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The Perfect Beach Bag?

I'm an overpacker. If I've got room in my bag, I will fill it with things I invariably don't need which is why a smaller bag that will still fit everything I need but doesn't allow me to pack everything but the kitchen sink for a trip to Tesco is ideal.

This bucket bag is from Asos and I couldn't be happier with it. I've been using it loads recently. It's ideal for summery beachy days! The front pouch is ideal size for powder and lipstick (even a powder brush would fit!). The main area is fits a large purse, phone, sunglasses, SPF and even my boyfriend's wallet was in there at one point. It's ideal for people who (like me) tend to put too much in their handbags, because it just doesn't have room for clutter!
I love that this has gold hardware, an adjustable long strap AND a shorter strap that can be carried around if you're the type of person that hates hanging things on your shoulder.

So far, I've teamed this with jeans, a maxi dress, a skirt, shorts and even a swimsuit. It goes perfectly and is adaptable for any outfit.

For more info and to buy the Asos mini Croc bag (£18), click here.

H x
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SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser

It's been a wee while since I've done a standalone review. The reason for this is because I really only want to do a standalone review for products I think deserve it, so I'm really picky about which products I feature and which ones I don't.

Anyone who knows me knows that I suffer from Psoriasis on my scalp and (depending on triggers) my arms & face. About two months ago, I was contacted by the PR at SVR who offered to send me some of their range to try out after learning about the skin trouble I have. I was sent a couple of products, including the SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser.

I always test skincare out over a month as a minimum before giving any final thoughts on it because skin takes a while to adapt to the new products or routine it has which is why it has taken so long for me to do this review. I've used the entire contents and finally wanted to share my thoughts.

First off, a bit about SVR...

SVR is a French skincare brand which is dedicated to providing products for very reactive sensitive skin. The brand is regularly prescribed by Dermatologists and recommended by Pharmacists thanks to its gentle formulas and suitability for even the most angry of skintypes. The brand started as a small family business in 1962 and has become the huge success that it is now.

The Topialyse range..

TOPIALYSE is the range dedicated to dry, very dry, irritated and atopy-prone skin. The TOPIALYSE family of products provides a range of emollients and cleansers for the face and body, and provides enhanced anti-itching* action and maximum comfort and skin-tolerability.  

SVR TOPIALYSE Gentle Cleanser has been dermatologically, paediatrically, ophthalmologically and gynecologically tested it may be used on the face as it does not sting the eyes, it's pH balanced for intimate hygiene and maintains the balance of skin-flora making it ideal for all-round gentle cleansing at baby's bathtime (hair and body).

As I mentioned, I've really put it to the test and tried it out everywhere over the past month.

As a shampoo, I found this lathers really easily which made me question whether it was just cleaning on the surface rather than actually cleaning my scalp. For the first time in months, I noticed I had less irritation, less lumps and flakiness. My hair actually was squeaky clean and there was no excess shedding of my hair (though a detangler would come in handy as I did notice my hair was more 'tuggy' than normal).

As a face wash, I applied this to damp skin and worked the gel into my skin using small circular motions. Again, this did lather well and I found my skin was well cleansed, not irritated and less dry than normal. I used this continually over the month and had no psoriasis flare ups which is unheard of over a month (usually once a week I'll have a flare up).

On my arms, this worked the exact same way as it did on my face. I did notice my arms had a breakout (as normal) but nowhere near as inflamed as usual.

overall, I have nothing negative to say about this. Nothing. I figured that the price would represent the quality and so expected to find it cost £35+ to replace but I was amazed to see that this costs just £3!!!!! WHAT??? I'm on my way to buy a few!

The SVR Topialyse Gentle Cleanser is available at Feel Unique.

H x
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My Bingo Wings & I

One of my 'flaws' that I nano focus on are my upper arms. I loathe them and the idea of sharing a picture of them in all their flabby, unfiltered, unedited glory is enough to make me want to hide them forever. I can't do that. I won't do that. 

Today I logged into my Instagram to three comments on a picture of me wearing a dress, calling me all the nasty names under the sun. Normally I'd accept it because the comments are nothing worse than I've thought about myself, but actually, I'm tired of it. 

I knew getting into this job and putting myself 'out there', that I was never going to be liked by everyone, but I'm a good person. I try really hard to have a social conscience by not promoting or using anything harmful, to not Photoshop my body so that women and teenagers don't think it's real life, I don't promote hate or negativity and I rarely indulge in the community drama so not to contribute towards negativity. 

My boyfriend, family and friends are the people I'm interested in being 'good enough' for, not some random troll on the internet.

Doing your best will never be good enough for people who only want to look for the negativity. Do you. Keep doing your best. You've got this and so do I ❤️

H x
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Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection

I've mentioned before that I've been experimenting with colour makeup wise and in fashion. When I've done a makeup look, it just doesn't feel 'finished' unless I've applied some lashes.

I've been using kissproducts eyelashes for years now and I'm never disappointed in them. I love that they release different collections regularly so there's always something new to try, but more than that I love the result I get from using them.

The lashes I've chosen for this look are the Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink lashes in 'Tulle'. These are multi dimensional meaning they blend into your natural lashes seamlessly. The flexible band of the lashes makes application really easy and I can reuse them as much as I like as long as I'm careful removing the glue!

I love peeling my eyelashes off at the end of the day (much to my boyfriend's disgust! 🤣) You can buy @kissproducts at Superdrug, Boots & more.

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7 Things I wish I knew when I was single

I've been in a relationship with Chris for 9 months now (high five for putting up with me!) and he truly is the apple of my eye, love of my life, blah de blah de blah.With that said, being in a relationship has opened my eyes to some things that I wish I'd known when I was Single. Ladies, this one's for you!

1 - Men don't know how to 'talk' to Women...

Chris is the loveliest guy ever and whilst he truly makes me feel my absolute best all the time, I have come to the realisation that Men don't know how to talk to Women. Here is an example...

Me: *Gets up early to get dolled up for boyfriend. Steps off bus with suitcase to go on a weekend away*
Chris: *Smiles*
Me: *he must love how good I look...*
Chris: "hiya baby! aww you've got that thing!!"
Me: *thinking he means the sass of a catwalk model* "what's that then?"
Chris: "Dandruff".

His wee face was so oblivious to the fact he'd said anything wrong so I just laughed. It was right there and then that I realised Men don't know how to talk to Women.

2 - I have double standards..

I am Woman hear me roar, but eh, I don't want to deal with carrying my bags, can you do it for me? I always insist on doing things myself as 'just because I'm a Woman doesn't mean I NEED a Man to help me' but sometimes, when I just don't want to deal with my shopping bags, or I want to watch Love Island, I like to remind Chris that I'm a girl and he should do it. I have double standards. I'm happy to admit it.

