Jane Plan FAQ's

As you all know, I am doing Jane Plan. At the moment, I've lost 18lbs in 4 weeks and couldn't be happier with my progress!

I've been posting daily on Instagram stories and I've received (literally) over 100 questions about Jane Plan, which is why I'm bringing you some Jane Plan FAQ's.

The Jane Plan four month plan costs £199 per month. You can use discount code 'HOLLYFIRST' at checkout to save £25 on your first month and the Jane Plan website regularly has time limited offers. (I don't make any £ from the discount code by the way!)

In the first week, I was hungry. I was used to eating large portions of carbs and processed foods, so getting used to having everything accounted for took some time. Within a week, I had adapted to it and can safely say that the only time I feel hungry is when I'm PMS'ing.

If you solely eat the plan, you consume less than 1000 per day, however, it's recommended that you add fruit & veg to each meal so I always float around 1200. You'd be surprised how much veg you can eat for very little calories. I'm not a huge fruit lover so on occasion I'll have some watermelon or Pomegranate seeds. Aside from that though, I'm not too bothered.

Prior to doing Jane Plan, Diet coke, white coffee with one sugar and a Disaronno with coke were my favourite indulgences. Now, I only have coffee with no sugar (or green tea! the Lidl's Peach one is beaut!), diet coke twice per week and NO disaronno. I instead have 3/4 vodka's with diet lemonade twice a month. I'm not a huge drinker so it's not something I feel like I need to 'sacrifice'.

Yes! The plan comes with one snack per day for the month. I LOVE the bar of dark chocolate and the vanilla crunch biscuit. The Oatcakes with black pepper & toasted almonds are also beaut.

Saturday Fatter-day haha! On a Saturday, I have a jane plan breakfast (Granola), at lunch I have something semi-healthy (a chicken and roasted veg panini is my fave!) and dinner is my 'cheat'. Since I was little, my mum and dad prepare a buffet which has baked potato's, rolls and crisps etc so I have that. As soon as Sunday is here, I'm strictly back onto Jane Plan.

For the first two weeks, my energy levels would rise and fall a lot. I went on a brisk 1.5 mile hilly walk on day 2 of my diet and really didn't feel good so kept exercising to a minimum for the first two weeks. After that, I incorporated more walks and generally getting outdoors more often. I also would challenge myself to do my walk a minute quicker on occasion to challenge myself. Using little wrist or ankle weights helps.

throughout the week, I genuinely feel great. On a Saturday night/Sunday morning, my stomach is often not great. When you shrink your stomach and change the type of foods your body consumes, then when you have a cheat day where you go overboard it messes up my system. I have a nervous stomach in general so it doesn't take much to upset it. I'm combatting this by spreading out my food rather than eating all at once.

I lost 9lbs in the first week and it slowed down to a more stable average of 3lbs per week (some weeks I lost more, some weeks was less). I am really noticing a difference though. I feel so much more energetic and for the first time in my life, I feel genuinely proud of myself. I had someone on instagram send me a message saying I was 'cheating' by doing a meal delivery service but as far as I'm concerned, if I can make this journey easier on myself then why not? It's healthy, it's structured and it's what I needed. I am very kindly being gifted Jane Plan for as long as I need and I plan on using it as well as I possibly can.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below! I'm always happy to hear from you! You can get Jane Plan by clicking HERE.

H x

The 'Go To' Dress

Hi everyone!

I don't know about you, but I have 'go to' clothes. I always end up going back to classic 'tried and tested' pieces that I know I can rely on. Whenever I'm going on a night out or a date (HAHAHA as if!) or even to a family event where I know I need to look nice, I whack on the 'go to' dress.

For me, the 'go to' dress is something I feel comfortable in, that highlights my best features (and hides my worst!), it's a dress that I've been complimented on and it's a dress I know I won't be over OR under dressed in.

