Jane Plan: Before & After Pictures

This has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to do but without further ado, I wanted to show you some before and after pictures of my two stone weight loss using Jane Plan. It's taken three months to lose two stones and I am beyond thrilled by the results. 



My Jane plan journey is far from over and I will update you on the next two stone loss but until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Holly x

Dieting On Holiday

As you all know, I've been doing jane plan for three months now, but as I explained before I started, I am the kind of girl who needs a bit of freedom when it comes to dieting. 

Ive spoken about taking a cheat day every Saturday and that has worked wonders for me without impacting my weight loss. 

My new challenge was going on holiday. I knew I wasn't going to take Jane plan with me or diet whilst away but I was careful not to overdo the calories whilst I was away. I was a bit apprehensive that I would go on holiday and then when I came home I would use it as an excuse to go back to eating badly. 

I surprised myself. I put on 5lbs whilst on holiday which wasn't catastrophic but more than that, the day after returning home I was READY to say farewell to the pizzas and martinis and say hello to Jane plan again. I took it easy and didn't go cold turkey for the first week (I had an extra 100 calorie snack per day) and then got straight back into it. 

It's just proven to me that Jane plan has changed the way I think about food and what I actually want. I remember the days when I would hate the thought of having no bread for 6 days again, but my brain seems to have retrained itself and knows what my body needs so as a result it's also what I genuinely want. 

My health has never been so good and more than physically, I feel mentally in control which is something I've longed to feel for a really long time.

Thanks Jane plan. You're truly changing my life!

H x

Why Can't Women Just Be Happy?

Recently, I've been full of happiness and love for my life. I've taken problems in my stride and really just tried to focus on the good things which in turn, made me excited for each day. Yes, even Mondays.

I started to get the old 'something has to go wrong soon', 'I don't deserve to feel this happy' feelings that we all know too well.

Why do we feel that way sometimes? Why do I always hit the sabotage button on my happiness?

I really got to thinking about why this is and Ive come to realise that while everyone gets these feelings, it's more common in women (from my experience and in my opinion). Why?

Some people are probably reading this and thinking it's because we have more active hormones than men and some women who are mums, feel guilty that they're enjoying themselves because it's as if they're not focused on the happiness of their children, which of course is a load of crap.

The real answer in my opinion, comes down to society.

We as women have been brainwashed into believing that it is our responsibility to make sure everyone is cared for and happy above our own wellbeing and happiness.

As an example of this, society tells new mothers that even if they are unwell or unable to, that breastfeeding is necessary. By society, I don't just mean Men. I have come across so many judgemental Judy's on social media and forums where women chastise other women for deciding against breastfeeding.

Another example is the protests against abortion. Some women choose not to have a child for a number of reasons. Physical health issues, mental health issues, financial issues, relationship issues and a whole load of other reasons that has puff all to do with society and everything to do with the woman. We're raised to believe that even if we are so unwell we cannot cope, that it's our responsibility to care for everything but our own wellbeing.

I'm a single woman who at 31 has more than felt the pressures of society to the point where I find it easier to give myself a hard time because I know that if I don't, I'll be frowned upon.

The constant questions about my relationship status, why I'm not married, why I don't have kids, why I'm not thin, why I don't drive, why I live at home, it's never ending and it's the real reason I stop myself from being too happy.

It feels like there's always a 'to do' list that we as women must tick off before we're allowed to be happy but that list will always be never ending. Take it from someone who never allows herself to be happy or content, do what makes you happy. Life is too short.

H x

Summer Wardrobe Edit: The Jumpsuit

It's been a wee while since I did a Fashion post, mainly because I've been losing weight and wanted to 'save' them for once I'm at my goal weight, howeeeeever, I was very kindly sent some pieces from Boohoo's plus size fashion range which is why I decided to give my wardrobe a Summer edit, starting with this Jumpsuit.


This is the first jumpsuit I have worn in about five years. For me, I've always been worried that I look like im stuffed in a sausage skin but determined to shake up my summer wardrobe, I took the plunge.

When I'm looking for a piece to add to my wardrobe, I always have set rules of what is suitable. 