3 - I see girls checking him out, EVEN WHEN I'M WITH HIM!

Not every girl has the same 'girl code' as I do (if you don't know what that means it's likely you're void of it... #JustSayin). There was one time I remember specifically because your girl dragged her boyfriend to Iceland (the shop, not the country) to buy snacks (if I'm watching football for him it's likely because I've been promised snacks!). As I was casually checking to see which sharer bags of crisps felt the fullest (yes, really), I noticed some kale munching goddess eyeing up Chris! she did the hair flick, then looked at him and then noticed the 5,7 crisp laden gremlin next to him (that's me FYI) and smiled. Gurrrrlll... Naw.

4 - If you 'advise' a Man on something, he will ignore it.

"babe, don't pick that spot, it's a bite and is still inflamed, it'll make it worse" *Chris picks spot*
"let's not mix drinks tonight so we're not too rough tomorrow" *Chris drinks tequila and washes his dinner down with some cider*
To avoid having a nervous breakdown, I just try not to 'advise' men unless I'm asked!

5 - Giving a Man 'options' leads to PMS-esque breakdown

"Do you want the first shower or should I go first and blowdry my hair while you're in?" or "We can either order some food before we get ready or after but if we order before we get ready chances are it'll be here by the time we're ready so should we just do that?"
Both of these are questions which will cause you to have a PMS-esque breakdown. Men cannot make decisions. End of discussion.

6 - Makeup gets blamed for EVERYTHING

It doesn't matter if it's a slevver stain on his pillow from him drooling through the night or i'm taking too long to get ready, makeup gets blamed for everything. Babe, if it wasn't for makeup you wouldn't want to leave the house with me. Be grateful.

7 - Men will moan at you for taking too long to get ready, then be the last one out of the house..

Timeline of me and Chris getting ready for anything...

Chris: "Oh times going in quick eh'
Me: "oh is it. Ah well I won't be long"

*2 minutes later*

Chris: "better watch your time darling"

*Another 2 minutes later*

Chris: "have you seen the time?"
Me: "aye ok!! I just need to do my lipstick and decide what I want to wear"

*Insert Chris having a breakdown*

Me: "right the taxi is here"
Chris: "aw ok. I'm just going to nip to the loo"

Every. Bloody. Time.

So there are 7 Things I wish I knew when I was single. What do you wish you knew when you were single?

Holly x
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Updated About Me!

The last time I did an 'about me' was when I first started my Blog seven years ago. Since then my readers have changed and so have I which is why I thought I'd do an updated about me!

I'm also going to tag some other Bloggers to do this same post - it's easy, quick, informative and apart from anything else, I LOVE reading posts like these. Getting to know people better is the one.

NAME: Holly Sturgeon (no middle name, #BasicBitch)

AGE: 32 - Thanks for reminding me!

FROM: Dumfries, Scotland (Mon the doonhamers!)

SIBLINGS: I'm the eldest of three girls

STARSIGN: Virgo - we the best...

SINGLE/TAKEN: I might be 32 but I still feel warm and fuzzy saying 'Taken'!

FAVOURITE FOOD: PIZZZAAAAA *queue kevin McCallister Home Alone Pizza run*

BIGGEST 'FUNNY' FEAR: Butterflies. How did a caterpillar just decide to grow wings? It's scary!

FAVE TV SHOW, MOVIE & SONG: Friends, Braveheart & Hurt by Johnny Cash

TELL US A JOKE: What does a Kettle get when it's had too much to drink?... STEAMING!

WHAT'S YOUR HAIR NATURALLY LIKE?:  Well damn, Almost black (with a few greys AKA 'rays of sunshine', slight wave

FUNNIEST MEMORY: Talking to Chris' Dad on the phone whilst jumping in puddles. Yes, I'm 32.

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Mixing sweet with savoury. Pineapple on Pizza? no.. Banana on toast? NO!!

PETS: 2 cats



FAVE BEAUTY PRODUCT?: Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc

FAVE DRINK?: Pink Gin & Lemonade or Vodka, lemonade & a dash of strawberry.

CAN YOU SWIM?  No. I would drown.

I WANT TO BUY: Saw a silver ring but they didn't have it in a size T. Also costs £1800 so nahhhh, but also want one of those beaut Abbot Lyon bags with my initials on it.


GUILTY PLEASURE: Gruesome videos (cyst removal, back cracking etc)


TAG YOUR FAVE BLOGGERS TO COMPLETE THIS! Not sure why I'm shouting... Lols.

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If you decide to do the tag on here or on social media, I'd really appreciate it if you could tag me or leave me a link below so I can get to know you too!

H x
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Planning A Baby Shower

Hi Everyone!

The World seems to be suffering from Baby fever right now, with royalty Meghan Markle & Prince Harry announcing the arrival of their baby boy, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian expecting a baby imminently and even fellow creator Lily Pebbles is expecting her bundle of joy soon.

I know I'm definitely at the age where a lot of my friends are expecting babies and in some occasions I've been given the adorable task of planning a baby shower but anyone who has planned a baby shower knows that it's no easy task. From knowing who to invite, to the decor, food, drinks, location, entertainment and gifts, it can be difficult, not to mention bloody expensive which is why I thought I'd share some of my ideas.

If you've been asked to plan the baby shower, chances are you're close to the expectant parents and will know who their loved ones are. HOWEVER, some parents to be like to do seperate events - for example, some of my closest friends recently decided to have a meal with their parents and siblings, so the shower was kept purely for friends and extended family. In my opinion, a baby shower should have 20 or less people and please, PLEASE, don't forget to invite the Daddy to be! it's equally as exciting for them too!

Personally, inviting everyone to the expectant parents' home is just not suitable. Usually Baby showers are planned in the final weeks of pregnancy and by that time, the mumma to be will be happy to escape back home where there is no mess to clean or stragglers to shoo from the property at the end of the shower. I booked a local pub on a Sunday afternoon (it was empty). It meant we could reserve tables, decorate and drinks were up to everyone else to get at the bar.

For me, the perfect time to have a baby shower is on a Sunday at 2pm. It means everyone has been able to lie in a little bit on the Sunday morning and had time to get ready but it will be finished before night time which means the expectant parents won't be overly tired.

If you're budget restricted (who isn't?) then I'd definitely recommend making your own buffet rather than paying a catering firm. When my Sisters and I were recently planning a baby shower for one of our closest friends and decided to delegate buffet making chores such as making sandwiches and sausage rolls.

It's also a really good time to get creative! Here's some things I like to do:

- Head to ebay and have a look at some baby shower cake toppers. You can pick these up for £2 (including delivery!), go to the shop (or bake your own) to get some cupcakes and place a cake topper in each one.