Because I'm Plus Size, I try to dress to suit my broad frame. I have wide shoulders, average sized boobs, a slimmer waist and a big bum. I always look for something that will elongate my decolletage and highlight my cleavage slightly, drawing in at the waist, and skimming over my hips. I loathe my huge arms and tree trunk legs, so for me, a maxi dress with splits at the sides is 'sexy' enough for occasions but also can hide my legs when I'm not feeling it.  This dress has a mid length sleeve which hides the bingo wings and draws attention to my forearms rather than my upper arms.

I bought the 'go to' dress from New Look's Curve section in 2016 and I've literally worn it about 20 times. I've included a few pictures of different occasions that I've worn it so that you can see how versatile it is.

I know that seeing as I bought this in 2016, it's probably discontinued, so I've gone and scoured the internet to find similar ones in varieties of fits and sizes.

(affiliate links are marked with an *)

The ACTUAL Dress - Out Of Stock :(
Black Floral Wrap Maxi Dress from Choies - Short sleeves - Only 3 Sizes Available
*New Look - Sizes 8-18 - Short Sleeves
*New Look Curve - Red Floral - Sizes 18-28
Shopstyle - Tall Range - Sizes 8-14
Asos - Maternity Range - Sizes 6-20
CiChic - Available In USA - Sizes S-XXXL

I hope one of these makes you feel as awesome as I feel when I wear the 'go to' dress.

Cut a pair of old leggings (mines were from primark and cost £2.80) just above the knee and wear them under maxi dresses to avoid 'chub rub'. I've been doing it for years and it's a live saver!

H x

How To Enjoy Guilt Free Ice Cream This Summer*

With the summer seeming to make an early appearance this year, there is no better time to start thinking of healthy alternatives to our seasonal favourites. Which is why I have teamed up* with Peak Body to put together a quick recipe for your own guilt free ice cream.

Guilt Free Fruity Ice Cream

2 cups of Strawberries, frozen
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 tablespoons reduced sugar jam
2 scoops of Fruit Punch Diet Protein Powder
Optional toppings of your choice (I love coconut shavings or pomegranate seeds for sweetness!)

Nutritional Information
Each 30g scoop contains:
21g of pure premium whey protein isolate
6.6g dietary & probiotic fibre - to keep the body feeling full
300mg green tea extract - an all-natural fat burner
300mg L-Carnitine - a powerful ergogenic compound
300mg L-Tyrosine - a mighty fat burner & cognitive aid
150ug Chromium - a potent appetite suppressant
30mg Alpha Lipoic Acid - to support the immune system
Less than 0.2g of fat and ZERO sugar

Slice two cups of strawberries and place them in a bag in the freezer overnight.
The following day blend the frozen strawberries, milk, reduced sugar jam and protein powder until it reaches a smooth and creamy consistency like ice cream.
If you prefer a smooth consistency you can serve the mixture as it is. For a more firm and solid consistency freeze for a further hour or until firm.

And there you have it – a quick and guilt free guide for all your ice cream needs!

*This is a sponsored post.

Jane Plan Results - Week 3 & 4

In total so far, I've lost 18lbs in a month and I couldn't be happier with my progress.

Today, I thought I'd share some facial before and afters. I have a load of body ones that I've been taking of my progress and these will be shared in the coming weeks!
As you can see, the first picture is filtered. I took the picture exactly one month ago and picked a filter that made my face look slimmer. Obviously, facial results are impressive but it's the body ones we're mostly interested in. I promise you'll be seeing loads of them! I have a lot of 'before' pics, but I have a fashion shoot coming up this week and I'd rather wait to have some professional shots taken and publish them (unedited) so you can see properly.

The reason I've teamed two weeks of progress into one is because as the weeks go in, single week losses will be less. I've always been aware of this and I'm happy to lose it steadily rather than dramatically. I figured two weeks worth of loss is probably of more interest to my readers.