For jumpsuits, comfort is key. Everything I wear needs to have some sort of sleeve whilst also being airy (hello summer sweat) which is why a cold shoulder is ideal for me. This has a scoop neck and spaghetti straps with cold shoulder detailing followed by frilled sleeves which cover my bingo wings perfectly. 

The fact that this has buttons at the front rather than a zip also gets the nod from me. The idea of having to unzip this fully every time I needed to pee (which is a LOT in summer) gives me the fear, especially after a few strawberry daiquiris. This has some little buttons at the top which, even with acrylic nails on, are easy to unbutton and button. 

I have big legs that often swell in the heat, so these being wide legged is ideal for me. The jumpsuit gathers at the waist which gives it a flattering shape and the length is well proportioned (no camel toe in sight!)

The material of this is like cheesecloth. I wore this in 30 degree heat for the photos and I didn't once feel sticky or uncomfortable. 

The only downside to the jumpsuit is that it is slightly see through. Nude underwear is a must which is understandable with white clothing. 

Boohoo plus is available in sizes 16-24. In terms of how this sizes, Its true to size but does run a little long. Perhaps not ideal for shorter women but If you're 5,6+ this is your dream jumpsuit. 

For more information and to buy this jumpsuit click here. 

Holly x

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Trying Boohoo Plus

As a lot of you might know (I've gone on about it enough on Twitter) I am off on holiday to Florida soon so naturally, your girl was on the lookout for some new wardrobe essentials.

I was really luckily gifted some pieces from Boohoo's plus size collection and I wanted to let you know what I chose, how I found the website and how I'll be wearing the pieces.

So first off, As much as I am proudly plus size, I'm human and get a bit body conscious especially when I'm out of my comfort zone. For me, that means covering up the tops of my arms and my legs with the exception of a bit of 'peekaboo' detailing.

I was able to narrow my search down to sleeve length, skirt length and styles on the Boohoo website which saved me time going through things that weren't suitable for me.

When I set out looking for items, the ideal pieces were to include cold shoulder detailing, a maxi of some sort and wide legged trousers, so I was being really fussy on what I picked.

In the end I opted for:

Boohoo Plus Jodie Button Front Maxi Skirt*

This is a thin linen & jersey type material which has a button front. I opted for the black skirt because adding colour to the top & with accessories would be easier. This has a slit up the front which comes just above the knee (meaning any anti chafing shorts worn underneath won't be seen!) This is fitted enough to be smart but loose enough not to be uncomfortable which for me is ideal.

This costs £15 and is available in sizes 16-24*.

Boohoo Plus Eve Drape Sleeve Floral Wide Leg Jumpsuit*

AHHH!!! your girl went off the scale with taking risks here. I normally never ever wear jumpsuits (someone once asked me if I was wearing a 'fat girl onesie' and it put me off) but in the name of risk taking, I thought I'd give this a whirl and I'm so glad I did.

This has cold shoulder detailing (yeeesss!) which means I can hide the part of my arms I'm least enthralled by. This also gathers at the waist before dropping into a wide leg which feels slouchy and comfortable at the same time as being bang on trend.  This has a ditsy floral print too which I am loving and I couldn't be more pleased with the piece as a whole

This costs £28 and is available in sizes 16-24*

Boohoo Plus Jennie Short Sleeved Wrap Tie Waist Top*

Wrap tops are my BFF's. you can wear them with skirts, trousers, jeans, shorts the works! This top is available in three colours - black, white & red. I opted for the White because again, I figured adding accessories with a pop of colour might look cute. For me, a wrap top is ideal for curvy girls because it means you can tighten or loosen the belt to suit your frame. I for example, have wide shoulders, a  medium sized bust and a short waist. I like something to synch in at the waist and not be too baggy at the bust which is why this top is ideal for me.

This costs £15 and is available in sizes 16-24*

Eh, did any of you lot know that Boohoo are doing their own beauty range? me neither! I chose a couple of bits to take away with me and test out.

Boohoo 3 Shade Highlighter Palette - £6*

This has three shades in it and comes packaged in gold with a mirror in the lid. I'm yet to try it out but I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts when I'm back from Florida.