- Buy baby bottles (12 for £3 on ebay!) and fill them with pick n mix sweets

- Get popcorn bags (or icing bags work just as well) and have stickers made with the babys name on them (or mumma's!) and place them on the bags before filling with popcorn and tieing with some ribbon (again, you can get 24 personalised stickers on ebay for £1.95 delivered)

This post is NOT affiliated with or sponsored by Ebay by the way haha! I just like that so many things are available at competitive prices and it's genuinely where I bought all the things I used!

Obviously, the expectant mumma can't really drink alcohol and the guests are probably not going to get lit on a Sunday afternoon, so the entertainment will be a little bit cringe. For me, I prefer to let people mingle as they please and play some good music.

I also like bringing paper and pens so people can make baby predictions - ie - gender, hair colour, weight, date of arrival etc. You can buy baby Prediction game cards from amazon for £1.99 delivered.

This is tricky because it varies from person to person. For me personally, I like to buy a few smaller gifts to cover all bases. For example:

Something for the Mum-to-be's comfort - I recently gave my friend some Love Leggings which are over the bump maternity leggings. These are incredibly soft and hold you in at the same time as allowing you to breathe. They don't go bobbly or see through either and I know of two mumma's who now won't wear anything else!

A cute outfit - I always like to buy a cute wee outfit and shoes for the parents to coo over. I actually recently bought a Harry Potter babygrow and hat for my friends baby (Who has now arrived! Welcome to the World, Baby Orion!!)

Something Practical - I went to the shop and filled a box full of wipes, muslin cloths, Baby scissors, nappies, bottle cleaners, changing mat etc.  I also included some Johnsons baby products aswell. Quite honestly, they never go wrong and always are warmly received! The Johnsons Cottontouch 2 in bath & wash and Face & Body Lotion smell like 'babies' and quite honestly even adults could use it! The bottles are huge and will last ages!

Relaxing Products - In the final days of pregnancy and in the weeks after (or years haha!) life can feel a bit overwhelming, which is why I always like to give some relaxing pamper products and opted for the Vie Healthcare Moroccan Hammam Spa Gift Pack.  Each set consists of Beldi Black Soap with Eucalyptus (200g), Rhassoul Clay (200g) from the Atlas Mountains and Argan Oil (50ml), all sourced from Morocco for an authentic Hammam experience, one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. You can buy the set here for £18.95.

A Memory Box - A memory box is ideal for baby bracelets, first photos, scan pics, baby prediction cards etc. I think it's such a brilliant gift idea and you can even have it personalised for the baby!

Make sure you clean up and don't leave anything heavy or bulky for the parents to take home. In my experience, a baby shower is about celebrating how amazing the pregnancy and journey to parenthood has been more than the actual baby. I think a lor of time is usually spent talking about the impending childbirth and the concerns that expectant mumma's experience which is understandable. Just offering a listening ear and your encouragement is enough and it's likely the mum-to-be is simply getting some things off her chest!

I've also learned what NOT to do from seeing the behaviour of others at a Baby Shower:

1 - Do NOT go empty handed. Even if it's chocolate, just don't turn up empty handed - some people draw attention to the poor souls who do turn up without a gift. It's not a competition and of course, 99% of people would never draw attention to it but there's always that 1%...

2 - Do NOT get drunk. I would stick to a '2 drink' rule. No one needs a drunk rendition of 'bye bye baby' at 2pm on a Sunday..

3 - Do NOT leave empty handed! One thing I've found about all baby showers is that there's always an abundance of food and leftovers that needs to go somewhere. Make life easier and just take home some cake. It'll keep everyone happy!

4 - Keep it short & sweet - 5pm finish! That way no one has time to get drunk, get bored or fizzle away as the day wears on. It also means you can get home to a glass of wine and the parents to be won't be overly exhausted.

5 - Don't forget the Daddy! I know I touched on this earlier, but it's his day too and he is likely to be just as excited as the mum to be.

6 - Don't tell horror birthing stories. Preggy peggy is probably already having irrational fears about giving birth to a 26lbs hedgehog so let's keep the horror stories for another day!

Aside from that, Have fun! I'd love to hear your recommendations so let me know in the comments below!

H x


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Gifts For Him

Hi everyone!

With Fathers Day 2019 right around the corner (sunday 16th June), I thought it would be a great time to take a look at some unique ideas for gifts!

This is an underwear brand that brands itself as 'The World's Comfiest Underwear'. You can buy both male and female boxers but in this case, I'm recommending the male ones as a gift for him. The breathable fabric is designed to stop sweaty balls (sorry for the mental image!), have 'speed fit' which means the boxers are cut specifically to package things without squashing them and 'lift' for comfort. On top of that ladies, it's an excuse to look at men in skimpy boxers without the guilt. You can thank me later!

To shop the range at ComfyBalls, click here. 

I always find shoe shopping to be stressful when it comes to Men,  but I asked my Dad what a fail safe pair would look like, he said you can never go wrong with a pair of boots like these ones from Matalan. Dad said his ideal checklist for boots are:-

- Nothing too bulky
- Laces not zip
- Something sturdy/easily wipeable
- Rubber sole

The Chukka Tan Boots from Matalan cost £14 (On Sale!). Click here for more information. 

Beards are more popular nowadays than Blue mascara was in the 90's, which is why I obviously couldn't mention gifts for him without including a beard kit. To make it a little extra special, I've chosen to talk about this one from the set includes a personalised grooming bag which can say any name, whether that be his nickname or his actual name. Included inside is a beard shampoo, beard & face conditioner and beard oil. The set is vegan friendly and costs just £24.95.

To buy the personalised beard grooming set, click here.

It's still that time of year that it's way too cold to leave the house without a coat. I have specific requirements when it comes to finding the perfect coat for him. My requirements are:

- That it's waterproof (#ScottishProblems haha!)
- Isn't black (no funeral vibes...)
- Is longer than hip length but shorter than trench length
- Has loads of pockets/compartments (so I don't have to carry anything extra in my bag seeing as men invariably don't use them. How do they even cope?)
- Has two sets of pockets - one for his hands, one for mine. Gloves are just inconvenient.

I came across this Borg Hooded Parka from Matalan and it fits the bill perfectly. Priced at just £45 it doesn't break the bank either.

To buy the Borg Hooded Parka from Matalan, click here.

With the costs of cars and buses rising, it's a great idea to give the man in your life a scooter. A push scooter will also help him to get some exercise at the same time! The Frenzy 250mm Recreational Scooter comes in both black and red and is the perfect gift for any man who likes to get from A to B without the expense of public or private transport. This also folds away for easy storage too!