The past two weeks have had their ups and downs. I've had my period again this week and as I've mentioned before, I just want to eat non stop the week before. I managed to resist temptation last week but I did struggle. I was emotional, annoyed and if I'm honest, I felt pretty sorry for myself.


It's during these times that it's important to dig deeper and remember the end goal. My week wasn't perfect - I ate more snacks than I should have and didn't exercise enough but I know that I'm doing this for the long run. It's a change of lifestyle rather than a quick fix.

This week has been much easier and I've really been enjoying how good I feel about myself. For the first time, I've noticed a difference in my health and my appearance which has given me a boost in confidence. I'm really enjoying the meals (my new plan arrived.  I was able to make changes online prior to the delivery which was great. I wasn't a huge fan of two or three things so I switched them up for more of the things I did like).

Jane Plan Chicken, Coconut, Tumermic & Ginger
Jane Plan Chicken Tikka
Jane Plan Mushroom Soup
Jane Plan Toffee & Pecan Granola
Jane Plan Tuna Pasta Salad

Head on over to Jane Plan to start YOUR transformation. You won't regret it!

H x

Pre Holiday Pampering

It's Holiday season and I'm jetting off to Florida soon. For me, as someone who needs my home comforts (my cats, a Friends binge and my own bathroom...), travelling is stressful, which is why for roughly a week before I go away, I like to do some Pre Holiday Pampering.

If you're like me and micro manage every aspect of your life and have zero chill, then this post is dedicated to you. I feel your pain!

By now, it's likely that I've packed my case 132082 times, double and triple checked my hand luggage and am stressing over whether I should take a backup for my backup pair of headphones. Everyday for a week before I go, I will do a face mask and hair mask.

I love the Evo Hair Ritual Salvation conditioner. It's not a hair mask, per se, but it does the same job. I put this on before I go for my shower and leave it on for a good 15-20 minutes (full review of this range is coming soon, but spoiler: it's brill!) while I do a face mask.  For face masks, I've been using two different ones - the Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Mask and the Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Mask. Both are different but give similar results - really supple, hydrated skin which I definitely want while I'm away in a hot destination.

I always like going abroad with a slight glow so roughly two days before I'm due to go away, I do hair removal and exfoliate my entire body. I use the REN Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Salt Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub because it smells really fresh and puts me in a 'holiday' mood. This is really 'scrubby' and used with some exfoliating gloves, literally works wonders as a pre-tanning exfoliator.

Not gunna lie, the stress is real right now. By now, I'm definitely going to be worrying about the flight, double checking every single detail, crying because I'm leaving my two cats for a week (Don't act like you wouldn't cry too!) and eating everything I can get my hands on. It's at this point that the pre-holiday pampering turns into 'do anything to relax'.

Before the relaxing starts, I fake tan in the morning before I start my day so that it has time to develop. This time, I'll be using the Hempz Yuzu & Starfruit Instant Sunless Bronzing Mousse or the Isle Of Paradise Medium Bronzing Mousse.
If you're like me, then the day before you go on holiday allow yourself some 'last minute panic mode' time, but once that time is up (I allow myself three hours) it's time to take an hour out and relax. 

This is when I take some time out to have a bath with some candles, bath oil, bubbles, a glass of prosecco, a face mask, some youtube videos of Friends outtakes (to make me laugh), chocolate and all of my favourite bath products. 

Products i've been collecting to use for some pre holiday pampering include:-

- Ren Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil
- Masque Bar Mud Mask
- Biore Blackhead Strips
- Aussie 3 minute miracle hair mask
- A bottle of Asti
- A bar of galaxy and a leftover Easter Egg - LOL

After my bath, I order a takeaway and wait for the girls (we spend the night before with a takeaway and wine...) whilst painting my toenails and applying some false nails. I love the Kiss nails - they last the entire holiday!


So even though this post is about 'pre holiday pampering', on the day of travelling, I do have a little routine to keep me calm and get me through the flight. If you fancy seeing a post on what I do to survive a long haul flight then let me know in the comments below or send me a Tweet!

