2016 was a year that certainly won't be forgotten in time.  It's up to you decide if that's a good thing or not but I thought I'd share 20 things happened in 2016.

1 - David Bowie's death turned people who were previously uninterested in him, into overnight fans.
2 - Everytime a celebrities name was trending on Twitter, the hearts of their fans dropped for a minute..
3 - Britain lost it's shiz and voted to go into recession, destroy Europe and itself all at once. For the Lolz.
4 - America saw the Brits loose their shiz and decided to follow suit. Trump is president. Good times.
5 - Don't mess with Beyonce #Lemonade
6 - The word 'Bae' is not a spelling mistake.
7 - Short cooking instagram videos would turn the world into overnight master chefs.
8 - James Corden would become every woman's secret crush (Carpool Karaoke Skills...)
9 - BBC's Children In Need will never be the same. #RIPWogan
10 - Taylor Swift has bad blood. With everyone.
11 - A freddo bar costs 26p - #bringback10psweets
12 - Terrorists continued to try and destroy the world. The world won and always will.
13 - Hygge became a thing.
14 - #BLACKLIVESMATTER and the world spoke up against racism.
15 - The glitter challenge and the '100 layers' challenge. Need I say more?
16 - Even Kanye West needed to take some time out.
17 - Spray in pastel hair colour made a return.
18 - Gaffer taping our boobs would be the new bra (until that gaffer tape melted off one summer night out.. Fail)
19 - Chokers made a return.
20 - Bloggers continued to rule the world.

And there you have it! 20 things that happened in 2016. I put a wee humorous spin on it because I'm Scottish and that's what scots do when Shiz hits the fan, we poke fun at it (and everything else in life!)

H x

20 Things That Happened In 2016


Every new year we throw the same amount of pressure on ourselves to learn from the mistakes we made in 2016 and aspire to either fulfil something new or to better ourselves. A lot of my peers in the blogging industry have vowed not to put that pressure on themselves and while I completely 'get' it, I can't help but think a new year brings new beginnings and as such, I've decided to make a few New Years Resolutions to kick start 2017!

1 - Get Fitter
I started the #fatfiles last year and I well and truly took my foot off the throttle, I lost 2 stone and gained it back - why you ask? because I awarded my weight loss success with food and celebrated for a good 6 months. Rookie mistake. I've learned from my mistakes (steer clear of just eat and morrisons build your own pizza counter...) and really do want to get myself to a healthier and fitter place. I want to loose weight because I want to prepare my body for potential pregnancy (not necessarily now but for my future) after learning some frightening statistics about obese women and pregnancy. It's also good to feel my best physically and mentally, which leads me to number 2...

2 - Taking Time Out From My Mobile Phone
I spend a lot of my life online. Being a blogger means I share a lot of my life online and I also socialise with friends and shop like normal people do online too. I've found that even in social situations, I check my phone or send a snapchat or am looking for the perfect instagram picture opportunity. It's exhausting sometimes and it stops me from living in the moment. I'm not taking in how beautiful the Scottish scenery is, I'm thinking 'Oooohh Instagram!!'. I need to reprogramme my brain to live more for the moment and taking time out from my mobile phone will really help

3 - Read More
I read now and again. If I find a good book then I can read for hours on end but I don't look for a book very often. My mind often races with things I want or need to do and so I always find reading a book just makes me feel guilty that I'm not doing something productive. I've not always been that way, I used to binge read magazines and books or just lie around but when I started working for myself, I realised that the only one bringing in the money is me. I can't just work 9-5 and get my paycheck every month. That's the life I chose and I love it so so much, but finding some time to read and relax is definitely something I'm hoping to do in 2017.

4 - Sing Again!
I used to sing a lot as some of you will already know, but life happened and I stopped practicing which subsequently turned me into a shrieking mess. I'm really hoping to get some time to just re-learn a few things and hopefully get back to where I was vocally.

So that's my New Years Resolutions for 2017. I've not gone too overboard and I think I will be able to achieve them. What has made your list?

H x



It's a new year and in the spirit of being a good blogger, I thought I would do a beauty roundup post from 2016 which shows you my favourite beauty products from the year.

This is going to be like a list but below that I'm gunna talk about the products a bit more.