Currently on sale at £109.95, the Frenzy 205mm scooter is available by clicking here.

So there you have a few suggestions for buying gifts for him! Us girls are so easy to buy for, there's really no need for me to do a gifts for her feature, right? ... Silence...

H x

This post features PR gifts and some affiliate links.
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What a Month March has been!

Ever since the year of January ended (why does it always last so long?), time seems to have flown by (God, I sound like my Mum...).

March was a pretty good month for me and I've literally never stopped between one thing or another which is why I thought I'd tell you all about my Month.


One of Chris' closest friends is in a band called Tiderays (click here to have a listen to their music, they're awesome!) and they were performing a local gig at 'The Venue' in Dumfries, so myself, Chris and a few of his friends went to see the gig. The band had everything from a poetic reading, to a girl playing the violin. The band themselves create their own music and even have professional music videos. I know it might seem like I'm biased but the gig was amazing! The band were interactive with the crowd, signed merch and met everyone afterwards. Most importantly, they had a way of making us feel everything they were performing - we danced when they danced, we sang when they sang and even cried when they cried. For me, those are the best bands and gigs!

After the gig, we all went out for a few drinks and celebrated. I drank Ninja juice (smirnoff ice, 2 shots of cola cube & vodka) which was lethal but I got to know a few of Chris' friends which was awesome.


Every Friday night, I get together with my friends and we all go for a few drinks. We went to the Granary for dinner one night which was absolutely lush. After that, I drank a feeeew pink gins with lemonade and was doing David Attenborough impressions again. Standard Friday!


Leah (one of my closest friends!) is 7 months pregnant and throughout March we've been planning a wee baby shower for her (she knows about it!) but the shower itself isn't until April 14th. I love baby shopping so I'm loving every minute of being an auntie for the first time, even though baby boy henderson is not here yet.


Myself, Chris and his friends all hired a minibus and headed off to Edinburgh to a place called the 3 sisters to see the Scotland v England Rugby game. We were lucky enough to have a booth (thanks Stevie!) and the game was amazing!!. Beside us were some lovely Welsh rugby fans who were brilliant and we all had a great day. I made vodka jelly shots for the trip up to Edinburgh which didn't set and were more like jelly slush, but they all went down the same way! The whole weekend was brilliant and I can honestly say that Chris' friends were genuinely the most welcoming bunch ever! I always get really nervous when I'm meeting people and go quiet for some reason, but everyone was SO nice and I know that I won't be as nervous next time.


I'm still LOVING my job as an influencer (gaaahhh that word!) and throughout March, I've been LEARNING. Yes, actually reading, learning and implementing new things. I've been redesigning the blog, I've started doing more Insta stories and less blogs, I've even started a new Twitter chat called @influenstarz, so if you're a blogger/influencer, then head on over to Twitter to learn all about it.
It has been quite a month eh!? I hope you've liked this wee update and I can't wait to share more lifestyle related posts on my blog soon :)

H x
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How to Rock Neon Highlights

(image: Dezzy Lopez Instagram)
Neon makeup is one of the hardest looks to pull off. But with a little finesse and good blending skills, it’s a really fun makeup trend to try out.

The trend was started on Instagram by Dezzy Lopez, a young makeup artist from the US. It’s been dubbed the neon strobing trend and Lopez’s neon pink, purple, and gold highlights look luscious. What you need are fluorescent highlighters to replicate the look and give off a similar iridescent glow.

Neon strobing is similar to the way you would normally apply your highlights. Highlights are about enhancing your facial features in a natural way, not about extreme contouring. You want to make sure that you’re hitting all the right places with your highlighter. After applying a shading cream or powder, Style Caster suggests starting with under the brow bone to enlarge your eyes as well as the inner corner of the eyes. This will immediately liven up your face and make you look more awake, a useful trick for those days when you’re too tired and sleepy.

(image: Dezzy Lopez Instagram)
Neon strobing is about exaggerating highlights but you can also opt for a more toned down glow by softening the highlights on the cheeks and the nose bridge. Applying it diagonally contours the cheeks a bit more if you need definition. If you want to copy the original trend, you can also put neon highlights on your chin and cupid’s bow.

(image: Mary Phillips Instagram)

Aside from cheek, lip and chin highlights, neon eyeshadow is also blowing up lately. Kendall Jenner’s neon green makeup paired with a neon green top and oversized emerald earrings were on fleek. The key to wearing neon eyeshadow is to start with a good primer and blend your chosen colour from there. Don’t forget to fill in your brows so they don’t get lost in the splash of colour. Finish your look with some mascara to add volume to those lashes!

With that said, look for products that fit your skin type. Adding highlights are not just about holding back so that might be too much product oily and acne-prone skin. Give your face some time to breathe every once in a while. If you need to, apply organic products that don’t contain harsh chemicals and are gentler on the skin. With that in mind, Pretty Me lists an array of facial care and beauty items, including organic cheek and lip tints that add a pop of colour to your face without being too excessive. With makeup, sometimes less is more, and striking looks like neon highlights are mostly for special occasions. The secret is to not go over-the-top with the rest of your makeup, so it’s best paired with a simple lipstick and shadow. If you want to make your eyes pop with vivid colours on the other hand, add a touch of shimmer on your face.

If you’re not ready to go electric all the way, try the Sleek Makeup Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette that was reviewed here on Holly’s Beauty Box. It’s a toned down version of neon highlights, but definitely more exciting than regular shades.

*This is a collaborative piece
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Simply Be Beauty?

Say whuuuttt?

Did you know that Simply Be sell beauty, from both drugstore and high end brands? The great thing about Simply Be is that everything can be added to your account, meaning you can spread the cost, which is great for me as someone who wants champagne on a beer budget.

As you all will know by now I am lucky enough to work with Simply Be regularly, and on this occasion they have very kindly sent me a few pieces from their beauty range to see what looks I can create. I'm always up for trying out new makeup looks, so here you go! here's what I was able to come up with using minimal products..

Here's a list of the products I used...

- Maybelline 'The Blushed' Nudes Eye Palette
- Laura Geller Luminous Foundation 
- Benefit Roller Lash
- Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
- Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Gilded Honey
- Babyliss 12 in 1 Hair Styler

The Maybelline palette allowed me to create this brown/black smokey eye that literally looks good on EVERY skintone and received SO many compliments on a night out recently. Never underestimate the power of a smoky eye!

The fact that there is SO much beauty to choose from in the Simply Be beauty edit really makes my job easy - I could happily create makeup looks all day long!

If you're planning on shopping with Simply Be anytime soon, I have two tips for you:-

1 - Pay the £9.95 for a year of free next day delivery. I've saved SO much money using this and I know that my orders are going to arrive really quickly. It's worth every penny!