Hope these pre holiday pampering tips help! What do you do or use to oamper yourself before going on holiday?

H x

Full Time Blogging FAQ's

I've been blogging for over six years now and I'm happy to say I am able to do it 'full time'. I'm definitely by no means an expert, but I am asked a hella questions so figured it might be the right time to answer some full time Blogging FAQ's.

When I tell people I'm a full time blogger, they automatically think it means that I make a shiz load of money from blogging, when the truth is, it's a struggle, just like most jobs.  I won't go into the ins and outs of what I earn because I don't want to...

Let a bish explain...

The amount I earn might seem low to a lot of people but some people reading this might not earn an income and would love to be in the same position as I am which is why I won't be sharing how much I earn.

What I will say is that by blogging full time, I've had to be open to freelancing in other areas. For example, I do social media for another company, I write articles for another and can even advise on things such as SEO. It's an entire package and there is no 'one thing' that I can bottle up and sell. If you're intending to go full time, you better be ready to hustle.

Now that all of that is by with, shall we get back to answering some full time Blogging FAQ's?

Why did you decide to go 'full time'?

For me, it wasn't a case of thinking 'I'm now earning more blogging than I am in a job'. I've been determined from day one that this is the end goal. Since starting my blog seriously, I really wanted to make my hobby my job. It makes the day go quicker and feels like everything I do is for the benefit of my hobby. I started going full time when I was earning just enough to survive. That might sound like a stupid thing to do, but I think committing to something, forced me to succeed if that makes sense.

Do you just do what you want all day long?

The thing about self employment is that if you don't work, you don't get paid. There is no 'minimum wage', paid sick days and holidays. If you don't work your arse off every day, you don't get the rewards and suddenly you need to be carefun of how many sharer bags of crisps you're buying at the weekend - LOL! #NoShame..

But how do you guarantee an Income?

Honestly? you don't. If you take the plunge into full time blogging, then be aware that there's not a guaranteed income. I would recommend opening yourself up to other 'blogging jobs' as I mentioned. If you're good at designing logo's - sell them on etsy. If content writing is your thing, then look for content writing jobs online. Sure, those jobs are invariably 'one off's' but it's an income. Take it where you can get it. It still allows you the time and freedom to work on building your brand.

Do you have to register as a business and do tax returns?

That's like asking if it raining in Scotland? Of course! If you made a living out of sneezing, the tax man would want your tissues. Whether you agree with it or not, if you earn from your blog then you need to register as a business.

Being a boss girl (or boy..) means putting on your big girl pants and doing 'adult' shiz. At the moment, you only need to pay tax if you earn more than £11,820, however, even if you don't earn that amount, you do need to provide proof of this and a full earnings summary to the tax man. If you'd like a full blog post on how to register as a business, how to file tax returns and all that yeehaw, then let me know because it's wayyyyy too much info to put in this blog post.

How do I explain my job to people?

Uhh... if I had the answer to this, every blogger or 'influencer' in the land would use it. I have to admit, it's sometimes a bit of a challenge explaining what I do as a living. I'm usually subject to 'How much do you earn?' 'So how do you earn money?' 'How many followers do you have?' questions. The best thing I can suggest is explaining it thoroughly to your nearest and dearest so that they fully understand, then for 'everyone else' I would suggest saying 'I'm a self employed journalist'. No-one asks questions! It's not a lie, it's just not the whole truth and you won't ever have to memorise how many insta followers you receive in a month.

Humans though. Why can't we all be like dogs? no judgement, always cheer each others day up, never rude, full of fun. Ahh, tis' the dream.

Cut the crap, How do you get advertisers on your blog?

