I recently had my helix pierced after wanting it done for years but looking into it more seriously over the past year. 

I went to Claire's accessories to have it done after almost deciding against it. After seeing the atrocities in Manchester, I realised many things about life, one of which being that life is just too short. 

so off I went and had it done without even flinching. (Check out my vlog on YouTube to see it being done!). 

When I came home, armed with my leaflet and solution to clean the area, I started to google. Dum dum dummmmm - idiot! I should never have done that! I saw pictures of people loosing an ear and complaining of major infections which instantly panicked me but after a few days, my mind (and piercing) has settled somewhat thanks to a few things I've done to help along the way. 

If you're planning on having your helix pierced (or cartilage as it's also known) then here are a few helix piercing hacks to help you along the way. 

1 - Don't obsess over other people's experiences. 
I found it just freaked me out.  I'd rather experience it for myself and form my own opinion (trust me, it's not bad at all!)

2 - Do as your piercer tells you. 
Take a look at your piercer, chances are they've got a lot of piercings themselves and so have learned how to heal properly. They've also likely pierced hundreds of others and seen/heard every scenario. If your piercer tells you to hop on one foot and do the Macarena, do it. Experience teaches more than a book!

3 - Don't over clean it. 
I made the mistake of being paranoid over my piercing and was cleaning it 5 times a day. It weakened the area round about the piercing after a couple of days and made the healing process longer. I clean mines twice per day - sometimes three times depending on my environment. 

4 - Decant some solution into a spraying bottle. 
I found cleaning with a cotton pad or q-tip initially quite painful so had the genius idea of decanting some solution into a travel spray bottle I had and I simply stay the area twice, front and back, twice a day. I leave it for a few minutes before using a cotton pad gently around the area. Just make sure the bottle is new!

5 - Part your hair or pin it for a week or so. 
Until you get used to your piercing, your hair will get wrapped around it if you're not careful which can be painful. If you part the hair in a deep side parting or pin the hair up then it's less likely to get wrapped round it. Just until the tenderness of the ear eases. 

6 - Have realistic expectations 
Remember that you're essentially gauging a hole in your ear and shoving a bit of metal through it. It doesn't hurt at the time at all, but in the days afterwards it can be somewhat uncomfortable with aching and a bit of swelling. I have only had my piercing for a week and it takes 8 weeks before I can stop cleaning it so much (it can take 6 months to a year to fully heal however!). If you think you'll be a miraculously good healer and will be fine after 2 weeks then think again. 

7 - Keep an eye for infection 
So far *touch wood* I've not had any issues with this getting infected, but it's not uncommon. Don't panic - it can be treated and often without removing the piercing, but in some cases the ear can become very swollen and requires medical attention to help due to the limited blood supply to that part of the ear. Just be religious with cleaning 2/3 times per day and you shouldn't have any issues. Don't be afraid to phone or pop in to see your piercer to ask them to check it if you're in doubts. If you have excess swelling, heat, green pus or excessive pain then give your piercer a call. 

8 - Sleep on the other side. 
This is the part I struggle with most. Sleeping on that side can be sore. Try and sleep on the other side to avoid the pain. 

9 - Keep your hands off it!
Hands spread bacteria, so keep your hands off it. Playing with it or turning it a lot can delay the healing process by breaking the skin or making it bleed. 

10 - Try not to worry!
It was so easy having it done. The aftercare is a faff but it becomes your new normal after a few days. There was zero pain having it done and it's the cutest wee piercing you've ever seen. If it's for you, go for it!

Hope these have helped and please do let me know if you have any questions!

H x

Helix Healing Hacks


When a new collection launches by one of my favourite brands, I can't wait to test it out. What thrills me even more is when it arrives on my desk ready to test out before it's released - gaaahhh I love my job!

The Elizabeth Arden Tropical Colour Collection has a few different things - a palette, a gold shimmery oil and a range of sheer kiss lip oils.

Sheer Kiss Lip Oils
These come in six shades and are designed to nourish the lips with a bit of pigment and without feeling greasy.

Key ingredients include Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Tsubaki Oil, Meadowfoam Oil and Splianthes Acmella Flower Extract.

I definitely found my lips to be well nourished whilst using this. The pigment is incredibly light and doesn't really build up to much, but to be fair, it doesn't claim to be well pigmented. I found this was like my lips but better and definitely would be good for those of you who struggle to wear lipstick or who have sensitive thin skinned lips.