2 - Join Simply Be Perks! It's free and all you have to do is have an existing Simply Be account. It changes all the time and gives you new perks, but an example of the perks include prize giveaways and free Laura Geller makeup with a certain spend.  Getting something for nothing is right up my street!

Do you shop on Simply Be? 

*This post contains gifted products and affiliate links. Your shopping experience is not affected.
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Reversing Depressed Scars With Fillers*

A scar can taint the perfectness of your body and negatively affect its general appearance. The effects are even worse if the scar is depressed. Your self-esteem is likely to take the biggest hit in such a situation. But you don't have to live life like this; you can actually meaningfully make a difference through cosmetic procedures that take advantage of dermal fillers. Today, individuals all over the world are getting rid of the scar depressions on their bodies using fillers with amazing results. Making things even better for you, these cosmetic procedures have been perfected over the years and can now even get rid of the most notorious scar depressions.

What are fillers?

Fillers are made from a natural substance found in the skin known as hyaluronic acid. For a while now, collagen has been the most popular filler, but there have been new introductions in the recent past, Restylane and Juvederm. The two newly introduced dermal fillers contain more naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Fillers have become very popular in rectifying scar depressions due to them being a safe and less demanding option of dealing with depressions on the skin as a result of scars.

To rectify the effects of the scar depression, the fillers are injected into the affected areas directly. These fillers work by restoring mass to the affected area and getting rid of the depression. Fillers store moisture that helps the affected skin also blend well with the surrounding skin to eradicate the effects of the depression. This filling procedure should be done by a qualified and well-experienced cosmetic surgeon for the best results.

Benefits of using fillers

There are many benefits accrued to this method of getting rid of depression on the skin brought by scars. These numerous benefits are what have made fillers a popular option. The benefits include:

A safe procedure

Today, cosmetic procedures that are meant to enhance the beauty and appearance of a person have become to a great extent, very safe. Despite this progress, there are quacks in the industry of cosmetic surgery and procedures that taint the image of the whole sector. Using fillers to rectify scar depressions is a relatively safe procedure, and there are minimal risks involved. The procedure just a matter of injecting the filler in the affected areas, and they will do the rest. So as compared to other options like surgery, using fillers is a much safer option for you.

Relatively affordable

When you hear affordability, your first pick would be money. You are not wrong, but affordability extends far beyond money. Time is also a quite a big part of affordability. The process of using a filler to get rid of a scar depression is relatively affordable as compared the other options like surgery in terms of cost. This is also true regarding time. This filling process takes less than an hour, and you don't need to take any time to heal.

Instant perfect results

By choosing to go to a cosmetic surgeon for a scar depression filling procedure, you should expect instant results. Once the filler is injected inside the affected area, the results are immediate. There is no waiting for healing or for the results to show. Even when the procedure is ongoing, you can clearly see the difference. What's even more exciting is that the results are just perfect.

Things you should keep in mind

Now that you understand the benefits of using a filler to get rid of a scar depression, there are other things that you should keep in mind. This will help you get and maintain the best out of your scar depression filling procedure. You should know that:

The doctors injecting your filler is of great importance

You should note that the result of your scar filling procedure will be a clear reflection of who did the procedure. If you choose to go to an expert cosmetic surgeon, you will get superb results which are an accurate representation of their long-term experience and expertise. If you decide to go to the back streets for the procedure, the result will reflect the inexperience and the lack of interest in perfecting the result of the backstreet injector. If money is what may push you to the backstreets, it's better that you wait and keep saving until you have enough money to visit an experienced cosmetic doctor.
The results will last for only a few months or more

The fillers are not a one time permanent solution to your scar depression. The hyaluronic acid fillers are made of a naturally occurring component of the skin. Therefore, they will be broken down naturally by the skin after an estimated period of three to six months varying depending on individuals. Most experts in this field advise on doing the filling procedure at least twice a year to maintain the perfect look.

This procedure does not stop or slow down the natural aging

The filling procedure will only take care of the depression caused by the scar but will not slow down or reverse the effects of aging. You should know that as you age, you are likely to find yourself needing more filler to achieve the same result you were used to in the beginning. This is normal and should not alarm you. You should also know that as you age and you need more filler to achieve the same results the more essential expert hands in doing the procedure are.

About Dr. Miller

Leonard Miller M.D. runs one of the best medical practices for cosmetic plastic surgery in the Boston area. His medical spa is committed to providing each of its patients with state-of-the-art individualized non-surgical treatments. These treatments are aimed at giving his patients a refreshed and perfectly natural look.

Dr. Miller has helped hundreds of patients with scar depressions perfectly get rid of them using dermal fillers. With this doctor's vast experience and expertise in this area, you can expect nothing but the best from him. Please visit his site if you are looking for dermal fillers in the Boston area.

**This is a collaborative article.
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Get Rid of Sagging Jowls and Improve Your Look*

Smoothing your jowls through a lower facelift is something that you can do when you have sagging skin, you are getting older, and this is the one thing that you have problems with. Many people age well until they start to take a look at the jowls under their chin. They start to notice the skin that is hanging down, and they do not like that it makes them look so much older. They need to do something that will help them remove this one problem, and a lower facelift is the answer.

The Procedure

The procedure is a lifting of the skin around the chin and down. The jowls that are down there can be removed, and the tissue is used to create taut skin that will look smoother, look younger, and make up for any weight loss or sagging that has happened over time. This is often part of a larger procedure, but you might need to rest of the surgery. You can have the lower part of your face done, and it will address the problems that you feel are most pressing. People will not be looking at your chin all that closely, and all they will see is taut skin that has not stretched or been drug down by gravity.

Your cosmetic surgeon will remove all the excess skin from under your skin, and he will reshape the area using the tissue that is left. He will make certain to smooth over the region, and he will give you room to recover. Your skin needs to be taut enough to appear youthful without being too tight. There are a number of people who might get their skin done too tightly by another surgeon, and they need an experienced, caring hand in the operating room.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone can have this surgery done, but they need to get clearance from an experienced surgeon first. Your doctor needs to assess every patient for their fitness, and he needs to see how much tissue there is to work with. You are checked for your overall health, and you are cleared for the surgery only when Dr. Frankel knows it can be done properly. He is an expert in the field, and he will not do any work unless he knows that he can help you. He will give you the best look, and he will show you a computer model of what could be done for you.

This procedure can be done on anyone who is getting a little older or who has lost a lot of weight. A dramatic weight loss could cause the skin to sag as it is left without any fat to fill it out, and the skin needs to be repaired and tightened using this simple procedure. Younger people can have this procedure done when they have trouble with their skin, and older people can combat the effects of time.