This is the million £ question that I can't answer definitively. What I can say is that building good content and promoting yourself on social media is how I've had dozens of advertisers approach me. I know you think I'm talking through my arse. I remember googling 'How do you get advertisers on your blog?' and finding similar advice a few years ago. I thought at the time the person giving advice just didn't want to share their 'secrets'. Trust me, there's no secrets. Do you really think the internet could keep a secret?

My genuine advice is to focus on strengthening your brand (blog) and social media platforms (followers - don't buy them, it makes you a moron and brands can see through moron-ness... And if I'm honest, probably won't work with someone who calls moron-ness, moron-ness. Fail.).

Another tip is to make sure your email address is clearly visible on your social media profiles (if you make it hard to find, no-one will bother!). Aside from that, approaching brands is an option. For this, I'd recommend having a media kit which covers everything from your stats, to your audience demographics, how you can benefit the brand you hope to work with. You can design one yourself on Canva where there are loads of templates and free resources. Again, if you want a full 'guide' on this, let me know.

So if I just go on social media and copy you will that work?

Heeeellls to the naaaaahh nah nahhhhh, it's more likely to end up with a bitch fight and social media drama that FYI doesn't attract followers OR brands...

I'm bitter about this.  Someone who asked me for help once did this to me. Copied my social bio's, copied when I uploaded, my hashtags, blog post format, followed ALL of my followers and even had the audacity to email brands that I work with and telling them that "Holly recommended I contact you". 

Imitation is not flattery, it's annoying and will land you on your copycat ass. You're better than someone else's content anyway! Why copy? by all means, take inspiration, learn from the masses and even take notes from others, but FFS! do your own thing luv.

How do I get free shiz? 

There's a winning formula to getting free shiz. It goes like this...


Put the work in the same as I do and prove that you're worthy of it. There's no such thing as 'free shiz'. The sooner 'new' bloggers learn there is no 'fast pass' to success, the better for us all.


Back to reality.  If you have any questions, just ask. In fact, most bloggers are happy to help to an extent. You can find me on Twitter (@hollysturgeon). If I don't answer it's because of three scenario's:

1 - I don't know the answer
2 - I don't like the question
3 - I'm watching some variation of 'Real Housewives'.

I hope my full time blogging FAQ's help in some way! 

H x

Jane Plan: Week 2 Results

Hi everyone!

Following last weeks 9lbs weight loss I started the new week feeling really motivated and encouraged to stick to my plan. 

The ‘new week’ is a Thursday for me so it’s almost the weekend which makes me a bit nervous. 

I’m worried that I will go out and think ‘I lost 9lbs last week so it’s fine if I eat this 14 Inch pizza’. Let’s see how it pans out..

Weigh day was a huge success. It’s quite daunting for me, because I chose to live my life in the public eye and to do my journey publicly. It means there’s extra added pressure to do well. I don’t want to fail for me but also for everyone else too. 

Tonight my sisters are tucking into pizza and burgers while I quite happily munch on the coconut and turmeric chicken from Jane plan but one thing I do miss is bread. It’s only now when I take a step back from my eating habits that I’ve realised just how different my diet is now - in the best way!

Uh oh. My sisters and I are having a girls night in. This usually involves copious amounts of alcohol and food. I let my sisters carry on as normal while I sipped on a Diet Coke and ate a small handful of crisps instead of my Jane plan snack. I felt like I had the freedom to be part of the company at the same time as sticking to my plan. I’m proud of myself for not over indulging when this would have normally been a trigger for me. 

Today I’m taking my nana out with the girls to go for lunch.

We went to one of our fave places for lunch where I would have normally had macaroni, chips, onion rings and two vodkas with lemonade. I had a chicken & veggie wrap instead. I actually wanted to opt for something healthier. I knew I needed to but I also wanted to and for me that’s a big step. 

Saturday is my day off but I am sensible throughout the day. I had a Jane plan breakfast, a chicken & veggie wrap for lunch and my cheat meal was in the evening as I’ve mentioned before. 

