I've used some products from the 'Good Things' range before and have always been impressed so when a few products from the brand came popping through my door from their 'Porefectly Clear' Charcoal Range, I ditched my usual skincare routine for the night and used these straight away.

So first off, I used the face mask. It was a muddy grey colour and didn't really smell of anything. It sat on the skin for about 20 minutes before I rinsed it off.

My skin felt better and cleaner than before I used it, but being honest, I wasn't really blown away with the results. I expected bright, glowy skin and while my skin definitely felt much cleaner after using it, I can't really say it was all that brightening.

I went on to use the Face scrub which has little beads in it to exfoliate the skin. I really liked this. It's rough enough to buff the skin without being so rough that it makes your skin feel tight and sore. After using this, my skin looked brighter. Perhaps using this in combination with the mask was a good combo!

Finally, I used the face wash which is like a thick gel type consistency. It worked really nicely into the skin and I was left with clean, bright skin after using it. I actually used this on it's own the following day to see how it performed, but it didn't really remove all of my makeup so I had to wash my face twice with the same product before using micellar water to get rid of my mascara. To be fair, the product doesn't claim to remove every trace of makeup but it would have been rated higher if it had.

Using the three of these together is a winner. Even using the scrub on it's own is great but the other two products were a little bit disappointing when used on their own. Sob! With that said, the range starts at just £4.99 which is a fraction of the price of many other Charcoal skincare!

Have you ever tried these out? What do you think of the whole 'Charcoal' obsession right now?

H x

Good Things 'Porefectly Clear' Charcoal Range


River Island recently launched a plus size collection - Yes!!!

Being a curvy size 20/22, I struggle to find things to wear on the high street, but now, the fashion gods have answered our prayers and River Island Plus has entered our lives.

I was kindly gifted some items from River Island to show off and thought I'd show you the look!

The dress is an off the shoulder bardot style which has elastic for comfort. The sleeves are wide, almost mid length and slightly fluted which is super flattering for fuller shapes.

The dress is almost like a crepe material and is really easy to wear. I teamed this with some super stretchy and comfortable leggings, a suedette velvety clutch bag with silver hardware and a slim black choker.

For nights out, I'd switch up the leggings for tights and add a pair of heels.

How would you style this dress?

H x

Autumnal Chic With River Island Plus


Since it was my 30th birthday, I thought we should get to know each other a bit better. Here's 30 facts about me...

1 - I don't have a middle name
2 - I'm afraid of a lot of things - spiders, butterflies and clowns mainly.
3 - My Youtube channel initially started as a singing channel - fail!
4 - My favourite colour is white.
5 - My first crush was on Stephen Gateley from Boyzone.
6 - I went through a Goth phase
7 - I have two biological sisters and one that is like 'the adopted one'
8 - I have psoriasis
9 - I've never driven a car.
10 - I prefer savoury to sweet.
11 - I've never lived on my own
12 - I laugh at my own jokes
13 - I failed all of my final exams at school
14 - I am a polo pescetarian (I only eat chicken and fish)
15 - I once had blue hair
16 - I don't like Tomatoes
17 - My favourite song is Queen: These are the days of our lives
18 - My birthday is the day before my best friends.
19 - I hate surprises
20 - I'm a clean freak
21 - My Family are my idols
22 - I believe in Ghosts
23 - Christmas is my favourite time of year
24 - I say 'Shish Kebab' a LOT
25 - I prefer music to TV (Unless it's PLL or Reality TV - Obsessed)
26 - I'm a control freak.
27 - I wear glasses all day every day unless it's for video's and nights out.
28 - My favourite food is pizza
29 - I cry. A Lot.
30 - I only have one piercing (ears) and no tattoo's.

So now you know me a little bit better, I'd love to get to know you - leave me a comment telling me a fact about you!

H x

30 Facts About Me


Yesterday was my 30th Birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway!?

Here's what you could win!

Kiss Lashes in 'Pretty' & 'Sultry'
Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails x 2
Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue
Kiss Washable Nail File
Impress Nails x 5!!!

The whole giveaway is worth £76!

Enter below & good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

30th Birthday Giveaway Worth £76!