Fourever Bronze Bronzing Powder
This is a quad of two bronzeshades, a blush and highlight. The packaging is a shell like compact with a large mirror in the lid which makes it ideal for travelling.

I normally don't contour, but the lightest bronze shade in this is the perfect contour shade for my fair skintone. The darkest shade will be ideal for when I have a tan or for all over bronzing (collarbones etc).

Again, this contains a barrage of incredible ingredients - vitamin C & E, Hyaluronic Acid, Lecithin, Silica, Mica & Sericite. All of these are designed to add hydration to the skin and hides signs of ageing - I'm all for that! I'm not ready for botox yet haha!

Limited Edition Dare To Bare Body Bronzing Oil
Normally the idea of a body bronzing oil less than thrills me. I'm not a fan of anything shimmery for my skin due to the fact I'm likely to sweat it off (that and the fact that I have psoriasis) - so I wasn't overly thrilled to try this out.

I was going on a night out with my sisters & friends, so decided to put some of this on my shoulders and decolletage.

Well, this isn't like any standard shimmery oil. It's subtle and fine, but at the same time, makes me feel like J-lo (or J-Glow - LOL see what I did there) in her 'waiting' for tonight' video where she has all the shimmer on her face.

This smells exotic and coconutty without being overpowering. I like it for nights out - I couldn't wear it day to day but for night's out this is gorgeous.

Again, this is packed with skin loving ingredients including Sunflower Oil, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil & Vitamin E.

You can find more info and buy the range from Elizabeth Arden.

Have you tried the range?

H x

Elizabeth Arden Tropical Escape Colour Collection


I was recently contacted by Panasonic who asked if I could collaborate with them to do a Current Skincare Routine here on my blog and I was happy to accept.

My skincare routine changes from month to month. I use different products, different tools (such as a Facial Cleansing brush )  and methods. This is my morning routine for most days.

The first thing I do to start my skincare routine is cleanse my skin. I use a whole host of different cleansers, but the one I've been loving recently is surprisingly low end - Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash. I've noticed my skin has been much clearer since using this and keeps hormonal break outs at bay.

Roughly 3 times a week, I use a facial cleansing brush to exfoliate and deeply cleanse my skin. I like using the Clinique Liquid Face Soap with this and work it into dampened skin. I was originally skeptical about facial brushes but this really does work well for me.

I love the Clinique Pep Start eye cream and use it most days to waken me up a bit (I also like to use eye drops to keep my eyes fresh).

I use the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair in the morning. Makes sense right? ha! I love how this has been helping my skin and it acts as the perfect base for makeup.

5 - MIST
I have been using a facial mist (I really love the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Mist) in warmer weather to keep me feeling cool and particularly on makeup days, it's great for refreshing my base.

Aside from lipbalm and the odd face mask now and again, I don't really do much else. Nothing fancy, no frills and I switch it up quite often (my skin is oilier or dryer at different times of the year).

If you'd like to see an evening routine, let me know!

**This is a sponsored post

Current Skincare Routine


Before I start, I'm not going to give a political opinion and I won't be telling you who to vote for (or even who I vote for!).

Today, as we all know (following on from endless leaders debates and furious Twitter statuses) is polling day! HURRAH! Whether you're rejoicing because there will be no more canvassing, or if it's because you're like me and love election time, you'll be pleased that today is FINALLY voting day.

I'm not here to tell you all about party proposals or to tell you who lies more than the other, but I am here to tell you in my opinion, why you should vote.

More than 90% of my readers are female, which means it's highly likely that you reading this, are female, which is why I'm going to aim this more towards women than men.

It's important that we as Women, use our right to vote. We weren't always so lucky to have the vote. Nowadays, it's a right. Something that many of us take for granted, yet up until 89 years ago, we didn't have that right. The Suffragettes fought with every fibre of their bodies to give us the right to vote and finally in both 1918 and 1928 a law was passed which 'allowed' women to have the right to vote as equals to men.

Back then, every woman voted. They expressed their rights and as such, we today are born with the right to vote. Yet, in 2016, only 64% of us women in the UK, voted. In Saudi Arabia, women were allowed to vote in 2016 for the first time. Many would do ANYTHING to vote, yet 38% of us just don't bother.