I’ve been up all night being sick and just generally feeling unwell. I didn’t eat in the morning but at lunch attempted half a bowl of Jane plan leek & potato soup. I managed half before I was sick again. I tried the same at dinner but instead opted for cornflakes - I was sick again. 

At night I felt a bit better so opted to try some oatcakes from Jane plan and some healthy peanut butter. I was able to keep this down until about 3am. 

Even though I felt crap all day, anything I’ve tried to eat has been on plan and I’m so proud of myself. 

Still unwell. Been sick a few times. No breakfast or lunch for me today! Dinner is toast, which I later threw up.  I was able to eat the Jane plan dark chocolate bar in the evening and kept it down thankfully. 

I’ve felt lightheaded and horrible all day. Thankfully it’s getting better. I wish Jane plan did a range of ‘bland’ foods for people who have sensitive stomachs haha I opted for the toast earlier as it was the only ‘plain’ thing I could think of. Amazingly, everything from Jane plan is packed full of flavour but sadly it was working against me while I was unwell. 


I feel so much better today. My sides and stomach hurt, I still feel a bit light headed and sickly but I can eat without being sick!!! 

I have stuck to Jane plan through the entire day - muesli for breakfast, vegetable and bean soup for lunch which I ate half of (didn’t feel too good), sweet potato curry for dinner (it’s not really a strong curry or anything so it’s not bad for my stomach..) which again I ate half of. I also had the Jane plan popcorn and later had a lemon shortbread from the plan. 

I’ve not included any fruit or veg today because I’ve been so unwell. I’ve had less than 1000 calories but I just wanted to break it in easily. 


Ahhh this day! 

I regularly get abuse online - it’s part of the job. I have broad shoulders and anything anyone says about me, I usually think about myself anyway so I can usually just shrug it off. Today on the other hand...

Someone sent me a tweet saying:

“Well done on on the 9lbs loss. I give it two weeks before you fail and go back to how you were”

Normally I would have blocked them and moved forward without thinking about it but this one bothered me. I am really sensitive about not letting people down. I give myself such a hard time, I feel like a failure most of the time so seeing that someone else felt the same way about me really bothered me. I’ve struggled to get it out of my head all day wondering if that’s how everyone sees me - as a failure. 

If anything it made me more determined and focussed on sticking to my plan. 

My stomach is still sore but I’m almost back to normal thankfully so eating has been easier today. 

Today I’ve had:

Branberry muesli 
Tuna pasta salad 
Chicken casserole 

Again, I’ve had less than 1000 calories today. I will include more tomorrow but for today, I’m just proud I didn’t go into a downward spiral of self pity. I’m proud of myself. There’s something I didn’t think I’d say. 

Thursday is weigh day, so I will update the post as soon as I have my new weight. I’m trying not to expect too much and trying to just let this be my new way of life. It’s not easy, but I’m doing it. If I can survive a period week, a stomach bug AND emotional triggers then I can survive anything! 

All in all an awful week life wise but diet wise, I’m so proud of myself. 


I lost 2.2lbs this week!


Jane Plan - Week 1 Diary & Results

In case you didn't know, I'm doing Jane Plan. I explained it all in a previous post if you fancy a read.

This is my day by day diary of the past week and at the bottom of the post I will insert how much weight I've lost.

Mushroom Soup. I make a salad from Peppers, Spinach & Cucumber

PS - TMI, I've had my period this week. Keep that in mind!

PPS - If you want to get £25 off your first box, enter code HOLLYFIRST at checkout on Jane Plan.

Day 1 

What a day! So my Jane plan arrived today at roughly 10.15am by which point I’d already had breakfast which was bran flakes and a coffee. When it arrived I started rummaging through everything and was pretty impressed by how much food there was! I thought everything would be super small but actually it’s not. 

So for lunch I opted for the broccoli and cheese soup. This came in a huge pouch and being honest, I couldn’t fit everything in my bowl! I don’t like blue cheese or broccoli so I was a bit hesitant about this. It smells amazing but for me, it was really cheesy which for cheesy fans is definitely a good thing! For me though I couldn’t finish it. 