Boohoo Illuminating Primer - £6*

I'm intrigued by this. Primer's for me are supposed to keep my base in place but this one is illuminating so I'd be interested to see if this makes my face shimmery or if it leaves an oily residue. Again, I'll let you know upon my return!

Have you tried the Boohoo Beauty range? let me know what you'd recommend! It's so affordable!

So there we have a bit of holiday shopping where I'm trying Boohoo plus. I'm excited to go away into the sunshine so I'll be sure to take lots of pics while I'm away to share when I'm back to make you all jealous muwahahahha!

H x

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My Travel Checklist - Hand Luggage Edition

Going on holiday or travelling is always something to look forward to, but if you're like me and are terrified of flying, you're going to want to avoid any unnecessary stress by ensuring you've packed everything you'll need to get you through the flight.

For me, because I'm such a geek, I make endless amounts of lists with different categories of things I'm going to need, hence My Travel Checklist - Hand Luggage Edition.


I always pack things I'm afraid of losing so that even if something happens to my luggageamily, I still have my necessities. No, I'm not 'obsessed' with my phone, but it's how I keep on top of work, contact family & most importantly check in on my two cats!

Here's what I pack (I've included some work things too incase you're a blogger like me!)

- Phone
- Phone Charger
- Travel Adapter
- Laptop & Charger
- Camera
- Batteries
- Battery Charger
- 2 x SD Cards
- External Hard Drive
- Headphones


I don't usually pack a huge amount in terms of comfort - just a few things I can keep in my pouch in front of me that I can grab when I need. I pack:

- This Works Pillow Spray
- Eye Mask
- Micellar Wipes
- Anti Bacterial Wipes
- Bobbles & A Brush
- Lip Balm
- A jumper
- Hand Sanitizer
- Medication


I never eat any of the in flight meals because I'm surprisingly fussy, so I take food on the flight with me. I always pack two sharer bags of crisps (9 hour flight!), something with chocolate and a baguette (That I buy when I'm at the airport!). I also buy water and diet coke once I'm through security. I buy the water for when I arrive at my destination. (baggage claim is always SO hot and stuffy!) and the diet coke because it's my all time favourite comfort food.


Other things I pack include:

- A new outfit (just in case something happens to my luggage & something I can change into quickly when I arrive at my destination.
- some makeup bits
- Sunglasses
- Contact lenses

So that's everything that I pack in my hand luggage to get me through my flight. I use a 4 wheel It Luggage cabin case (the 4 wheels make my life easier and it cost me £30 at Matalan).

Have I forgotten anything?

H x


Daily Summer Essentials

When the sun is shining and the prosecco is waiting, the last thing we want to be doing is caking makeup on our faces. I don't know about you, but it's shower, suncream, perfume, sunglasses and out the door as quick as I can which is why I wanted to show you my daily summer essentials.

For me, it's all about convenience and speed (said no woman EVER... I can hear your eyes rolling....) which is why I have six products I use for a typical day in the sun.

My daily summer essentials include a lip balm, skincare, sun protection, sunnies, a dreamy hair treatment and even a summer scent.

When I'm spending a lot of time in the sun, I always ensure my hair is strong. I've mentioned this a million times, but for the newbies here, I lost about 30% of my hair a few years ago as a result of Psoriasis. Because of this, making sure my hair is strong and healthy is a priority. I've been reaching for the Evo Hair Mane Attention Protein Treatment* which contains 100% active ingredients but is free from parabens, sulphates, dea, tea and propylene glycol. This is designed to minimise hair breakage, helps keep colour vibrant and gives a lasting shine which is right up my street. You literally only need a tiny amount of this so it lasts a really long time. I know a lot of hair professionals advise against using hair treatments anymore than once a week to avoid build up, but I've been using this 2/3 times a week and haven't noticed any 'build up' or residue left behind. My hair feels silky and strong which is exactly what I need in the summer.