What Happens During Surgery

The surgery day starts early because patients need time to recover from the surgery in the office. They can go home with a friend or their spouse only after the staff has made sure they are safe. The surgery day should be a day of rest, and it would be best if the patient took a couple days off of work. The patient is given a chance to recover faster when they are at home resting, and they will find that they need a couple days to get used to having a few stitches under their chin. The patient is given a follow-up date, and they will meet Dr. Frankel at that time. Surgery day is the longest day of the process, but it is not the most important day. You must commit to the full process and all follow-ups before you are healed.


Patients are given a recovery care package that explains how to handle their dressings, what activities they cannot do, and how much pain medication they are allowed to take. Patients might be sent home with a prescription for pain medication, or they might want to use PTC drugs to help them with any discomfort they feel. The best part of this package is that the patient does not do it all alone. They can call the office at any time for more information, and they can talk to the doctor in their follow-up about any pain they might feel.

Full recovery does not happen until people have had all their bruising die down. These people need to come back to Dr. Frankel on more than one occasion so that they can be checked, and they will be given a clean bill of health once he has removed the dressings, and check the surgical wounds. He wants people to heal completely before he can approve them for full activity, and he wants them to come back any time they feel as though something is not right.


Come see Andrew Frankel when you are ready to schedule an appointment for your facelift consultation. There are a number of things that you can do when you get into the office to talk over your plastic surgery options, and you can improve your jowls such that you do not have all that hanging skin under your neck. Dr. Frankel has helped many people with this process, and you can reach out to him today.

You have every right to change your body and your life with a simple surgery. This is one of the more basic lifts that you can do, but you need to be cleared for the surgery, see if there are any other procedures you would like to do, and get a new look that you know you deserve.

If you are in need of a facelift specialist in Beverly Hills, see Dr. Frankel.

**This is a collaborative post.
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Scalp psoriasis update

A while ago I wrote a blog post about having scalp psoriasis and I promised at the time that I would give an update if and when anything had changed.

Since the last blog post my psoriasis calmed down for a few months and has again had s major flare up,  but during that time I took notes on changes to my lifestyle, diet and treatment to try and find things to avoid a flare up.

For those of you who don't know what scalp psoriasis is, it's like a much more severe, painful version of having dandruff. It can cause lumps, burning, itching, scales and flaking. In extreme cases it can cause hair loss. I actually lost 30% of my hair 3 years ago because of it. 

Since then I've only dyed my hair twice and use next to no product in my hair or near my scalp to avoid irritation. Like I mentioned it cleared up for a few months and i picked up on a few things that helped. 


- Dont use anything other than shampoo or your treatment on scalp.
- Wash your hair as often as possible (keeps irritation to a minimum)
- Blowdry your hair after washing.  I find any moisture on my scalp causes lumps.
- Use a light hand when brushing to avoid scraping the scalp
- Dont tie your hair too tight

Whilst my scalp was much better, I've recently had a bad flare up again. To be honest, there was no one single thing that caused it but I have noticed some things that trigger it and wanted to share them for anyone else who is going through the same.


- Having the cold or flu - Psoriasis is caused by autoimmune dysfunction which basically means your body struggles to fight off bugs and flu's going around. I find that when I have a cold or any sort of bug, my scalp really flares up.

- Change in diet - I'm not saying healthy eating helps, but having a consistent diet helps. I find if I change my diet, after a few days my scalp starts to react, but re-settles again after a few weeks of eating the same way.

- Stress. Goes without saying really, stress affects every part of our bodies and the scalp is no exception. If I'm stressed or agitated, I find it gets worse.

- Sweat. Anytime I exercise and get a bit sweaty, I do find that the heat and moisture on my scalp causes irritation so once you've exercised or feel a big sticky, I'd definitely recommend jumping in the shower or maybe just using the cool setting on your hairdryer over your head to take the heat out and dry up any excess moisture.

So there's my scalp psoriasis update. I've been full of the cold and had the flu twice in one month, I also changed my diet over christmas and was stressed. A losing combination for my scalp! I'll let you know if and when it settles down again..

Until then...

H x
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13 Things I Want To Do In 2019

A new year means we have a blank canvas for planning things! I thought I'd share 13 things I want to do in 2019!


My boyfriend very kindly got us tickets to see Boyzone in their final tour for my Christmas. He has even booked us into a hotel in glasgow while we're there (brownie points x1000). The concert is on January 26th so I don't need to wait too long - I've even had him answering Boyzone trivia questions haha!


I can't remember the last time I felt happy on Valentines Day. Hopefully this year will be a lot different and I really want to do something special with Chris. Having said that, having a takeaway and a cuddle on the couch is special enough! It just would be nice to feel happy on V Day, Usually I spend the day drowning my sorrows with a bottle of Disaronno.


I'm not putting any pressure on myself, but I would like to learn to drive and if I could just take the plunge to book that first lesson then I reckon i'd take to it like a fish in water.


There's a Gin distillery in my local area and loads of people have been ranting about it. I'd love to go and sample everything... obvs.


I love looking up at the stars on a summers night, so this year I want to go to the park with a blanket, lie down on the grass and look at the stars. Sounds ridiculous, but it just sounds so beautiful.


Whether that be getting into herbal teas or becoming a nudist (LOL!!)) I just want to broaden my horizons and try something new. Life is all about experimenting afterall!


I have no idea where to start or what I'm doing but I reckon by the time I'm 65 there will be no such thing as pensions, so now is a good time to start, even if it is just small change!


Aye it's Scotland. I know it's unlikely we'll get a heat wave anytime soon, but I would love to host a wee BBQ in the summer time with all my faves. Drinking outside is so much more fun than in front of the TV crying at a David Attenborough programme...


I rarely get my hair done and I always play it safe with my hair. I'm definitely not a 'LETS GO BLUE!' kinda lass, but it would be nice to experiment with it a little.


My littlest sister Mandy is turning 30 this June. Whenever one of us has turned 30 we've done something special. I went to New York, Katy & Sarah Jane went to Florida so it's Mandys turn. I think she fancies Canada but who knows where we'll end up!


I must be feeling all naturistic or something but I would love to toast marshmallows by a bonfire! Hopefully someone somewhere will be having one that I can attend without getting a restraining order!


Do you remember 10 years ago there was this obsession with watching the Notebook and making our boyfriends watch it, knowing fully that they will cry (and hopefully take on some tips to treat us the way Noah treats Ally..)? Chris revealed last week that he has never seen it, so whilst I might be 32 years old, I'm going to 'notebook' him - AKA stare at Ryan Gosling for 2 hours. It never gets old!


I go every year but I never get the chance to stay overnight and experience it at night time. For 2019, I definitely plan on going for an overnight stay.