For dinner I opted for the chicken with coconut, turmeric and ginger. It was BEAUTIFUL. I was still eating after others had finished their ‘regular’ meals and by 9pm I wasn’t desperate to eat something for a change. 

With that said, I’m trying to keep my eating similar to the rest of my family so when they had some biscuits and coffee, I opted for the pepper oatcakes and water. Genuinely, these were the nicest oatcakes I’ve ever tried! They look small but I don’t feel hungry in the slightest. 

In terms of how I feel, I feel full of energy, proud of myself for sticking to the plan and excited for tomorrow. With that said, I’ve also felt really nervous. I’m putting a lot of hold on this and I know it will work, but I’ve never known how to be anything other than the weight I am now. Sure, as a child I weighed less but I mean as an adult. It’s daunting. Exciting but daunting. 

Also as today is my first day, it’s weigh in day. Dum dum dummmmm

I’m definitely not ready to share my weight with you just yet, but I will be sharing how much I’ve lost in weight and in inches. I’ll reveal my weight as soon as I feel comfortable to. 

I really hope that’s ok! So far so good! I was hungry this afternoon but that’s because I didn’t finish the soup and I didn’t make myself any salad to go with it. Rookie mistake! So far I haven’t felt the need to re-download the ‘just eat’ app so I think that for day one, it’s a win! 

Day Two


I’ve never needed to Pee so much in my life. The fact I’m not drinking coffee with sugar means I’m drinking a lot of water and lemon. I really enjoy it, but I think Andrex are enjoying it more considering I’m peeing so much I’m keeping them in business! TMI? What did you expect on my blog!?

Toffee & pecan granola


Curried sweet potato soup 


Chicken korma. 

I feel happy and not hungry but have had a sore head. 

In the evening I found I felt a bit lightheaded and hungry. I ate one of the snacks to help but still feel a bit off.  I’ve had a stressful day so it’s likely contributed. 

All in all a really successful day. Happy with how things are going and feel proud of myself. 

Day Three 

I’m nervous today. I’m going out tonight for a couple of drinks (some slimline vodka tonics for me - more about this in a sec..).  

I don’t drink often and when I do, it’s not usually to excess. I’ve said since I started that in order for me to sustain this, I’m taking a Saturday ‘off’ and I’m allowing myself to have a few drinks every second Friday. The only issue is that drinking often triggers the impulse to eat my body weight in pizza and this has worried me a bit today.

I also went for a 1.5 mile walk today to help with any extra calories I consume tonight.

Today I’ve eaten:

Breakfast: Classic Muesli & coffee

Lunch: tuna pasta salad

Dinner: Janes favourite Fish & Rice

As night falls (dum dum dummmmmm), the girls and I are having a few drinks. Much to my shock, I didn’t even think about food and I limited my alcohol intake.  (4 vodkas and diet lemonade). I was home by 12.30am and had a great night knowing that I didn’t go outwith my plan. I feel pretty proud of myself. 

Calorie wise, despite the drinks I'm still under 1300 calories.  

Day Four

It’s my day off! 

I’ve decided to stick to ‘sensible’ eating throughout the day. 

For breakfast, I had the Jane plan toffee & pecan granola. 

I went out to lunch with my sisters (we do this every Saturday before we take our wee nana for some shopping) and went to one of our favourite spots.

To be honest, it was so tempting to get a baguette, with a huge portion of chips and onion rings which I would normally have had. 

I decided this time I would have a baguette (chicken, peppers & onion WITHOUT cheese). The baguette came with chips and my sister accidentally got extra chips. Guess what? I DIDNT EAT THE CHIPS!!! I didn’t order onion rings or a full fat drink either. I was more than satisfied with the lunch I had and I knew I didn’t need to feel guilty for my choice. 

Then came dinner. 