Stress. It's something we all get now and again thanks to busy lives, social media and Pokemon Go. When I feel stressed there are a few things I like to do and I found the perfect ways to de-stress in 5 minutes.

First things first, stop and take a deep breath in, and on the way out, say 'huummmmm' whilst clasping your fingers.. I'm kidding. F that for the bants.

The first thing I do, is take a deep breath and swing my arms to and fro. Sometimes, my arms/shoulders crack when I'm doing this and it is so satisfying to release the tension.

Moving on, I go to the freezer and grab some ice cubes. Yes, Ice cubes. I march on into the bathroom and I throw the ice cubes as hard as I possibly can into the bathtub and watch them shatter to pieces. It's like smashing plates but without the damage and mess. It's so satisfying and after a minute or two, you'll feel so much better.  If you don't have a bath tub, throw them out of the window to hit the floor or even just throw some against a wall (outdoors!).

If you're at all like me and tend to be a bit on the dramatic side now and again, you might burst into tears and feel like Miley Cyrus with the sledge hammer.

Next up, I put the remainder of the ice cubes back in the freezer before heading to the bathroom and putting a hair mask on. I roll my hair up into a towel and head back to my room before reading a magazine whilst listening to my favourite 90's Spotify playlist.

Five minutes? I've de-stressed in about 3 minutes and as far as I'm concerned, Im so chilled nothing can stand in my way!

I hope these tips have helped you to de-stress in 5 minutes!

Let me know your tips below :)

H x

De-Stress In 5 Minutes


REN have always been a popular brand in the blogging world and for some reason, I had just never picked anything up to try out.

I was recently sent a couple of products from the brand to try out and so I thought I would tell you all about them (not to mention a 20% off code & FREE £30 kit* scroll to bottom for deets!).

I'm almost 30. Let's face it, gravity is starting to have it's evil way with my skin (and other things but 'imma leave that for another day...) and I need all the help I can get in terms of keeping my skin supple, hydrated and wrinkle free.

So let's talk about the REN Clean Skincare Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion.  This has Hyaluronic Acid and Xylitol which helps to draw in water and locking it into the skin, meaning your skin stays hydrated. In terms of ingredients, I'm clueless. I know a few 'super ingredients' that I should look for in a good skincare product. Both Hyaluronic Acid and Xylitol are in there, so I had high hopes for the product.

I don't use this in the morning because makeup ontop is a little bit too 'glowy'. Instead, I use this every evening (unless I've had a few drinks and have forgotten that not all liquid is meant to be consumed....) so that it has the whole night to work into my skin and by the morning my skin feels incredibly smooth. A small amount goes a long way, It is very 'creamy' and one full pump will cover my entire face (I have a big face, just sayin'). It feels almost like a balm when you're applying it, and thankfully there is no stickyness or greasyness.

The REN Clean Skincare Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion genuinely does 'plump' the skin in an instant. I like to use this instead of a serum, I don't feel the need to use a serum or dry oil when I have this, it's truly a brilliant product and does exactly as it says on the box.

Moving onto the second product I was sent. The REN Vita mineral daily supplement moisturising cream.

This is a day cream full of anti antioxidants and vitamins that help to protect and energise the skin. Again, a single pump of this covers my entire face and unlike the flash hydro boost, I use this in the morning before applying my makeup.

I put this on my face right after cleansing and work it into the skin. It absorbs almost instantly and whilst this is definitely hydrating, it's not too glowy, which means this is the perfect makeup primer.

My skin feels smooth and almost as If it has a protective shield on it. At the end of the day when I take my makeup off, my skin usually feels pretty dry but since using this, I've noticed it feels quite hydrated. I've noticed fewer dry patches and even a few less blemishes.

I'm pretty sure these will be right up your street, so REN have kindly given my readers 20% off the vita minerals range  using code 'VITA' and to top it off, if you spend £40 or more, you'll get a free superhero kit worth more than £30 using code 'SUPERHERO'. The deal is active between 12th-18th September.

Hope you love the range as much as I do!

H x

REN Vita Mineral Review (+20% Off & FREE £30 Kit)


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