So there's everything I can think of that I want to do in 2019! What do you have planned?

H x

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Tips on mentally managing your monthlies

Let's face it ladies, no one looks forward to having our period. Aside from the physical pain and discomfort of mother nature, us women also endure varying levels of psychological turmoil at the same time which is why I wanted to put together some tips on mentally managing your monthlies. You can thank me with chocolate and pink gin...


Are you one of those people who listens to sad music when you're in a sad mood because you just want to be sad for a little while and wallow in the self pity of having the period from hell? (Me too!) Well avoiding those emotional triggers will help to keep your mood on a straight level without crying over an Ed Sheeran song for no reason. By all means let it out if you want to let it out but indulging in something you KNOW will make you emotional is a fast pass to ending the day clinging to a box of Kleenex. Avoid emotional triggers where you can and you'll feel much more emotionally stable.


When you have your period, your mood can quite often flip and make you forget to use rational thinking. I remember talking to my friend on Facebook one day and she said "you look great right now. You been dieting?". Instead of thanking her I instantly started to question our friendship. I spent the day convinced that she was being shady and that was her way of saying I look fat and need to lose weight. Obviously it was completely unjust and I was being unreasonable but my rational self was still there in the back of my head behind period brain and I've found that listening to my rational side has really helped me to deal with the mental side of having my period.


Obviously, this is something we all should be doing in our lives in general but especially at 'that' time of the month. whether you enjoy watching the birds outside, watching television or chugging a bottle of sambuca, then you should do more of what makes you happy during that time. It will make you relax for a while.


If you're anything like me, I spend a lot of time feeling tired during my period. I find it difficult to sleep at night but yet could easily nod off into my bowl of coco pops during the day which makes me grumpier than the day I have to take my Christmas tree down. I spoke to a doctor about why this was and he said it's usually because you're overly aware of leaking during the night. His advice was to make sure you go to the bathroom right before bed and turn off social media to allow yourself to sleep quickly. No caffeine before bed either (and aye, there is caffeine in chocolate apparently!) and ensure your room is at a nice temperature. It all helps!

  • Making big decisions
  • Confrontation
  • Having controversial opinions
  • Salad... (Jokes!).


Nutella. That is all.

H x
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Hello 2019!

Hi everyone! 

A new year always involves making new plans and reminiscing on the previous year. normally I get myself somewhat depressed when I think about all the things that I set out to do, but didn't quite accomplish, which is why this year I have decided to set different goals for 2019.

In previous years, I've always been pretty specific about resolutions I have for the year ahead. For example, I regularly set out to lose a certain amount of weight, I planned to save a certain amount of money and my goals were very time and ability restricted which if I'm honest had me feeling defeated by the time january ends. For 2019 I have decided to set some goals which are not necessarily things that can be achieved,  however are things that will benefit my life and improve both my physical and mental well-being.

The first thing I aim to do is to improve my health in general by being more mindful both physically and mentally.  by that I mean I will mindfully eat, I will mindfully exercise, I will mindfully enjoy my life without constantly thinking about what is next. As someone who is generally an anxious person, I regularly feel the need to plan whatever is coming next in my life.  for me being in control of my life and the decisions I make is very important, which is why I also want to be mindful and present in my life as it happens instead of preparing for every eventuality.  Yes, being prepared for everything that might happen has definitely protected me from some hard times but it has also robbed me of some amazing times because I forget to enjoy the moment. Being mindful is something that I touched on a couple of years ago but i fell back into my old habits. It's something that I can do that has no deadline or failure, its something I will work on for the rest of my life. If anyone knows of any books,  blogs, apps or videos that help with mindfulness then please let me know! 

Next up on the list is to work hard without the distractions of everyday life.   As someone who works from home and who needs to spend a lot of time on social media,  it is easy to get distracted. There are times when I head onto Twitter to schedule a tweet or to reply to someone and before I know it I'm checking out what the cast of Made In Chelsea think of the beef between Mark Francis and Ollie Locke (wtf is going on there!?). For 2019 I'm aiming to focus without getting sucked into the twitterverse. 

Another thing I hope to do is to laugh more. during 2018 I found i was taking myself way too seriously and quite frankly life is too short,  which is why this year I really want to laugh more and let stressful things go over my head as much as I can. Everyone always says that you can't live your life laughing like a hyena, but why not? I once asked my 84 year old nana what advice she would give to young people and she said "find the humour in everything you possibly can. No one wants to be miserable". If its good enough for nana,  its good enough for me!

Lastly,  I vow not to sweat the small stuff.  Like I mentioned before,  I'm a big worrier and because of that I often find myself getting stressed about things that really aren't a huge deal.  I remember losing my cool because a bus time was changed and I had plans to meet someone at a certain time. I complained to the bus company,  was almost in tears and apologised to my friend for being 10 minutes late at least 10 times.  All that stress because my bus time was changed to 10 minutes later due to roadworks? Was it really worth it? Of course it wasn't! It was nothing more than a toddler throwing its toys out of the pram.  Stress is a huge factor in how I cope in my life which is why I'm really going to focus more on what is important rather than sweating the small things.

So there are the things I plan on working on in 2019. Hello 2019! Please be kind to us!

H x
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Wig Love!

Other than for fancy dress, I've never really had much reason to wear a wig but after seeing so many videos on Instagram of gorgeous women having their hair transformed without touching hairdye or scissors AND seeing as I was having a small Halloween soirée, I decided it was time to buy a wig.

Any wigs I've tried on before have always been for fancy dress and have always looked 'fake' (obvs, no one was born with natural long baby pink playboy bunny-esque hair) but I wanted to try something that was more realistic with an edgy twist.

I was on amazon and found one which had a bob style, middle parting, was green and had black roots. The wig claimed to have a natural feel to it, it came with a hair net and it I was able to apply heat to it which I wanted (I was hoping for Kim K vibes, not Dawn French in Vicar Of Dibley circa 1990 vibes. Anyone above the age of 25 knows the score..) so wanted to straighten the ends to make sure it didn't 'bob' too much.

The model in the picture looked all sorts of glamorous and I was hopeful it wouldn't unleash the inner potato in me (Mmm potatoes..) so when the wig arrived, I excitedly tried it on and the inner potato in me was baked, boiled and chipped. I literally looked ridiculous.

You know that state we get into when everything is a DISASTER when really you were actually sitting on the TV remote all along? Yeah, I was in THAT mood for a good three hours until I did my makeup, put my hair in the provided wig net and straightened the hair before putting it on.


My life could once again resume without listening to anymore depressing songs on Alexa (who by the way will NEVER understand a Scottish accent, more on that another time!) or downing anymore Pink gin.

