My friend recently was having a really rough time, after her little cat of 19 years old passed away. As we all know, when we loose a pet, it's like loosing a member of your family and Cosy (my friend's cat) truly was a firm member of her family.

My sisters and I were brainstorming to think of something we could get her that would be respectfully sympathetic, which is when Hello Canvas contacted me at just the right time.

Hello Canvas can turn your photo's into Canvasses of different styles. Whether you're looking for a framed canvas, a wooden effect or an HD metal effect. You can even choose to use a few photo's to create a collage which is what I opted to do when creating a canvas for my friend.

The cnvasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether you want something small (8x10 inches) or extra large (24x32 Inches) your needs are well covered.

You can choose which kind of frame you'd like - colour and finish - and delivery takes roughly four days depending on your order.

Obviously, the larger the print, the more your picture is stretched, so make sure you use a high quality image, or alternatively opt for a smaller size when ordering (or why not try a Collage!?)

Out of respect for my friend, I didn't capture her reaction to receiving the canvas, she understandably was emotional, but more so, thrilled to have received it.

The canvas is extremely high quality and looks like it has been framed by an artist. It's frame is thick and the finish is beautiful. I really couldn't have been happier with the result and my friend loved it.

For more information and to buy, visit Hello Canvas.

H x

*This is a collaborative post.

Give The Gift Of Sentiment With Hello Canvas


There's something about flowers. Whether we're celebrating, mourning or just need a pick-me-up, we turn to flowers. It's strange that many of us will have our favourite flowers and really, won't know the real reason why which is why when I was contacted by and asked if I'd be interested in collaborating with them for a post on my blog, I was happy to oblige.

My nana was ill at the weekend, nothing serious! just a cold, but she was under the weather, so I picked up a bunch of flowers for her. Her face lit up when I handed her the pink and white carnations. Normally, I would just assume that the gesture was what made her so happy, but she spent a good 10 minutes fussing with them, getting a Vase and cutting them to size. It was then that I realised flowers represent a whole lot more than just a gift or a thoughtful gesture.

Flying Flowers recently did a survey on 1,000 UK individuals to find out how they view their favourite flowers and their thoughts behind common blooms.

The flowers I picked for Nana were Carnations as I mentioned before, but there was a thought process that I went through before picking them. I initially looked at Roses, but to me they symbollised romance, whereas Lillies represented grief to me. I wanted something that meant 'love' and 'caring' which is why - for some reason - I opted for the carnations.

Flying Flowers said the origin of Carnations is:

"Their scientific name, Dianthus caryophyllus, roughly translates to “flower of love” and is one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers." and said that people associated Carnations to:

"70% of our participants agreed that carnations depict love, happiness and friendship. However, their different colours represent different emotions. A white carnation can represent good luck, whilst pink carnations represent a mother’s love, rather than romantic love. A purple carnation can symbolise unpredictability, and yellow can convey disappointment."

It's amazing to see how the human mind works! I know that any flowers are well received by me and I feel differently about each type.

Be sure to check out the survey by clicking here.

**This is a collaborative post.



I was recently sent the Lee Stafford 'No Strings Attached' Cordless Straightener to try out and I thought I'd let you all know what I thought.

It's no secret that I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I love that it's in great condition and is finally getting to a longer length but I hate the fact it's flat, I can't dye it (psoriasis) and it's just BLAH!

Anyways, Since I've been growing it and not having it thinned out, my hair is naturally quite straight whether I let it dry naturally or not. I don't really need straighteners to make my hair straight but I do need them to make my hair less frizzy and of course for adding texture/waves.

For me, the idea of always having to sit near a plug so I can do my hair is annoying. There's times when the lighting isn't quite right or if I need to answer the phone midway through doing my hair (happens more often than you might think!) so the idea that these were cordless really appealed to me.

I initially thought you charged these up using the base and then you got X amount of strightening time but actually they're not like that.

Basically you have to press these into the base and turn both the base and the straighteners on. You then wait for the straighteners to heat up then you can take them out and use them until they cool down (which takes a couple of minutes) and then you have to repeat the process.

It is worth mentioning that these do come with an option to plug them in and use them as 'normal' corded straighteners.

So what do I think?

Well they do what they claim to do - you can curl your hair with them and if I needed to answer the phone or the door mid curl, I could definitely see the advantage of these. They do heat up to a good temperature and don't take very long to reach the temperature. I like that they do curl your hair and work pretty well.

For me though, I was a bit disappointed in these. The way they are marketed implies that you can use these cordlessly, as if they charge up, and so the fact that you can only use them cordlessly for a minute or two was a bit of a let down. I could just unplug my GHD's when they were hot and achieve the same results.

For the sole reason that these do work the way they claim to and I can answer my phone at the other side of the room whilst I'm using them, I'd rate them a 7/10, I just wish they charged up!

Have you tried these out? Let me know your thoughts below!

H x

Lee Stafford No Strings Attached Cordless Straightener Review


My Dad is a man who I consider to be a 'cool' Dad. Don't tell him I said that, his ego doesn't need inflated!