- Just Be 'Cleansed' cleansing balm
- Body Shop InstaBlur
- Maybelline Fit Me Matte
- Sephora Gel Concealer
- Kiko Milano Soft Touch Blush in 105 Dark Rose
- Anastasia Sun Dipped Glow Palette
- Sephora Retractable Waterproof Brow Pencil
- Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Palette
- Milk Ubame Mascara
- Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner
- Kiss Lashes & Lash Glue
- Kiss Brush On Nail Glue
- Clinique Pop Matte
- Mac 'Rebel' and 'Brave Red'
- Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners
- Primark Lip Liners

Some of the things will come as no surprise to a lot of you I'm sure, but some of the items in there have been recent discoveries that have been so good they overhauled my beauty routine in 2016.

You won't be shocked that the Just be Cleansed Cleansing balm is in there. I've gone through two jars of this throughout the year and I'm pretty much hooked. It takes off every scrap of makeup without leaving my skin feeling oily or greasy and the ingredients are so natural and good for the skin that there really is nothing not to love.

I was sent the Body shop instablur along with a few other products in December and it's literally transformed the way foundation sits on my skin. I don't feel like my pores are the size of craters when I use this and it gives a perfectly even base for my makeup.

The Maybelline Fit Me Matte comes in a porcelain shade which isn't too pink toned - WIN! the formula is quite thin, but also creamy and gives a really good medium coverage which can be built to a full coverage. I'm bulk buying it so I don't run out (Maybelline are rumoured to be discontinuing some of their range!)

The Sephora Concealer is a returning yearly favourite - it fits the bill - highly pigmented, creamy, non creasing, easy to blend and lasts aaaages.

Kiko Milano is a brand I always look to when I have the urge to splurge because they're affordable and really deliver some good kick arse products that I always go back to. The soft blush in 105 Dark Rose is the perfect autumnal shade. It's highly pigmented, easily blendable and is perfect with a dark nude lip.

It'll come as no surprise that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sundipped Glow Palette is in there. I bought this in July when I was in Toronto and am a girl obsessed. Knowing when to stop is my problem...

Also whilst on a holiday (this time NYC in November/December) I bought the Sephora retractable waterproof brow pencil. I love this SO much, it beats the Soap & Glory one hands down for me. The pencil is really pigmented and glides on without too much fuss but the best part is the brow comb. It's not like a spooly, it has an angled one sided brush which really makes my brow hairs stand on end. For $12, it's a bargain too!

Moving on to the hardest part - choosing my favourite eye palette. AHH!!! It was so hard to choose but in the end I went for the palette I've used the most and that is the Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Palette. The palette is full of earthy, neutral tones with a matte finish. I loooove the burnt orange shade and just think the whole palette is a winner.

A new discovery was the Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara. My sister gave me this for my Christmas and whilst Christmas was only a few weeks ago, I can say I've used the mascara more in this past few weeks than I have used any other one throughout the entire year. The formula reminds me a lot of the Too Faced better than Sex mascara but the brush is much different. It clings to every little lash and two coats of this is even enough to make me ditch the false lashes on a night out. (Full review coming soon!)

Speaking of false lashes - Kiss do the best ones and their glue is second to none IMO - not even Duo! I love their eyelash adhesive and their brush on false nail glue is a winner too.

I'm a liner lover - the Maybelline Master Ink liquid eyeliner is the best one I've used to date - the pigment is incredible, it glides on and the brush has a brilliant pointy shape.

Moving on to lips. This was a hard one. Anyone who knows me knows that I rock a red lip whether it's summer or winter so I just had to choose the red lipstick that I've been wearing the most recently and that is Mac Brave Red which has a cremesheen finish and is pretty glossy to look at. It lasts all day long and is super pigmented as with all Mac lippys. I also have been wearing 'rebel' a lot throughout Autumn/Winter which is a purple shade with a matte finish. Speaking of matte, the best matte formula of 2016 goes to Clinique! The Pop Matte's are incredible and I really hope they don't discontinue the range anytime soon.

For lip liners, it's hard to beat Smashbox Always Sharp. There is an abundance of shades to choose from, they're creamy, pigmented and you need never use a pencil sharpener - bliss! a close second for me is the Primark PS Lip Liners. At £1 these have an incredible creamy consistency and are highly pigmented - If they were retractable they would beat the Smashbox ones based on price for me :)

So there you have all of my 2016 Beauty faves!

What would make it on to your list? Let me know in the comments below!

H x

2016 Beauty Faves



A lot of people say that Christmas Day is their favourite day of the year, but for me, it's Christmas Eve.