Aside from that, a lot of us complain about taxes, animal rights, housing and education. If you research the parties available, you'll find someone who aims to make a difference in something that you feel strongly about.

There are tonnes of political resources, which simplify things if you're still unsure of who to vote for, just google the area you're interested in, such as:

"Labour/tories/snp/greens/lib dems manifesto education"

You'll find areas of interest to help you (feel free to replace which party you're searching for!).

Remember this - only YOU see your vote. You don't need to disclose who you vote for if you don't wish to discuss it and you should never feel pressured to vote one way or another.

Just Vote. Please, Vote.

H x

Why You Should Vote


Estee Lauder is a brand that I run to for skincare when everything else is failing. My skin has been suffering from dryness in some areas and oily patches around my nose/chin. Despite my best efforts to sort it out, nothing was working. That was until the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair turned up on my desk.

I've used the Advanced Night Repair before, I loved it and for some reason (probably being snowed under a mountain of products to try out!) I forgot that it completely transformed my skin.

In case you've never tried it, the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a serum which is designed to be used at night time. It has a pippette (you all know how much I love a Pippette!) and a few drops is enough to make my skin feel silky smooth until the following day.

At £53 for 50ml, it's not particularly affordable, but one bottle will last me 6 months of continuous use.

As much as I enjoy using this at night time, I even like using this as a primer before applying my makeup, I just find it gives an even surface for foundation which is ideal, but be careful not to do this too often - it's expensive just to be used as a primer!

Since using this (2 weeks) continually, I have noticed very few dry patches and whilst my nose is still oily, it's not so oily that my skin feels like it's melting.

Don't ever let me forget about this serum again! if you see me moaning on Twitter about having bad skin,  please do point me in the right direction!

Have you tried this out? For more information and to buy, click here.

H x

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair


I've not really tried a huge amount of This Works products, but when a couple of their products were sent to me to try out I was excited to try them out.

I was given the Sleep+ Pillow Spray and the Perfect Body Muscle Therapy treatment.

The deep sleep pillow spray has long been a favourite of mine. I regularly use the miniature bottle I have for travelling to keep me calm during a long flight which I'm known to find a tad stressful (a closed cabin full of people without my own personal space freaks me out somewhat..).

Being a fan of the Deep Sleep spray, I was excited to try out the pillow spray. Normally at bedtime, I have a glass of water, do my skincare routine and settle down to a few hours of more work. I can't help it, my mind is always overactive at night time and so for me, it's become my routine to be productive and not to fall asleep instantly at bedtime.

Upon receiving this, I decided to cast my work aside and have a proper 'chill out' night where I put a face mask on, listened to the radio and spritz some of the This Works Sleep+ Pillow Spray onto my pillows. I lay on my bed at 10pm feeling fresh (I even shaved my legs girls, you know how fresh I was feeling!) expecting to feel wide awake but actually, I felt so calm and ready to sleep. I fell asleep at 10(ish) and whilst I woke up a few times throughout the night (I always do!), I happily fell asleep moments later.

I LOVE this. If for nothing else but it made me feel so calm and relaxed. I also used this one night when I was working in my bed and was stressing about social media drama. Within about 10 minutes, I certainly wasn't asleep, but I was much calmer than I had been just moments before. I'm sold on this.

Some of you might know, that recently I've been increasing my workouts a bit in a bid to try and get healthier (too many pizzas, not enough salads, you know the score). With those workouts, and the fact that I'm an idiot and don't do a warm up or cool down on occasion (most times tbh), comes aching muscles.

The This Works Perfect Body Muscle Therapy is designed to be used on aching muscles to help relieve the pain with a rollerball which contains Marjoram, Clove & Black Pepper. It's full of natural essential oils and just smells gorgeous.

I used this on the base of my back and it instantly gave a warmth through it which helped to ease it somewhat. I rarely get headaches but was happy to read this helps with them, as I tend to get a headache whilst travelling (which is when I notice aches and pains more often).

I wouldn't run out to buy this again. I think it's great for gym bunnies, headaches and might even be good for period pain but I do think this is limited in it's use for me. I'd probably reach for this if I pulled a muscle to get some slight relief from the pain but ibuprofen would probably do the same trick.

I really hope I've not cursed myself and will now get a pulled muscle that I need to use this on haha!

Have you tried these out?

H x

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