You might all be thinking that with Summer around the corner, you're not going to need a coat, but HELLO! did you see the snow yesterday? Let's be practical, as much as we don't want to need a coat in Summer, we do. Enter my tips on how to style a Trench Coat.

How To Style A Trench Coat
Image: Jack Wills


Summertime, particularly in the UK, should be approached with fashion caution. A sunny day can turn into a wet day in a flash, which is why layers are good. With a trench coat, you're adding a warm protective layer to your outfit, so to be practical, keep the rest of your clothing relatively light. For me, I'd be inclined to wear a tank top underneath a shirt with my trench coat ontop, which means it can be easily removed if you feel the heat without having sleeves.


A lot of people (myself included!) automatically assume that a trench coat is long. Well, after browsing through the Jack Wills website (who by the way are sponsoring this article!) I saw a load of mixed length trench coats. Regardless of the length of trench coat you choose, I would ensure to keep whatever you're wearing underneath shorter (i.e your shirt) than the trench coat so not to make it look 'messy'.


Trench coats don't have to be camel or beige. After having a wee browse I noticed how many coats with a pop of colour were available. If you're like me and tend to stick to black, grey, white and navy, then this pop of colour will have you summer ready in an instant.


Trench coats nowadays come in a variety of styles. You can opt for a cropped length, hip length, or mid thigh. You can choose from single or double breasted (single breasted works well for us curvy girls, whereas double breasted adds curves to those of you slim lovelies!). You can even choose to go collarless or have a fancy scalloped hem.


A trench coat is as fashion forward as those new shoes you've been eyeing up, so take some time to decide exactly what you're looking for and don't be afraid to try something new.

To browse the Jack Wills Trench coats and to see their tips on how to style a trench coat, visit their website.

*This is a collaborative post

How To Style A Trench Coat #AD


Since the Anastasia Glow Kits were released, I've been a huge fan. I actually remember being in Toronto on holiday and telling my sisters to STEP ASIDE because I needed to get my hands on Sundipped haha! At £39, it's an indulgence, so I was always keeping my eyes peeled to find something of similar quality at a fraction of the price, and believe it or not, I've found an ABH Glow Kit Primark Dupe!

I was mooching through Primark one day and whilst browsing through their beauty collection (which is now HUGE!) I clapped eyes on the PS Bronze Highlight & Glow palette. It was square and looked pretty similar to the ABH Glow Kit so I had a peek inside to see that it was a great dupe for Sundipped.

Let's be clear, I don't normally buy 'dupe' products. I'm not hugely against them, but I prefer to buy products that resemble the quality of a product, rather than outright copies them (Let's leave the MUR & Charlotte Tilbury saga out of the comments...).

This was 'similar' to the Sun Sipped palette but still wasn't a complete copy. The shades were all slightly different, the packaging was a bit different too and the quality, whilst both good, are both different too.

The PS Bronze Highlight & Glow Palette costs just £4 and much like the ABH palette has four shades, titled 'Sunbeam', 'Siesta', 'Sundown' and 'Pool Party'.

As anyone who has used the ABH Glow Kit will know, they have a powdery yet buttery consistency without being grainy or glittery at all. With that said, to look at the glow kits do have a bit of chunky glitter in them although, this doesn't appear on the skin. The finish on the skin is incredible and one sweep of this will have you staring at your reflection all day.

With the ABH glow kit being so good, the Primark PS Bronze Highlight & Glow had a lot to live up to and at just £4, I wasn't expecting it to stand it's ground the way it is.

The packaging is flimsy in comparison to the ABH ones and there's not a way to remove one of the pigments to replace it the way there is with the ABH glow kit. At £4 though, who really cares?

Unlike the ABH Glow kits, the Primark PS Bronze Highlight & Glow hasn't got any trace of glitter or powdery texture, it is very buttery and applies beautifully with your fingers, a beauty blender or a RT setting brush.

For me, the shades are quite different. Unlike the ABH glow kit, these are quite opal and irridescent. I find these to have less pigmentation but are equally as glowy. I worked this into my skin twice to get the same result as the Anastasia one and it stayed glowy all day long.

One negative of the Primark PS Bronze Highlight & Glow is that I found the glow looks a little bit 'greasy' after a few hours. It moved a bit on the skin which I've never had with the Anastasia one.

Overall, If I ran out of my ABH Glow Kit, I wouldn't break my heart if I had to use this for a while. I'm a fan of it and would be inclined to use it but if it's hot outside, this is more likely to move on my skin so might stick to the Anastasia version in the Summer.