I also reach for a gel to apply once I'm out of the shower.  The gel I've been using is actually, to me, mre like a serum. The Pixi Beauty Skintreats h20 Skindrink* is lightweight, not overly sticky (though, has enough of a 'residue' to work as a primer - I've tried it as a primer 3 times and it's worked brilliantly) cools, moisturises and plumps the skin thanks to the Aloe Vera, Rosemary & Green Tea.  I was lucky enough to be sent this by the lovely PR's at Simply Be (Who knew they had so much beauty on there?!) and have been using it consistently over the past 3 weeks to properly test it. It's really lightweight and I can definitely notice a difference in how my skin looks (especially if I whack it in the fridge for half an hour before using it).

The most important product in my Daily Summer Essentials is the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Comfort Cream* with spf 50. I am one of those pain in the ass friends who is running (walking at a brisk pace..) around with a bottle of sun cream, preaching about the dangers of not using SPF. I've got my reasons, but long story short, I love the La Roche Posay Anthelios range as it has a broad UVA & UVB protection. This is non sticky too which is great because as you all know, I hate feeling sticky. They also have a mist too which I use a lot.

To get myself out the door quickly, I grab my sunglasses (these ones are from Monsoon last year - sorry! I've found some really similar round sunglasses for under a fiver from the Men's section at Boohoo. Click here*). I also whack on some tinted lip balm to make myself look somewhat put together and protect my lips from the hot weather at the same time. I've been using the Pixi Beauty Shea Lip Butter in 'Honey Nectar' (available at Simply Be*) which looks lovely and does the job (it doesn't have any SPF but I use the La Roche Posay SPF over my lips prior to using this).

Last but by no means least, what would my daily summer essentials be without a summer scent?

I've been reaching for the DKNY For Women Limited Edition Energizing EDT recently after finding it in my PR stash (Thanks DKNY!). This is the perfect combination of sweet & zest. It contains orangeflower, solar musk and a hint of vanilla which I had to google because I'm ridiculous at identifying scents. I just know it smells nice & fresh at the same time as being a bit fruity & flirty which is perfect for summer.

So there you have my six daily summer essentials. Let's be real, living in Scotland means sunny days don't happen too often. Get outside while you can!

What essentials do you reach for?

H x

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Jane Plan - Non Scale Victories

Hey everyone!

I realise that over the past few weeks I've been talking a lot about how much weight I've lost but I haven't really talked about non scale victories.

To date I've lost 22lbs in 6 weeks using Jane Plan which I am SO pleased with. Last week I didn't lose anything for the first time since doing the plan and instead of being disheartened, I decided to try something else.

I went to my wardrobe and tried on some of my tightest clothes (you know, the ones we buy to 'fit into'?) - and they all fitted loosely. I then thought about things that were different with my body since I started Jane Plan, so got a measuring tape out and took my measurements.

I have lost 6.5 inches from my hips, 4.5 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my bust, 2 inches from each upper thigh, 1 inch from each lower thigh, 2 inches from each upper arm and half an inch from my neck. That's a total of 23.5 inches from my body which might not seem like a huge deal to a lot of you but to me, it's life changing and I'm not done yet!

Jane Plan has become a little 'repetative' over the past week or two but I'm due a new delivery on the 6th which includes a couple of new dishes to try out.

My favourite meals just now are:

Vanilla Porridge
Luxury Muesli (with unsweetened almond milk!)

Mushroom & Porcini Soup
Salmon & Dill Salad

Chicken Tikka Masala
Tuna Pasta Bake

I STILL love the dark chocolate bar AND it's the only dark chocolate I like.

I'm going on holiday soon for a week and I don't plan on sticking to the plan. I will however be doing a lot of walking and won't be going crazy but for me, the balance between reality and sticking to plan needs to be equal otherwise I won't stick to it. It's working this way for me so I'm definitely going to get back on it when I come back. I usually gain 2-3 pounds while I'm on holiday so I will let you know when I'm back.

Between then and now though, I'm going to be posting my first BEFORE AND DURING BODY SHOTS!! I'm really nervous about it but it's part of my journey and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you next week.

If you have any questions for me, let me know!

You can get Jane Plan by clicking here.

H x