on La Roche Posay?

H x

New At La Roche Posay


Hi lovelies!

A lot of you have been asking where the heck I've been - I've been SO busy and all will be revealed soon. In the meantime though, I have some haircare products I wanted to talk about.

I was recently gifted some RPR Haircare - The RPR Rejuvenate My Hair Shampoo and the RPR Repair My Hair Keratin Mask.

I've tried out RPR haircare before and was impressed with it but this is like a whole new level of impressed.

As you all know, I have Psoriasis on my scalp (attractive, eh!?) and so I'm really picky about what I put in my hair so not to cause any irritation. I was a bit hesitant to try something new, but I went for it and I'm so glad I did.

So starting with the RPR Rejuvenate My Hair Shampoo. This is a hairdresser in a bottle. I used it ONCE and felt like I'd been to the salon as my hair was so nourished and light. It was easy to work with my hair after washing and despite the oils in the shampoo (Rosehip, Baobab and Biotin), my hair didn't get oily quickly.

The big difference I noticed was that after 3 uses, my psoriasis had 'changed'. Instead of the thick lumps, scales, burning and constant dry scalp, I had no scales, smaller lumps and less dryness. I've never used a product that changed my psoriasis. I've used products that has taken the dryness and irritation away when used each day, but nothing to this scale. I'm really REALLY impressed.

Moving on to the RPR Repair My Hair Keratin Mask. I have a few split ends caused by coal tar shampoo that I needed to use (prior to the RPR shampoo!) and so I had high hopes that the mask would help to add some much needed moisture to my ends.

The mask is designed for dry chemically treated or coloured hair and is deeply nourishing. I have used this three times so far and can safely say it will be repurchased should I run out of it. My ends look 'repaired' and feels silky smooth. Not to mention how easy it is to comb after showering! I would recommend using this 1-2 times a week but no more, to avoid oily build up.

You can find the RPR Haircare here.

Will you be trying it out?

H x

RPR Haircare Review


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