Have you tried the ABH Glow Kit Primark Dupe out yet?

H x

ABH Glow Kit Primark Dupe


If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that despite being plus size, I really hate the word 'fat'. I never use it unless it's followed by an awkward laugh, but today, I'm blasting all of those 'fat' stereotypes I keep seeing in this post: Just Because I'm Fat.

Just Because I'm Fat, Doesn't Mean:

  • I'm lazy. I'm not, I work more hours than most people, I exercise and am rarely 'dozing' on the chair.
  • I'm unfashionable or unattractive. My photo above is of me rocking an Asos Curve leather jacket. I'm a fashion blogger and products I feature regularly sell out. Not so unfashionable or ugly afterall, huh?
  • I'm always eating junk food. I don't. I'm a pescetarian who eats 'junk food' once a week which is less than many thin people.
  • I'm Jolly. In general, 'fat' people are stereotyped as being jolly, when in fact, we're just as likely to be as happy or sad as thinner people are.
  • I want to loose weight. Sometimes I have bad days where I hate my body, but other days, I take pictures of myself wearing something I'd never normally wear and I love my curves. I'm a woman, we all have good and bad 'body confidence' days.
  • I have poor hygeine. This for me is probably the most bizarre stereotypes out there of fat fat people. Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I don't shower or brush my teeth. In fact, anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessively clean and can't stand feeling dirty.
  • I'm unhealthy. I eat healthily, I exercise, I work, I do all of the same things thinner people do.
  • I don't attract men. I have three gorgeous slim sisters and it's fair to say I attract equally as many men as they do. 
  • I deserve to be made fun of. I get 'fat' comments quite often in my job as an 'influencer' but in 'real life' I get them once in a while too. Mainly from other women which is even worse than it being from a man. Us girls should all be sticking together instead of tearing each other down.
  • I can't dance. Someone said to me once, 'What do you do when your sisters are hitting the dancefloor?' Eh, I join them?
  • I deserve to hear 'joke remarks' about how 'those thin ones don't eat like you do' or 'you've got broad shoulders' or 'I like a woman with curves' or 'you look like you can handle yourself.' I'm not a man, I'm not made of stone and your comments hurt my feelings. 
There's been so many stereotypes made of me just because I'm fat, and I'm so tired of them. I'm a good person, you're a good person and we all have bodies. They're just the shell for our souls and it's so small minded that some people can't look past that shell and see our souls are all that matter.

Whether you're a size 28 or a size 8, you're human, you love, laugh, cry and feel the same way as everyone else on planet Earth does. We're all in this thing called life together, let's stop stereotyping people and focus on helping one another. Life's tough, it can be so much easier if we don't have to defend ourselves against stupid remarks which hurt us.

We've all been there and made a snap judgement or a stereotype on someone (how many of us have said 'Potato!' when they hear an irish person? I have!) . Sometimes stereotypes are fun and inoffensive, but sometimes they hurt people's feelings and we should know better.

Just because I'm fat, doesn't mean I'm innocent either...

H x

Just Because I'm Fat


As you all know, I have psoriasis on my scalp and it doesn't take much to really knock it off, so when I was recently contacted by Infuse My Colour to ask if I wanted to review their coloured shampoo's, I was a teeny weeny bit hesitant until I learned all about them.

Infuse My Colour Review

These are coloured shampoo's designed to boost the colour of your hair. I was sent the Gold one to try out which is designed especially for highlighted hair (I ombre'd a few years back and still to this day have golden tones in my hair!) to really tone the colour and keep it looking like it's newly coloured.

All of the Infuse My Colour shampoo's are vegan, contain no parabens, sulphates or silicons, so I knew I was off to a good start as these were unlikely to affect my scalp much.

According to their press release, their secret is the ingredients. Their shampoo's contain cationic bio-polymer to enhance sensorial in-use and mildness whilst smoothing the hair cuticle to seal in colour. I'm not sure what all that means, but I'm excited to give it a go.

There are five different tones of Infuse My Colour. I was sent the Gold to try out which maintains brightness of pale, medium, dark blonde and all highlights putting the sunshine back into washed out honey blondes. Bask in the glow also great as a glossing shine shampoo for any warm coloured hair.

Infuse My Colour After
My Hair After Using Infuse My Colour

Other tones include Ruby, Platinum, Copper & Cobalt.