I mentioned this last year, but there's just something special about Christmas Eve. Everyone is in a good mood, people are rushing round preparing for Father Christmas and children (and me...) are too excited to function.

Christmas Eve is also my Nana's birthday! She is the young age of 82 this year - Happy Birthday Nana!! Myself and all my family will be heading over to her house to give her gifts and some company for a while before we come home to start preparing for tomorrow.

I'm going to put ELF on, make myself a hot chocolate, warm up a mince pie and put my cosiest clothes on before helping my mum with preparing veg and cleaning the house top to toe for Santa arriving later tonight. I always put on the old school Christmas carols in the background in the kitchen so that Mum, Dad & my sisters can get all festive too (whilst Mum enjoys a little whisky and coke!).

Later tonight, we're going to have a light dinner and a few snacks whilst we all watch some festive TV and wrap some last minute gifts. My sister and my Dad always head into town on Christmas Eve for last minute things (usually fresh cream, milk, Tattie Scones and bread) which takes them HOURS but they love it. They also head up to my Granny & Grandpa's graveside to place a wreath down and then head across to the other side of town to my papa's grave to place one there too. I'm not a huge believer in visiting a graveside, for me, they're not there, it's just their shell and it's sad enough that they're not here with us without seeing the place we laid them to rest. My whole family feel the same way too.

Finally, to top the day off, we all have some drinks, wrap a few bits and then bring all of our gifts to each other downstairs to place under the tree before my Dad hangs our stockings up on the fireplace. Yes, I am 30 years old and yes I still feel like a child at Christmas. Am I ashamed? not even in the slightest!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! How do you celebrate the day?

H x



I've been blogging for almost 5 years now and remember when the hype around detangling and wet brushes was huge. Fast forward a few years and whilst the hype has calmed down, there are still a variety of the products on our shelves and quite frankly, I couldn't live without mine now!

Tangle Angel kindly sent one of their iconic brushes to me for review consideration.  As you all know, I am very choosy about which products I feature on my blog but this brush stood out in the crowd.

I'm the type of lass who washes her hair and leaves it in a towel for an hour before I let it down. I always have so much to do and even if I'm just doing my skincare routine or my makeup, I like to let my hair dry a little before taking it out. The upside to that is it takes 5 minutes to blowdry - the downside is, it gets really tangly and hard to brush.

The Tangle Angel looks super pretty, it has an angel design and reminds me a lot of the kids hairbrushes you used to get in barbie sets when I was younger (or in our case Sindy because we were skint and couldn't afford Barbie LOL!). It even reminds me of the My Little Pony horsetail brush (in a good way!)

I really wanted to test this out, so I used my Tres Emme Clarifying shampoo and no conditioner - Tangle Ahoy!

I did my usual trick of leaving my hair in the towel for an hour or so before letting it out, by which time, my hair looked impossible to brush. If the Tangle Angel didn't work, this was going to hurt!

Thankfully, the brush glided through my hair with barely any hesitation. I could hear the brush de-knotting my hair but it certainly didn't feel knotted or painful in any way. It took me less than 1 minute to brush my hair and I was ready to blowdry it.

Thankfully this is heat resistant, water resistant and even antibacterial, so I could use this for brushing my hair whilst I blowdried it. I did notice a few tugs as I was drying it but none that were painful or a nuiscance.

Shockingly, I noticed very few tugs or tangles throughout the day which is practically unheard of when I use a clarifying shampoo, but any were dealt with by using my tangle angel.

This is such a brilliant product. I reckon Mums & Dads will love this for their children too - not only is the design fun but it's also great at painlessly detangling which is certainly going to come in handy at bath time!

For more information and to buy a Tangle Angel, click here.

H x

Tangle Angel Review


I've been waiting the entire year to wear Christmas jumpers again. I love the tack, the glitz and the wooly texture. Ahh Christmas really is the BEST time of the year.

This jumper is from Evans and comes in sizes 14-32 which makes it ideal for both standard and plus sizes. It;s adorned with a giant silver snowflake and has grey and white fairisle detailing on the sleeves. I love that the jumper is long length (can wear it with leggings! Yes!)

I wear this with a big coat and ankle boots for the perfect cosy wintry festive outfit.

Evans have a huge selection of festive jumpers and I'm kind of hoping to stock up in the boxing day sales!

What's your go to Christmas Jumper like?

H x



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