Every Saturday night, my family cooks a buffet of food which is full of goodies. Nothing was fried and no meat was consumed. I only eat chicken and my family is vegetarian so meat isn’t an issue. 

It was my night off and I’ve maintained that I will carry on with this unless I see it’s stopping me from losing weight. If I think it’s affecting the scales, I’ll scale back on what I consume.

I didn’t consume alcohol and stuck to Diet Coke. Throughout the week all I’ve drank is water, one coffee a day and lemon & ginger tea. 

I feel really good. I know I deserve a day off but I also know that I need to be mindful. My family all have a good drink on a Saturday night and on a Sunday too. 
I don’t drink on either night so it’s not a big deal but what I am worried about is tomorrow. 

Sunday’s are the same worldwide, comfort food galore! 

Day Five

Happy Sunday! 

My sister just asked if I wanted toast and peanut butter or the Jane plan granola. I wasn’t even tempted to say toast, I instantly opted for the granola and I feel so good about myself for it. 

Everyone else is being mindful of my plan and are really supportive so I don’t need to worry too much about there being food in front of me. 

Lunch is last nights leftovers... for everyone else! I’m having the vegetable soup from Jane plan. 

I can’t deny that I’m a bit envious of my slim sisters munching on a flourie bap and vol au vents but this is about the bigger picture and although I’m sad not to be eating the same as everyone else, I know I’m doing this for me, my body and my future. 

I’ve also come to realise that the lightheadedness and headaches I was getting were PMS. I have polycystic ovaries which causes a lot of pain and discomfort during my period but also for a week or so beforehand I get symptoms that suck. 

It’s going to be interesting to see how I manage this week throughout my period. Sorry if this is all TMI but I feel it’s important to be honest about the good and bad of my ‘journey’. 

I’ll talk a bit more about it as I progress throughout the week. 

Tonight’s dinner is a curry from Jane plan. I haven’t had my snack today deliberately. Tonight my family are likely to have food (crisps or cheese on biscuits). I’m going to have my snack at that point to stop any cravings (or at least to minimise them!)

Day Six

It's Monday! I actually quite like a Monday. I like that it's a day for new beginnings and the old way is behind us.

For the first time in a really long time, I'm not 'starting fresh'. I don't need to! I just need to carry on with what I'm doing and incorporating more fruit/veg and exercise. I'm pretty sure those on top of my super clean diet is a winning combination.

Today I ate:

Branberry Muesli with a dash of semi skimmed milk
A ginger snap & Coffee

Salmon with Dill salad (which is delicious!)

Chicken Korma 

JANE PLAN SNACK: Salted Almonds

I loved this dinner. Everything is full of flavour and I haven't felt hungry at all despite being on my periods.

Day Seven

Today is a stressful day. I've had a lottttt of work to do, had a little cry when my cat knocked over my perfectly arranged flat lay and I had zero sleep last night. Damn you PCOS!

Aside from that, normally I would deal with stress by eating. It's been eye opening seeing how I would normally react to emotional triggers with food.  Moving on to what I've eaten today:

Toffee & Pecan Granola

Leek & Potato Soup

Ginger Snap

Chicken with Coconut & Turmeric



I feel like I've already adapted to Jane Plan and have mentally accepted that this is my diet now. I don't even have cravings or feel hungry despite consuming half the calories I did before. I'm learning and appreciating a new way of living. I feel almost 'lighter' which obviously, after a week is strange to say. 

Today I've had:

Toffee & Pecan Granola

Ginger Snap

Mushroom Soup

Tuna Pasta Bake

Jane Plan biscuit snack

Tomorrow morning is weigh in day. I'm really nervous but also proud because I know that no matter what happens, I've done my absolute best. 


I've lost 9lbs!!!! I am SO happy and know that next week's weigh in will likely be less but I am beyond thrilled.


To everyone who has supported me this week, I am extremely grateful. Thank You!