I was excited to give this a go. The shampoo itself is bright orange. The tone you see is the tone you get! It lathers pretty well and washed my long hair with a small amount of product. The label doesn't say anything about keeping it on your hair for a length of time or anything, but I left it on for a good 3/4 minutes just to really let the tone set in. I rinsed this and my hair instantly felt as though I'd just been at the salon. This definitely has a 'salon professional' feel to it and I didn't feel as though I needed conditioner.

I could instantly see a difference in the tone of my hair when I was blowdrying my hair. It had a more golden tone to it and when it caught the light, some of my greys (yes, at 30 I have greys haha!) were covered! After a few uses of this, I noticed a big difference in my hair and if I'm honest, 4 washes in and I've only used about a quarter of the bottle!

I would absolutely repurchase this. Especially if I had just dyed my hair and was looking to prolong the colour.

Have you tried the Infuse My Colour toners? For more information and to buy, click here.

H x

Infuse My Colour Review


In the first of a series of foody posts on my blog, welcome N'dulge Dumfries!

Ndulge Dumfries

NDulge Dumfries is one of the places my sisters, friends and I frequent on a Friday night for a shandy and a boogie. Yes, we have a synchronized dance to Uptown Funk, yes the Dj plays it for us when we ask nicely, yes, we are 30 years old. Black sambuca will do that to you kids!

I entered a competition on Facebook (check out their facebook page here.) to win a 3 course dinner for two and I won! I never win anything, so celebrated my victory with a few drinks, before booking my free meal for the following day.

N'Dulge is probably the best pub/club in Dumfries. If ever you find yourself in Doonhamer land, bypass channies and head straight to N'Dulge. There's a DJ on every weekend, cocktails by the dozen, booths, colour changing lights, friendly staff and never has any 'under-agers' in thanks to the security at the door keeping everyone safe.

I had never eaten at N'Dulge before, but noticed they have everything from PIZZA (pizza is life, as we all know!) to burgers, salads, mozzarella sticks and even Nachos. I was given a set menu to choose from and chose mozzarella sticks for starters, macaroni for my main and hot fudge chocolate brownie for pudding. All accompanied with 3 glasses of wine (which came as part of their 3 courses for £19.95 deal).

The Mozzarella sticks at NDulge Dumfries are gorgeous. They are coated in breadcrumbs and lie on a bed of salad which has a mustard dressing and also has Balsamic dressing too. I'm a fatty for a reason, I love all the food! haha!

Moving on to mains, the Macaroni came with chips and was presented to perfection. Thankfully, the cheese sauce wasn't overly thick which meant eating it wasn't too 'heavy' and the chips were fluffy and yet crispy too! Is there anything worse than soggy chips? no sign of that here!

Finally for desert, I had the Hot Fudge Brownie which came with Ice cream and chocolate sauce. I was like Joey from Friends after I'd eaten it. No shame. It was gorgeous, I'd go back for that alone, ya know, as a snack and all that haha!

The wine went down a treat and made having an abscess bearable when I took my nana food shopping later in the afternoon. I laughed a bit too much when someone dropped a melon on the floor in Aldi. Fail!

Thanks so much to NDulge Dumfries! definitely be sure to give them a visit if you're in Dumfries whether it be for a night out, afternoon drinks or food!

To view their menu and check out their website, click here.

Holly x

Dinner At Ndulge Dumfries


Not gunna lie, it's taken me quite a while to decide whether or not I was going to post this.

As a Plus Size Blogger, I often try to encourage you lot to be confident with your bodies, but if I'm perfectly honest, as much as I enjoy being in the plus size community and having curves, I'm not always body confident.

Asos Curve Bodysuit

With that said, Asos Curve kindly sent me a few things recently, one of which was this racy, low cut lace red bodysuit. I love the detailing and the sleeves, but it is extremely low cut. I spent a good hour or so getting myself and my camera set up before plucking up the courage to take some photo's.

I posted them to social media (instagram mainly) and everyone who commented was lovely about it but it did definitely make me self conscious. I'm self critical about everything, from my teeth to my shoe size. I'm never critical of anyone else's appearance, just my own. Sigh!

With all of that said, here's the photo's.

Thanks Asos Curve for making me look at myself through other people's eyes and for giving me a wee confidence boost!

I'm not sure I'd wear this in public because it is SO low cut, but if I do, I might wear it under a closed blazer and jeans which would give a peekaboo effect without being too revealing.

Would you wear something like this? I do love a good bodysuit!

For more information and to buy this bodysuit from the new Asos Curve SS17 range, click here. #AsSeenOnMe



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