He's 59 years old and genuinely looks like he's in his fourties. Why is my Dad a cool Dad to me? because cool to me is surviving things you couldn't imagine, being able to laugh through their heartbreak because he's so selfless and knows others are hurting, never having a closed mind, always being optimistic and being not just my Dad, but my best friend. I'm his number 1 fan, and to me, that's pretty cool.

Despite the fact that he's cool, he could do with a few pieces to look a bit cooler (sorry Dad!) which is why when Jacamo emailed me asking if I wanted to pick a few pieces and show my lovely readers the collection, I was all too happy to oblige.

Dad is wearing a pair of jeans, a polo shirt, boots and sunglasses. He did find it a wee bit uncomfortable posing, so excuse the fact he looks like a scarecrow haha!

Jacamo is a website which caters to men of a larger size.  Whether you're a tall man or a larger than standard fashion sized man, Jacamo have you covered with sizes up to XXXL.

Us ladies are well catered to for plus sizes (it still could be better) but plus size men often get left behind which is why sites like Jacamo are so brilliant.

Dad is a standard sized medium, but he is tall at above 6 feet.

The ordering process is simple - there is a full description of the item alongside several pictures from different angles of the item. You can also find a variety of sizes, reviews and can even see what size the model in the picture is wearing.

I asked Dad what he felt about the clothes and he said he felt like everything was slightly oversized. There was more room in the sleeves to make room for bigger arms and the jeans were slightly more relaxed around the legs. He found this to be an advantage considering he often finds straight leg jeans uncomfortable to wear (he lifts weights and has muscly legs).

To see the entire collection, go to

What do you think?

H x

Styling My Dad With Jacamo


Hi everyone!

The lovelies at Christian Breton's press team offered to send me some lovely products from the french brand and I was all too happy to oblige!

I was sent two products to try out so thought I'd let you know my thoughts.

Christian Breton SOS Eye Balm
This comes in a little pot and looks like a blue cream concealer. The product comes with a little spoon type dispenser to help get the product out of the tub. I initially thought this was going to have a slight blue tint to it but actually when you work your finger into it, it is a clear colour with a lip balm type consistency.

The consistency felt nice and it was nice to apply to the area around my eyes. Sadly though, I had an allergic reaction to this and my eyes began to stream, sting and itch so this product wasn't for me. I used it on the back of my hand to see if I would react the same way and I didn't. Perhaps my eye area is just a bit too sensitive for this but it left my hand feeling lovely.  

I recommend using this at night time before bed, rather than in the morning because it's likely to smudge your makeup slightly.

Christian Breton Precious Gold Eye Mask
This had me sold at 'gold' haha! In case you hadn't gathered, this contains gold and also contains Caviar. I kind of expected it to look gold and smell fishy but actually it was neither! It has a gold tint to it and is filled with gold shimmery speckles and it smells a little like playdoh.

A small amount of this goes a long way and you can definitely see the gold shimmer in there. I left this on for a good 10 minutes then wiped it off as instructed. This did leave my skin feeling really moisturised and nourished after use and it did last for a couple of days. I really liked the result of this and would re-purchase when I run out (even though it's a bit pricey!)

I like that this is in a tube rather than a tub and I like that it feels more like a deep moisturiser rather than a sticky mask.

Definitely a good one for a pamper night or pre-night out prep!

Have you tried the Christian Breton range? For more information & to buy, visit HQHair.

H x

Christian Breton Skincare


Hi everyone!

In a world full of negativity, I thought it'd be a good idea to bring some positivity back to my blog and spread the love a little bit, like hypotetical dairylea on Toast. Afterall, this does reek a wee bit of cheese, right? haha!

These are some of my favourite Twitter friends. They are in no particular order, I love you all equally and there's plenty of Dairylea love to go around, so no need to fight over me. Lols, you're welcome!!

This girl is as beauty obsessed as I am and she always goes out of her way to make people feel good. I was having a particularly bad day recently and this wee beauty got in touch and made my day. She also has the most insanely good fashion sense. You won't regret following her!

Rachel is an Aberdeen based Beauty Blogger. I've not been following her for long but I'm so glad I found her account! she loves communicating with gif's and seeing as I am Gif obsessed, a single mention from this lass has me smiling!

Earlier today I was looking through some really old blog posts from when I first started blogging, and realised mine and her friendship goes back as far as 2012. She's witty, a pain in the ass and one of my blogging besties who is the perfect 11pm wine fuelled chat buddy. Give her a follow if you like sarcasm and beauty perving.

The CSI girls are two friends from Wales who blog together on all things beauty and lifestyle. Again, the girls started blogging at a similar time to me and I just love how authentic and fun they both are.

Leah is one half of the Lander Shafik's and is a force to be reckoned with after being shortlisted to the top 30 of the Feel Unique top Vlogger awards. Leah is the kind of girl who is always there as a friend to help and be a pillar of strength at the same time as making you laugh so hard you need to cross your legs. You're welcome for the mental imagery. Soz. 

So there are my top 5 girls! Next time, I WILL include some men I promise! 

If you have any hilarious people for me to follow, let me know below!

H x 

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