I actually quite liked it! Someone on google said that if the wig looks shinier than my face after wrestling into a bra after a shower, then some dry shampoo would do the trick. I didn't need this in the end up but it's an option should you ever need it.

The soirée was a 10, my wig was a 10. My hangover the next day was an 11.

My friend was also wearing a wig and we've now decided we're buying a tonne of wigs and wig heads for a collection to wear them whenever we go out. I feel like I have a different personality when I wear it, so I'm Gretchen when I wear the green wig.

Aye, we're in our 30's but yanno, dirty thirties and all that.

Do you wear wigs? send me suggestions and wig tips! I'm obsessed!

H x


Where I've Been..

Hello everyone!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged and prior to that, a few people on Twitter had commented that it was obvious that my heart wasn't 'in' my blog. They were right! I feel like I owe you a bit of an explanation, so grab a coffee (or a gin, I'll have one if there's any spare...) it's going to be a long one.


I've still been working in the background on my blog and social media channels. I've been doing some social media management for other brands and that, teamed with the pressures of my own life has been overwhelming.

I'm still working 50+ hours a week, but my priorities are being divided left, right and center which is overwhelming for anyone, but as someone who is easily overwhelmed, is literally stressing me oot ma box. Ten points if you even understand what that means..

My social life has been busy aswell. I'm in a relatively new relationship and I have amazing friends that I love seeing too. Not forgetting about my lovely family.

Mentally, I'm tired but happy. Stressed but excited. Worried but in a good way. Life is going great but my blog content took a bit of a nosedive for another reason...


When I first started my blog back in 2010, it was literally just a space where I talked about things I did or didn't like, trends and my life. Since then, the blogging game has changed a shiz load and if I'm honest, I struggle to keep up with the demands of it.

Every industry has competition, it's healthy, but the blogging industry has become oversaturated, fake & contrived. Obviously, I'm not talking about people, I'm talking about the industry where brands won't even respond to your tweet to thank you for promoting them for free unless you have 50k followers, I'm talking about the 'influencers' who buy followers, the bloggers who undercut, steal content, lie and cheat their way through the game.

A lot of my friends tell me "if you can't beat them join them" but that's just not for me. It's not how I started out and I'm not going to play the game that the cheaters want us all to play.

I'll be perfectly honest, some brands that I've worked with closely for 8 years have over the past year in particular, been honest with me and told me my stats aren't impressive enough to work with me anymore. My stats have grown year on year, but sadly, I can't compete with the people who buy their stats. You can even 'buy' your domain authority nowadays. It's a sad and false 'reality' that genuine bloggers have to face nowadays.


If you're an OG follower you will remember the days where I would post about my life, use pictures I took with my phone of myself, friends and products, talked about TV shows and beauty products I liked without much structure.

It's what got me to stay here 8 years later, and it's what I'm going back to - reality.


If you are like me and want the industry to be more genuine, you need to make a change to make it that way. It won't be easy to stand out in a crowd of people if nothing ever changes.

If you want to work with someone who isn't going anywhere, who is genuine, who will work hard and isn't here for the 'free' shiz,  then look for the bloggers that started out prior to 2013, look for the bloggers with low, growing stats, look for the bloggers who have conversations and who don't have a filtered life.

Let's strip it back!

H x
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How Fashion Retail Will Change*

Hi everyone!

Today we're talking about the Fashion Industry.

The fashion industry is nothing if not an evolving entity, and that includes insofar as it exists as a retail business. Ten years ago we were only just getting used to shopping regularly online. Then came extensive, beautiful online lookbooks, easy return options, shopping carts preserved over time, and more that made the experience rich and appealing. Now we’re beginning to talk about virtual fitting rooms! The point is, just as fashion itself evolves, the ways in which we consume it change as well. So I thought I’d use this piece to look at some of the ways in which it may continue to change, say in the next couple of years.

Beacons Will Help In-Person Stores Catch Up

Beacon technology might be the most exciting thing happening in fashion retail. It was explained fairly thoroughly in this take on how fashion retail would change in 2018, though we still haven’t seen it implemented too broadly just yet. The idea, basically, is that bluetooth “beacons” placed around in-person stores will interact with shoppers who allow said interaction via their mobile phones. This will effectively help the stores to become every bit as smart and helpful as online stores. They’ll be able to track the items you looked at, alert you when something becomes available in your size, access your shopping history, and more. All of this - bringing the convenience and assistance of online shopping to in-person stores - may just help these stores to catch up to the internet. In some cases it may even keep them in business.

Online Sites Will Adopt Tab Models

The “tab” model is something we actually don’t talk about much, because there are already all sorts of convenient and easy ways to pay for products online. But this is still an interesting possibility. Right now it’s mostly used in gaming. As explained here, some casino sites in particular are using a “pay-by-phone bill” model that essentially adds costs accrued via mobile gaming to an existing mobile phone bill. It basically allows you to shop without worrying about immediate costs, which - so long as you’re responsible about it - can be a relief. A similar model for online fashion retail would streamline the shopping experience even more than a saved credit card or PayPal account would. Image for instance if you use an iPhone and your shopping apps simply added costs to an Apple Pay tab to be paid at the end of each month.

Our Own Psychology Will Help Us

This is related in some ways to the beacons mentioned above, and it’s also something that’s been true throughout the history of fashion retail. Stores are always working to tap into customer psychology and provide more appealing experiences based on it. Now, however, thanks to beacons, surveys, feedback, browsing history, and more, there is simply more data for stores to access in order to actually get a grasp of what we want and how we want it. Through all of this, our own habits will continue to shape what stores do, such that in a roundabout way, our own psychology gradually produces better and better shopping experiences.

VR & AR Will Be Fun New Features

The most predictable change in the retail industry in the coming years will come through technology, and specifically augmented and virtual reality. Current thoughts on how AR and VR will change fashion retail address everything from manufacturing to marketing, and involve home dressing room simulations, screens at the front of stores that mirror you in clothing items, in-store virtual fitting rooms, etc. I’d agree with all of these things being on the way, and many of them being fairly impactful on the shopping experience. However, the prediction here is that these will essentially be fun new features, rather than fundamental shifts in how things are done.

We May See More Independent Boutiques

This is another somewhat vague prediction. But it could well be that as major stores are more streamlined, they also get consolidated. One store may be able to handle the volume of two, for instance, if it has beacons, AR, VR, and an online component all helping it to reach and satisfy more customers. This may just help the giants of fashion retail dominate even more thoroughly, but it could also open the door for more boutique competitors. Independent shops don’t have all of the same advantages, but they can still be very modern in their approaches, and they may just start to take up some of the space freed up by potential consolidation.

So what do you think the future looks like for the fashion industry? Let me know below!

H x

*This is a collaborative feature
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